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WedSep 4

National Macadamia Nut Day – September 4, 2024

National Macadamia Nut Day takes place on September 4, and we are celebrating Australia’s underrated gem — macadamia nuts. The country is mostly known for its wildlife and beautiful landscapes, but it is also home to the glorious macadamia nut. Continue reading to learn about the long history of this nutritious nut.

History of National Macadamia Nut Day

Macadamia trees are native to Australia and are classified as a tree type that consists of four species, each able to produce edible nuts. For this reason, the tree is now grown in different regions of the world, the macadamia nut is also known as the Queensland nut, the maroochi nut, and the bauple nut. Rare as they are, macadamia nuts are highly sought after in the culinary world. When it comes to desirability, the most popular name on the list is the white chocolate macadamia nut cookie which is without a doubt one of the finest cookies created, after the chocolate chip cookie.

Macadamia nut trees were first discovered by native Aborigines in the rainforests of Australia, some 1,000 years ago. By textbook date, the nut was introduced in Europe by Allan Cunningham in 1828, although at the time it had no name. It would take another 29 years for the Australian nut to be named after Scottish-Australian chemist John Macadam.

In 1882, macadamia trees were planted in Hawaii to shield sugar cane from the wind, but the trees weren’t fully cultivated until 1888. The nuts from the trees were an instant hit among the locals, leading to the establishment of the nut industry.

National Macadamia Nut Day timeline


Macadamia trees are introduced and used as windbreakers in Hawaii.

The Macadamia Craze

Macadamias are brought to Honolulu from the Australian state of Tasmania.

Going Big

The first commercial orchards of macadamias are planted in Hawaii.

Move Over

Australia surpasses the United States as the major producer of macadamias.

National Macadamia Nut Day FAQs

When is National Nuts Day?

National Nut Day is celebrated annually on October 22.

Which country is the largest producer of Macadamia nuts?

Australia, South Africa, and the U.S. are all leading producers of Macadamia nuts.

Why are macadamia nuts so expensive?

The slow harvesting process and time it takes to cultivate and grow macadamia nuts is the reason for its high price tag.

National Macadamia Nut Day Activities

  1. Eat macadamia nuts

    Celebrations don’t get simpler than this. Buy a container of roasted macadamia nuts and snack away or indulge in white chocolate macadamia nuts.

  2. Enjoy the variety

    If you are looking for something more, macadamia nuts can be used in several ways. They can be roasted, used for making butter, nut milk, cream, oil, nut flour, and covered in chocolate for a sweet kick. Take your pick and try as many as you can.

  3. Read about macadamia growers

    Farmers in Australia work extremely hard to cultivate macadamia. Learn about the process from harvesting to manufacturing.

5 Nutty Facts About Macadamia Nuts

  1. A macadamia tree’s output

    A single macadamia tree produces nuts for over 100 years.

  2. No macadamia nuts for dogs

    Macadamia nuts are toxic to dogs.

  3. Macadamias are nut-ritious

    The nut is rich in carbohydrates and proteins, and has a high iron, potassium, and calcium content.

  4. They are used in cosmetics

    Macadamia nut oil is also found in cosmetics and other skincare products because of its oxidative stability.

  5. They reduce the risk of heart disease

    The monounsaturated fats found in macadamia nuts boost the metabolism and reduce the risk of heart disease.

Why We Love National Macadamia Nut Day

  1. Nuts are great for any diet

    There is no diet that is not compatible with nuts. Whether it is a vegan diet, low-carb diet, or keto, we will always benefit from a handful of nuts.

  2. Australian farmers work hard

    Australian macadamia growers are proud of their native crop and work hard to produce it. We love and applaud their efforts.

  3. Macadamias are versatile

    Other than being tasty snacks on their own, macadamia nuts have become the cherry on top in many savory and sweet dishes.

National Macadamia Nut Day dates

2024September 4Wednesday
2025September 4Thursday
2026September 4Friday
2027September 4Saturday
2028September 4Monday

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