National Nutrition Month – March 1, 2019


‘You are what you eat’, said someone wise, a while back. The phrase holds more importance than ever in our modern times of rushed meals and fast-food diets. National Nutrition Month, celebrated in March, is the perfect excuse to be more mindful of what you eat. An initiative of American Dietetic Association, the month is celebrated with workshops in schools and local communities to promote healthier eating habits. First celebrated in 1973, National Nutrition Month is meant to make Americans more aware of what they eat.

National Nutrition Month - History


ADA recognizes Eat Right America

ADA makes “Eat Right America” the official theme for the year, its most ambitious, yet.


National Nutrition Month gains recognition

President's Citation Program gives the C.Flag award to National Nutrition Month.


National Nutrition Month expands from a week to a month

After an encouraging response, National Nutrition Week is extended to a month.


National Nutrition Week is launched

American Dietetic Association (ADA) launches National Nutrition Week.

How to Observe National Nutrition Month

  1. Volunteer at nutrition awareness events

    Local events, like food drives, are organized across neighborhoods and schools in the US. Check for events in your area and volunteer for the ones you can.

  2. Donate food

    A healthier nation also includes the less-privileged citizens of the country. If you can't find time to volunteer, donate food at food camps or centers that accept donation.

  3. Make a meal plan

    If you have been struggling to curb your eating habits, National Nutrition Month is the perfect month to put it down in writing. Make a meal plan and make sure it's balanced; include healthy carbs, proteins, and fiber. And keep some room for cheat days, too!

Why National Nutrition Month is Important

  1. It promotes healthier living

    National Nutrition Month came about to disseminate information about the importance of diet and nutrition. A country with healthy citizens is bound to be more productive, and a productive economy is always good news, all around!

  2. We love anything related to food

    Eating healthier does not mean compromising on your love for food. It means adopting a more balanced approach instead. At the end of the day, National Nutrition Month celebrates food, and we love any kind of food celebration.

  3. It brings the community together

    Several local events are organized throughout the month of March across American neighborhoods. These could be cooking competitions, food donation camps, and likewise. A brilliant way to build a sense of community.

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