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Women in Construction Week – March 2-8, 2025

Women in Construction Week takes place during the first full week in March every year. It is a time to highlight all the great initiatives and work of women within the industry. Likewise, it is a time that brings to the fore the opportunities that are available to women in construction. Women in Construction Week traces the history of women in construction, their challenges, and the ways they’ve been able to overcome them. The holiday is observed to appreciate the women who have taken the bold step to enter the construction industry, and also to encourage those willing to make similar commitments. If you’re looking to pursue studies related to construction, head to Schoalroo and search through these scholarships for women.

History of Women in Construction Week

The history of Women in Construction Week is linked with that of the National Association of Women in Construction. It was first called Women in Construction of Fort Worth, founded in 1953 by 16 women working in the construction industry. It was created in order to support the few women working in construction at the time.

It later became the National Association of Women in Construction. The association has since gone on to ease the passage of women into construction, helping to create awareness and better working space for those who desire to work in the industry. It has about 115 chapters across the country.

The National Association of Women in Construction “offers its members education, support and networking to help advance their careers in construction, build their technical skills, and become leaders.” Every woman in construction is welcome to join the association.

In 1960, Women in Construction Week was introduced in honor of the association. Through the celebration of women in construction, and the numerous efforts of the association, many more women have taken the bold step to venture into the industry, which is predominantly filled with men.

The stigma around women working in construction has reduced drastically. In addition, the pay gap between men and women is relatively small compared to other industries. These, along with several other feats, are the many achievements of the National Association of Women in Construction.

The association also has an international focus, having several affiliations with countries like Canada, Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, and the U.K. The purpose is similar everywhere: “to strengthen and amplify the success of women in the construction industry.”

Women in Construction Week timeline

Brooklyn Bridge is Completed by a Woman

The famous bridge is completed under the management of Emily Roebling.

Women in Construction of Fort Worth

The association is founded by 16 women working in construction.

The Association Gains National Charter

The association gains its national charter and officially becomes the National Association of Women in Construction.

Women in Construction Week

Women in Construction Week is proclaimed by the Mayor of Texas.

Women in Construction Week FAQs

Can a woman work on a construction site?

Yes, quite a number of women do get their hands dirty on construction sites.

Is it safe for a woman to work in construction?

Yes, it is now safer for both women and men to work in construction since safety measures and equipment have improved.

Is there training for women in construction?

Yes, associations like the National Association of Women in Construction deliver training and educational material for women who want to forge a career in construction.

How to Observe Women in Construction Week

  1. Encourage women to take construction opportunities

    There are several opportunities for women in construction today. You can visit schools or use social media to spread the message.

  2. Join an association for women in construction

    If you're a woman in construction, then you should definitely join an association of female construction workers. You can find a local association or even join an international one.

  3. Share ideas with your fellow workers

    One of the best ways to grow in the industry is to share ideas with each other. Have a hang-out session with other women in construction and talk about possible innovations.

5 Important Facts About Women In Construction

  1. Women in construction and the U.S. workforce

    Women working in construction comprised about 1.5% of the entire U.S. workforce in 2018.

  2. A small pay gap between gender

    On average, women in construction earn almost as much as men, at about 99.1%.

  3. The % of women in construction

    About 10% of construction workers are women, with an approximate 1,106,919 women recorded in 2018.

  4. Positions occupied by women

    Most women in construction are in office and project management positions.

  5. Female owners of construction companies

    About 13% of construction companies are owned by women.

Why Women in Construction Week is Important

  1. It celebrates confident women

    Women in construction are very confident and hardworking. They are responsible for many wonderful works and we appreciate them for it.

  2. It opens the door for more women

    Women in Construction Week is a time to encourage more women to seek construction opportunities. Women are especially influenced by the exploits of other women who tell their stories.

  3. It encourages gender balance

    There used to be a stigma against women being in construction. But with this holiday, people are beginning to see that women are more than capable.

Women in Construction Week dates

2022March 6Sunday
2023March 5Sunday
2024March 3Sunday
2025March 2Sunday
2026March 1Sunday

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