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SatMar 1

National Minnesota Day – March 1, 2025

National Minnesota Day on March 1 celebrates the 32nd state of the United States of America. A midwestern state bordering Canada, Minnesota is affectionately named “The Land of 10,000 Lakes.” The state is known for its beautiful wilderness, historic sites, and of course, lakes. But that is not all about the state that meets the eye. Anyone with a keen interest will find the museums, culture, and diversity to be as fascinating as the natural landscape itself. If you are interested in nature, arts, and diversity Minnesota might just be the perfect state for you to visit this spring and capture the magnificence of it on a canvas.

History of National Minnesota Day

Minnesota was admitted into the Union as the 32nd state on May 11, 1858. The land has an impressive history and heritage, which is reflected in the state’s beautiful landmarks, and preserved by locals.

The Mississippi River’s source is Lake Itasca, dividing a segment of the entire state. This boundary also separated the region when the western border of the United States was being determined after the Revolutionary War. It wasn’t until 1836 that Minnesota became whole, following its inclusion in the Wisconsin Territory.

St. Paul — Minnesota’s capital, was previously known as Pig’s Eye Landing, and was created along the Mississippi River in 1838. The state’s neighboring city Minneapolis, is known as “Twin Cities” and is home to historical and contemporary landmarks such as the Minneapolis Sculpture Garden and the Walker Art Center. Downtown Minneapolis features the world’s most detailed network of indoor pedestrian paths, connecting shopping centers, restaurants, housing, and businesses for eight miles.

North of the state is the Arrowhead Region where the nights are clear and the air is cooler. The breathtaking views are quite a sight, and the Aurora Borealis curtains the sky at night. Poetic right? How about some more interesting facts about Minnesota? Minnesota is not just known for its immense scenic beauty but also for its diverse culture, 11 native American tribes are residents in the state, with cultural influences from the Scandinavian and German immigrants.

The state is home to some of the finest art collections. We can literally call Minnesota, “State of the Art” pun-intended. With museums and theaters all over the state, there is a huge attraction for lovers of arts and literature. The Minneapolis Institute of Art, the Walker Art Center, and other popular museums/institutes are in Minnesota. From the literary corner, Robert Zimmerman a.k.a. Bob Dylan, the 2016 Nobel Prize laureate in literature, is also a Minnesotan.

National Minnesota Day timeline

Early Formation

The United States purchases the French holding of Louisiana, which today forms much of Minnesota.

The State’s Capital

St. Paul is made the territory’s capital.

The 32nd State

Minnesota becomes the 32nd state in the Union.

The State Muffin

The blueberry muffin is adopted as Minnesota’s official muffin.

National Minnesota Day FAQs

Why is Minnesota so special?

Minnesota is particularly famous for its natural wonders such as lakes, the wilderness, and cultural beauty.

Is Minnesota one of the 50 states?

Minnesota is among the 50 states in the United States of America. It is located west of the Great Lakes territory.

What's Minnesota's nickname?

Minnesota is affectionately also known as “North Star State,” “The Land of 10,000 Lakes,” and “The Gopher State.”

National Minnesota Day Activities

  1. Visit Minnesota

    If you have never traveled to the state, now is the perfect time to plan your trip! Explore places and attractions to visit.

  2. Tour the landmarks

    Whether or not you live in Minnesota, celebrate the land’s rich cultural heritage. Visit its popular landmarks and tourist destinations.

  3. Support local businesses

    Shop from and support local businesses in Minnesota. You’ll be celebrating the state and contributing to its economy.

5 Reasons Why Minnesota Is The Best

  1. The state’s biodiversity is incredible

    Interesting birds such as warblers and northern boreal birds are found in Minnesota.

  2. Minnesota’s official blueberry muffin recipe

    The official muffin of Minnesota has its own recipe that is well-known among residents.

  3. Minnesota’s lakes

    There are a total of 11,843 lakes in the state.

  4. Minnesota even has a state soil

    Minnesota’s state soil is Lester.

  5. The meaning of Minnesota

    Minnesota is a combination of the words “mní sóta" meaning “clear water.”

Why We Love National Minnesota Day

  1. We celebrate every state

    Every state deserves its national day for celebrations. Minnesota is no different, and today, we celebrate it.

  2. Minnesota is stunning

    From lakes and hiking trails to tourist attractions. From festivals to incredible art museums, Minnesota has it all!

  3. It promotes businesses and tourism

    Every state has the defining qualities that set it apart, and the spotlight is on Minnesota today. This helps boost local businesses and promote tourism to the area.

National Minnesota Day dates

2025March 1Saturday
2026March 1Sunday
2027March 1Monday
2028March 1Wednesday
2029March 1Thursday
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