National Horse Protection Day – March 1, 2023

National Horse Protection Day is on March 1. It campaigns to put an end to the suffering of horses. Unfortunately, cruelty against animals is still a norm and horses have been subjected to neglect and abuse for decades. Today shines a spotlight on this important topic.

History of National Horse Protection Day

National Horse Protection Day was first observed in 2005 and was introduced by Colleen Paige — an expert on pets, animal behavior, and a certified horse lover. Her efforts have propelled the cause for abolishing cruelty toward horses, but there are still miles to go.

In American culture, horses have always signified freedom. There is a certain mystique about horses that display their spirit. The plight of horses has been the subject of many films and literature, of which the 1877 classic novel “Black Beauty” by Anna Sewell is a prime example.

It is truly tragic that the symbol for freedom is not free itself. For decades, horses have been abused, neglected, malnourished, and even slaughtered. What makes it sadder is that horses are extremely gentle in nature, and are faithful to their owners. From pulling wagons full of supplies to heading into battle with men, without horses, many prominent figures in history would have been defeated at war, and not even have roofs over their heads without the tireless efforts of horses. These beautiful creatures are sensitive and are harmless to humans, especially children.

This is exactly why National Horse Protection Day is so important. Organizations from around the country campaign for better protection and treatment of horses, as well as provide shelter and arrange rehabilitation of horses. Some programs allow the adoption of horses after keeping them under professional care. Sanctuaries are also provided for severely abused or old horses, so that they may live the remainder of their lives in peace.

National Horse Protection Day timeline

“Black Beauty

Anna Sewell publishes her timeless, “Black Beauty.”

An Animated Feature

The animated movie, “Spirit: Stallion of the Cimarron,” premiers.

National Recognition

Congress declares December 13 as National Day of the Horse.

Shut Down for Good

The last horse slaughter plant in the U.S. closes its doors.

National Horse Protection Day FAQs

What is World Horse Day?

National Horse Day honors the valuable contributions of horses in history and the present day.

What day is National Horse Day?

December 13 was declared as National Day of the Horse by Congress. It has been observed annually since 2004.

Is it National I Love Horses Day today?

National I Love Horses Day is another national holiday that spreads the love for horses. It is celebrated on July 15.

How to Observe National Horse Protection Day

  1. Donate

    Give generously to the cause of saving horses. Understandably, rescuing a horse is not for everyone. By donating, you can ensure that the right organizations are doing it.

  2. Visit and pet horses

    It is truly comforting to be around horses. Their gentle nature is infectious and is a way to engage children in learning about horses.

  3. Watch a movie

    Watch one of the many onscreen adaptations of the novel “Black Beauty,” or any other feature film that stars your favorite horse character.

5 Shocking Facts About The Mistreatment Of Horses

  1. They really can be rescued

    The U.S.D.A. reported that 92% of all horses ordered slaughtered are in good condition.

  2. Illegal activities

    Unethical drug testing and harmful equipment used on horses violate the animals' rights.

  3. The winter seasons are long

    Neglect intensifies during winters, with horses confined to small spaces.

  4. Backyard breeding

    Millions of unwanted horses are born as a result of backyard breeding.

  5. Torturing for fun

    Mule diving is a horrible act — horses are forced to jump from high planks into a pool of water.

Why National Horse Protection Day is Important

  1. It highlights the animal cruelty being practiced

    As advanced as humans have become, outdated practices putting the lives of horses in danger are unnecessary. The right authorities need to take notice and take action.

  2. It promotes awareness

    It is important to instill the right values in the coming generation; including better treatment of our animal friends. National Horse Protection Day is not just about horses, but taking care of all animals.

  3. Being respectful towards nature

    Humans need to remember that we aren’t the only inhabitants on this planet. We share it with the entire animal kingdom and need to respect them as well as develop better practices.

National Horse Protection Day dates

2022March 1Tuesday
2023March 1Wednesday
2024March 1Friday
2025March 1Saturday
2026March 1Sunday
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