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American Frog Day
MonOct 21

American Frog Day – October 21, 2024

American Frog Day takes place on different days every year at different locations in the country, depending on the person choosing to host the festivities.

This day aims to celebrate, share information, and organize get-togethers for everyone interested in the captive breeding and study of poison dart frogs and other amphibians. This event is not only important for people who keep poison dart frogs and other amphibians as a hobby, but also for people who want to study them for scientific purposes.

The event is also a fundraiser for conservation efforts and is a great place to discover educational opportunities in related fields.

History of American Frog Day

American Frog Day is celebrated every year on different dates at different locations throughout the country. Charles ‘Chuck’ Powell started the first American Frog Day in San Jose. Powell and his family hosted the event for about 10 years. The event became an extremely popular and important gathering for hobbyists, conservations, and scientists interested in Dendrobatid frogs, commonly known as poison dart frogs. The focus also widened from frogs to all amphibians and other residents of vivariums.

The event is important for everyone interested in the captive breeding and raising of poison dart frogs and other amphibians because it is a space to exchange information, purchase supplies, and even purchase the frogs themselves.

As the event grew bigger and attracted a wider audience, it became an important space for the exchange of ideas and information about these remarkable animals as well as an opportunity for conservationists to discuss their research.

Today, the event is also a fundraiser for conservation efforts directed towards helping poison dart frogs, which are native to Central and South America.

After the first decade, Powell and his family opened up the opportunity to host the event to enthusiasts across the country so more people could participate and get involved. Today anyone interested in hosting can do so by reaching out to Jeremy Mott, who is one of the main coordinators.

American Frog Day timeline

The First American Frog Day is Created

Powell and his family create the first American Frog Day to celebrate and share information about the poison dart frogs.

American Frog Day Hosting Is Opened Up

After a decade of hosting the events, Powell opens the event to be hosted by anyone in the country at any date of their choice.

Important Papers are Presented at the Event

With the growing popularity of the event, scholars like Dr. Kevin Wright begin to present their papers on the health and husbandry of poison dart frogs at the event.

American Frog Day Gains Popularity

As the event begins to travel across the country, its popularity grows until it becomes a celebrated annual event hosted every year with sponsors and vendors.

American Frog Day FAQs

Does American Frog Day have sponsors?

Yes, American Frog Day has a number of sponsors and you can sign up to be one.

Is the event only about frogs?

American Frog Day is concerned with poison dart frogs as well as all amphibians that can be kept in vivariums.

Where is American Frog Day hosted?

American Frog Day is a traveling event that is hosted in different locations every year.

How to Observe American Frog Day

  1. Host the event

    A great way to celebrate the date is to host the event! Even if you’re too late for this year, you can sign up to host the event next year and play an important part in continuing this important event.

  2. Buy some raffle tickets

    American Frog Day is a fundraising event for the conservation of poison dart frogs and other amphibians. Show your support by buying some raffle tickets at the event!

  3. Visit the event

    Of course, the best way to celebrate American Frog Day is to go to the event itself. Figure out where the event is being hosted this year and head over, take a friend along while you’re at it!

5 Important Facts About Frogs

  1. The frogs were used to poison blowdarts

    Poison dart frogs got their name because Native Americans used their secretions to poison blowdarts.

  2. Captive breeding began in the 1970s

    In the beginning, zoos started keeping the frogs in captivity, but by the 1980s hobbyists were keeping and breeding the frogs as well.

  3. There’s a parallel British group for frogs

    The British Dendrobatid Group is concerned with the conservation and captive breeding of poison dart frogs.

  4. Europeans may have started captive breeding

    There is some evidence that suggests that Europeans were keeping poison dart frogs as far back as the 1930s.

  5. Stuttgart Zoo bred the first captive frogs

    In 1977, Stuttgart Zoo in Germany was the first to breed captive poison dart frogs.

Why American Frog Day is Important

  1. We love poison dart frogs

    We think poison dart frogs are really cool. We think it’s great that there’s a whole event set aside to share information and raise funds for these amphibians!

  2. We want to learn more

    American Frog Day is a great opportunity for us to learn from experts and conservationists. We love heading over to the event and participating in the presentations.

  3. We want to help frogs

    A lot of poison dart frogs are endangered and we want to help. We think that the conservation and fundraising efforts of the people at American Frog Day are a great way to support poison dart frogs.

American Frog Day dates

2024October 21Monday
2025October 21Tuesday
2026October 21Wednesday
2027October 21Thursday
2028October 21Saturday

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