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SunFeb 2

Crepe Day – February 2, 2025

Crepe Day is annually celebrated on February 2. And do you know that crepes are similar to pancakes, only thinner and typically used to wrap around a dessert or other food? Crepe Day offers the opportunity to put your pancakes on a diet and enjoy the delicious crepe, whether as breakfast, lunch, or dinner.

History of Crepe Day

The history of crepes dates back to the 13th century in Brittany, France. According to some, a housewife accidentally dribbled some of this porridge onto a hot flat cooktop, and then, not wanting it to waste, ate it!

Crepes day, known as la Chandeleur in France, began as a religious holiday associated with Candlemas but stems from more pagan traditions. On this day, the French people traditionally eat Crepes. It is believed to symbolize the sun, and its composition represents the flour of the harvest that will bring prosperity in the coming year.

Crepes are usually made with eggs, flour, butter, milk, and a pinch of salt. Although they originated in France, they are now very famous in several countries around the world, including many parts of Europe and North Africa, with each country having its modification of Crepe, like Apple cinnamon crepes and chocolate chip crepes.

There is a belief that catching the crepe with a frying pan after tossing it in the air with your right hand and holding a gold coin in your left would make you rich that year. The roundness and golden color of a crepe resemble the sun and its rays, hinting at the change in the weather that Candlemas would bring.

For breakfast, you can try crepes filled with some fruits, veggies, cheese, and eggs; for lunch, filled with cooked beans or turkey, cheese, and salsa; and as a dessert, filled with whipped cream or any pie filling and a top drizzled with berry sauce or chocolate.

Crepe Day timeline

472 A.D.
Crepe in Early Rome

Roman Pope Gelasius I offers crepe (then known as ‘Crispus’) to French pilgrims who are visiting Rome to celebrate the Chandeleur.

Accidental Crepe Version

Crepes Suzette, a type of crepe, is mistakenly made by a 14-year-old assistant waiter Henri Carpentier, at the Maistre, Monte Carlo.

19th Century
Mexico Receives Crepes

The crepe is introduced into Mexico by the French.

The Japanese-French Crepe

Emy Wada of Japan invents mille-crepes — a cake made with layers of crepes with a filling in between.

Crepe Day FAQs

Are crepes and pancakes the same?

No, they are not. Unlike pancakes, crepes are much thinner because they aren’t made with baking powder, as are pancakes. Since they are thinner, they are a tad crispier as well.

Do you eat crepes hot or cold?

It’s all about preference. You can stack them hot or cold. It can be either a hot crepe and a cold glass of milk or a cold crepe with a warm cup of chocolate. It tastes just fine, however, you want it.

Can you eat crepes for breakfast?

Definitely! Crepes can be an elegant breakfast or an on-the-go breakfast. They are easy to master but can be time-consuming. So you can make lots of them, store them in the refrigerator, and pop them in the microwave whenever you want to eat.

Crepe Day Activities

  1. Make some new crepe

    This is a perfect day to try out some new crepe recipes. So, get on your apron, grab your cooking utensils, gather your ingredients, and make some delicious crepe while having fun at it with family

  2. Dine with family and friends in a restaurant

    To savor the day without getting too busy with making crepes, you can have your favorite version of crepe with friends and family in a restaurant. Be sure to wash it down with a glass of red wine or your preferred drink.

  3. Share your crepe recipe

    Whether via a physical gathering, a blog, or social media, share your favorite crepe recipes with the world. There’s no telling how many people will love it!

5 Facts About Crepe That Will Interest You

  1. A popular meal on Candlemas

    Crepes are popularly eaten on Candlemas day, with the belief that they give sunnier days ahead of winter.

  2. Not a French breakfast option

    According to some, the French only eat it at lunchtime or dinner time, but not for breakfast.

  3. The guarantee of a good harvest

    It is believed that eating crepes on la Chandeleur will guarantee a good wheat harvest.

  4. Popular in Russia

    The crepe used to be a popular food during the Russian celebration of Maslenitsa.

  5. Carnival specials

    In the Spanish regions of Galicia and Asturias, crepes are traditionally served at carnivals.

Why We Love Crepe Day

  1. Crepe is an amazing meal

    Coming in various versions and forms, crepes are an absolute delight to be enjoyed by any and everyone. It's only right to specially celebrate it.

  2. It connects people

    Originating from France and spreading to countries around the world, crepes help facilitate social interactions and connect people through the sharing of recipes and similar interests. It is indeed a great meal deserving of celebration.

  3. Crepes are healthy

    They are relatively low in fat. Because they are thin, they tend to be low in calories and sugar, but are rich in carbohydrates, and provide moderate levels of protein and sodium. They ultimately provide nutrients and have no downsides to eating them.

Crepe Day dates

2025February 2Sunday
2026February 2Monday
2027February 2Tuesday
2028February 2Wednesday
2029February 2Friday

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