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SatMar 1

National Wedding Planning Day – March 1, 2025

Newly engaged couples, the time has come to move a step closer to the big day by taking advantage of National Wedding Planning Day on March 1. This holiday was created by a bridal company called The Knot in 2017. It ushers out proposal season, and eases newly engaged couples into the season of wedding planning. Saving for and planning your wedding can take days, weeks, or — most often — years, and it’s time to start making decisions and getting excited for the big day. The most important thing to remember is that your wedding is all about you — don’t let the stress get in the way of your love for your fiance.

History of National Wedding Planning Day

Weddings are one of the most joyous celebrations of mankind and traditions vary from culture to culture. However, it is also one of the most stressful events to plan. The planning usually takes a toll on both the bride and groom, bringing them down from the proposal high, especially if there’s no one helping to ease the process.

National Wedding Planning Day was created to get couples inspired for their wedding-planning journey and launch them into the process. It is observed annually on March 1 and was created by the wedding company called The Knot. The Knot created the day to come right after what they refer to as ‘proposal season.’

According to their studies, almost 40% of all proposals occur between November and February. National Wedding Planning Day serves as an inspiration for newly engaged couples to start actually planning their wedding. The Knot makes the entire wedding-planning process easier, and their motivation behind the creation of the occasion was just that.

On this day each year, The Knot connects with users to offer advice and answer wedding-related FAQs in real-time. In the past, this day has included fun events like live Facebook sessions with The Knot and giveaways, as well as extra perks for those who sign up to be members of The Knot. This is a perfect opportunity to get the answers to all your wedding planning questions and to get inspired. The Knot strives to make every event bigger and better than the previous year’s one.

So whether you’re already halfway through your to-do list, or just figuring it out, you’ve got lots to gain and learn on National Wedding Planning Day.

National Wedding Planning Day timeline

The Traditional Wedding Dress Gains Popularity

Queen Victoria gets married and popularizes the idea of a white wedding dress.

‘Here Comes The Bride’ Composed

The Bridal Chorus (‘Here Comes The Bride’), which is from the “Lohengrin” opera, is composed by Richard Wagner.

Men Start Wearing Rings Too

The culture of men wearing wedding rings is made popular in the U.S

The Most Influential Wedding Takes Place

White weddings are further popularized by the wedding of Prince Charles and Princess Diana.

National Wedding Planning Day FAQs

What is the average planning time for a wedding?

Couples are typically engaged for between 10 and 18 months. If you’re not hiring a wedding planner, you’ll use 200 to 300 hours of that time planning the big day.

How much does a wedding planner cost?

Experts suggest setting aside 5-10% of your wedding budget for a wedding planner. Planner’s prices range according to popularity and expertise, but do help in saving a lot of time and effort on the couple’s part.

How much does a day-of wedding planner cost?

On average, the cost ranges from $800 to between $1,250 to $3,395 for higher-end planners.

National Wedding Planning Day Activities

  1. Follow The Knot on social media

    The Knot offers couples a great variety of ideas and helps to get them started on their journey to the big day. Follow @theknot on social media to send in all your questions and gain access to their conversation platform. From there, you'll be able to chat directly with The Knot's experts for personalized, one-on-one wedding planning advice.

  2. Start making a to-do list

    National Wedding Planning Day encourages newly engaged couples to start getting serious about their wedding plans. The first way to do that is by making a to-do list of all the things you need to get done before your big day.

  3. Book a wedding planner

    To avoid turning into ‘groomzilla’ and ‘bridezilla,’ book a professional wedding planner to do all the hard work for you. If you’re not looking to be too hands-on with the planning, and wish to only offer your wishes and have others flesh them out, then finding a wedding planner will be your best bet. Gather your inspiration, call a wedding planner, and get planning!

5 Interesting Facts About Wedding Traditions

  1. In Egypt, pain might be good luck

    For good luck, Egyptian women pinch the bride on her wedding day.

  2. There’s a reason it’s the fourth finger

    Engagement and wedding rings are worn on the fourth finger of the left hand because it is thought that a vein in that finger leads directly to the heart.

  3. A particular jewel may bring happiness

    In the symbolic language of jewels, a sapphire in a wedding ring means marital happiness.

  4. Some brides bath in milk

    Moroccan women take a milk bath to purify themselves before their wedding ceremony.

  5. Veils may serve as protection

    Ancient Greeks and Romans thought the veil protected the bride from evil spirits, and brides have worn veils ever since.

Why We Love National Wedding Planning Day

  1. It’s a fun way to get into a stressful activity

    Wedding planning can often be a stressful activity. National Wedding Planning Day serves to make the planning process a little more interesting and easier with the help of The Knot.

  2. Weddings are a celebration of love

    We love weddings here! They are a time to gather loved ones together and celebrate the love and union of a couple. National Wedding Planning Day ushers couples into their preparations for the actual wedding celebrations.

  3. It creates new bonding experiences

    A lot of people believe wedding-planning activities can either make or break a couple. The planning process gives couples a lot of time together, and can either bring them closer, or become a strain. However, it is definitely a new kind of bonding experience for couples.

National Wedding Planning Day dates

2025March 1Saturday
2026March 1Sunday
2027March 1Monday
2028March 1Wednesday
2029March 1Thursday
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