National Crochet Month – March 2022

National Crochet Month is celebrated in March every year. This is a month to interlock loops of yarn or wool and make beautiful pieces to use yourself or give to friends and family members. Crocheting is often confused with knitting, but the differences between the two crafts are quite clear. In crocheting, you complete every stitch before moving on to the next one. Crocheting and knitting can create the same types of products — but that’s based on the imagination of whoever is crocheting or knitting. The most famous style is Tunisian Crocheting, so pick up a needle this March and create something beautiful.

History of National Crochet Month

The earliest remains of knitted clothing date back to the 11th century A.D., but it is thought that the skill of making clothes out of cotton and yarn dates back to the earliest of times. The first details of crocheting emerged in the Dutch magazine “Penelope” in 1823, with an exhibit of then-stylish purses crocheted with silk thread.

By the 1840s, many books were discussing crochet. The Scottish peasants were among the first in the English Isles to adopt this new method of knitting, and soon local people’s preference changed from conventional stitching to crocheting.
Crochet needles were given the name ‘shepherds’ hooks’ and different materials — such as steel, ivory, and boxwood — were used to make the needles.

While going deeper into the origins of crocheting, we discover that most historians have agreed that the craft originated in Arabia and then traveled east to Tibet and China. Later, it traveled west to Spain and surrounding countries, and each country had its own name for the art of crocheting.

It is unclear how crocheting traveled to America, but the first documented instances of such knitting come from the Guiana Indians tribe and settlements and date back to 1916. As far as appreciation of the art form is concerned, however, the Americans have quickly caught up with the rest of the world. The Crochet Guild of America (C.G.O.A.) was formed in 1995 and since 2005, March has been recognized as National Crochet Month, with crocheted works being exhibited in magazines and at events and talent shows.

National Crochet Month timeline

“Penelope” First Displays Crocheted Works

The Dutch magazine “Penelope” becomes the first magazine in the world to display crocheted items

Crocheting is Discovered in the U.S.

The first documented crocheted items are discovered among the Guiana Indians.

Crochet Guild of America is Founded

Gwen B. Kinsler makes the dream of having an institute that teaches crocheting into a reality.

Inaugural Celebration

The month of March is dedicated to the skill of crocheting and celebrated annually ever since.

National Crochet Month FAQs

What are the benefits of crocheting?

The colors of wool and yarn are said to have therapeutic benefits, and the action of crocheting provides a positive distraction.

Is there a national crochet day?

Over and above National Crochet Month, there is an International Crochet Day, which is celebrated around the world on September 12

National Crochet Month Activities

  1. Crochet in public

    The idea is to not hide your talent but to exhibit it to the world. People will stare, so make sure it’s worth their while.

  2. Learn a new technique

    You can never master every crochet technique that’s out there. Celebrate National Crochet Month by adding a new method to your repertoire.

  3. Teach someone to crochet

    If you are good at crocheting, then it’s time to pass on the skill to a worthy apprentice. Teach this marvelous skill to someone else and see what they come up with.

5 Fascinating Facts About Crocheting

  1. A chain of 81 miles was created

    Anne Vanier-Brussel, a French woman, crocheted an 81-mile long crocheted chain, and it took only five months.

  2. It’s a healthy pastime

    Crocheting, or any kind of knitting, is said to be a healthy activity that relieves stress and anxiety.

  3. Crocheting saved lives in Ireland

    During the famine of the 1840s, Irish women crocheted items and sold them to the wealthy English aristocrats, providing them with a much-needed source of income.

  4. It’s a French word

    The word ‘crochet’ is French and means ‘a small hook.’

  5. There are many techniques to experiment with

    Some of the most well-known stitches are the crochet stitch, the double crochet stitch, and the chain stitch — but there are many more to experiment with.

Why We Love National Crochet Month

  1. It’s a chance to promote the C.G.O.A.

    National Crochet Month is a perfect opportunity to promote the work of the Crochet Guild of America (CGOA). The guild provides opportunities for newbies to get “hooked” on crocheting.

  2. It’s an opportunity to celebrate our craft

    Some people crochet just for fun, while others make it their source of income. Whatever your reason for crocheting, March provides an excuse to forego other activities and focus on your favorite pastime.

  3. We’re celebrating an art form

    Crocheting is an art. Over the centuries, many beautiful patterns, techniques, and items have surfaced — and they deserve to be celebrated.

National Crochet Month dates

2022March 1Tuesday
2023March 1Wednesday
2024March 1Friday
2025March 1Saturday
2026March 1Sunday

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