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SunFeb 2

California Kiwifruit Day – February 2, 2025

We celebrate California Kiwifruit Day on February 2. It is a day dedicated to appreciating the incredible health benefits of eating kiwifruits. Kiwifruits were once native to China. They are also known as Chinese gooseberries, or ‘yang tao.’ The fruit has a sharp and sweet flavor. Kiwifruits are rich in essential nutrients like vitamin C and dietary fiber. They can help boost the health of the heart, brain, eyes, and digestive system. They are also rich in iron, carotenoids, and antioxidants. Yes, we know they are amazing — that is why we are using this day to celebrate one of the tastiest and healthiest fruits in the world.

History of California Kiwifruit Day

Fruits are one of the oldest sources of sweet taste for humans. It was also one of the richest sources of vitamins and minerals. Fruits back then were not cultivated or stored like today. Our ancestors did not have the technology or the know-how to manage fruits, so fruits were a rare delicacy — they had to consume them while fresh. Even in the medieval periods, the case was the same. Our little fruit of interest in this particular scenario is the kiwifruit.

The kiwifruit was once found only in China. Historical records show the usage of the fruit as far back as the twelfth century. But even then, the fruit was consumed fresh, most of the time for medicinal purposes. The plant was usually not cultivated or bred. The Chinese name for the fruit is ‘yang tao.’

The usually stagnant lives of kiwifruit drastically changed overnight when they were exported to New Zealand under the name Chinese gooseberry. Over the next few decades, the fruit changed its names and traveled the whole world. Kiwifruit is now one of the most popular fruits among the general public. Its tasty interior is also rich in healthy nutrients. By 1935, farmers from California had purchased kiwifruit vines in massive quantities and started cultivating them. Now, America is one of the top consumers of kiwifruits. It is not just America; the world loves it, and we even have a special day dedicated to these tasty fruits.

California Kiwifruit Day timeline

1100 — 1200
The First Description of the Kiwifruit

The first description of kiwifruits appears in records during the era of the Song Dynasty in China.

Introduction to New Zealand

Kiwifruits reach the shores of New Zealand under the name Chinese gooseberry.

Chinese Gooseberry to Kiwi

Exporters from New Zealand begin using the name kiwifruit, after their national bird, the kiwi.

The Spread of Kiwifruits in California

Counties in California like the Kern and Butte grow kiwifruits on more than 50 acres of land.

California Kiwifruit Day FAQs

Why is the kiwifruit called Chinese gooseberry?

The kiwifruit was initially native to China and was known under the name ‘yang tao.’ It was then introduced to New Zealand. They used the name “Chinese gooseberry” due to the sharp and sweet flavor of the fruit.

Are kiwifruits native to California?

No, they were originally native to China. The fruit was introduced to California only in 1935.

Can I eat kiwifruits at night?

Kiwifruits are one of the best fruits to eat just before sleep. Many studies show their potential to improve the quality of sleep.

California Kiwifruit Day Activities

  1. Start eating kiwifruits

    This is California Kiwifruit Day — we need no other reason to start eating the fruit! Buy the freshest fruits from your nearest source and start enjoying their tastiness.

  2. Learn how to farm kiwifruits

    Farming kiwifruits spread from China to New Zealand, and then to the Americas. Learn how to cultivate the fruit in your backyard and start the process.

  3. Share kiwifruits with your family

    Kiwifruits are tasty treats filled with healthy nutrients. They are a good source of our daily nutrient needs. Share the fruits with your family and have them for dessert or as afternoon snacks.

5 Facts About Kiwifruits That You Should Know

  1. Top kiwifruit producers

    China is the top producer of kiwifruits, followed by Italy and then New Zealand.

  2. Potassium content

    According to the U.S.D.A., the gold-fleshed kiwifruit contains more potassium compared with the green variety.

  3. Kiwifruits’ sugar content

    A single kiwifruit only contains around six grams of sugar.

  4. The origin of the name

    The name was first used for marketing purposes since the Chinese gooseberry was not very popular.

  5. Edible skin of the kiwifruits

    Most people discard the skin of kiwifruits, but it is edible and rich in fiber, vitamin B9, and vitamin E.

Why We Love California Kiwifruit Day

  1. The fantastic health benefits

    Kiwifruits are loaded with vitamins, minerals, and essential nutrients. They are good for our health, and we love to celebrate the benefits of this tasty fruit.

  2. A tasty treat

    Frequently eating fast food can lead to several health issues. Fruits like kiwifruits are healthy and tasty alternatives. This day showcases the importance of healthy food, and we love that!

  3. The long history of cultivation and migration

    The cultivation of kiwifruits began in China. Now, it is cultivated in various countries. The history of the fruit is linked with the history of the medieval period and you know how much we love history.

California Kiwifruit Day dates

2025February 2Sunday
2026February 2Monday
2027February 2Tuesday
2028February 2Wednesday
2029February 2Friday

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