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SatJun 14

Monkey Around Day – June 14, 2025

Monkey Around Day is an annual celebration observed on June 14. The holiday encourages everyone to set aside their worries and toss out their inhibitions. Monkey Around Day is a day to just goof off and do whatever comes to mind. Maybe you have a wild idea that you’ve always wanted to try but were afraid to. Today’s the perfect opportunity to be brave and safely have some fun. You’ll be pleased you did it tomorrow. So, go with the flow, and spend some time idly without being too serious.

History of Monkey Around Day

Bob Matthews of Rochester, New York, and founder of Holiday Insights, came up with the idea for this fun day in 2016. In celebration of his daughter Kimberly’s birthday, he chose June 14. Kimberly adored monkeys and anything related to them since she was a small child. Bob claimed that “his family was subjected to far too much stress. At the very least, they needed one day to put their stress, troubles, and worries aside and just relax and monkey around.”

The expression “monkey around” means to go with the flow, do whatever you like (if it’s legal and safe of course,) have some leisure time and just fool around. Although the origin of the phrase is unknown, the physical imagery of monkeys playing around is most likely the source of this idiom. The phrase is also linked with ‘monkey business,’ the origin of which can be traced back to a previous term, ‘monkeyshine,’ coined in 1832. The term ‘monkeyshine’ refers to a harmless prank or mildly boisterous conduct based on their fun personality, it also meant “disreputable behavior.”

Monkey Around Day serves as a reminder to not take life too seriously. Every one of us needs some time to rest or to play around after a long week at school or at work. The phrase is most likely derived from our observations of monkeys in zoos. They appear to have a carefree attitude toward life.

Monkey Around Day timeline

Late 1800s
The Origin of “Monkey Around”

The phrase “monkey around” is widely used during this time period.


‘Monkeyshine’ is coined to describe disreputable behavior.

The Monkees Theme Song

The Monkees, a musical group, release a song containing the lyrics "monkey around."

Monkey Around Day

The holiday, Monkey Around Day, is created by Bob Matthews in honor of his daughter.

The 5th Anniversary

The annual Monkey Around Day celebration hits its five-year mark.

Monkey Around Day FAQs

What exactly does “monkey business” mean?

It means silly, playful, mischievous, or deceptive behavior.

What does it mean to “monkey around”?

It means to engage in activities that are neither useful nor serious.

Who invented Monkey Around Day

Bob Mathews is the inventor of Monkey Around Day.

Monkey Around Day Activities

  1. Visit a zoo

    What better way to monkey around than to observe actual monkeys? Visit a zoo near you with friends, family, or even by yourself.

  2. Go indoor rock climbing

    Monkeying around is all about throwing inhibitions away and trying new things. Try your hand out at indoor rock climbing and make a race out of it with friends.

  3. Share pictures and videos

    Document this fun holiday by taking pictures and making fun videos. Share your favorite ways to monkey around, and invite others to join in on the fun.

5 Facts About Monkeys To Go Ape Over

  1. Monkey tribes

    A group of monkeys is referred to as a ‘troop.’

  2. The fastest primate

    Patas are the quickest primates on the planet, they can run faster than a racehorse.

  3. The world's tiniest monkey

    The pygmy marmoset is the tiniest monkey — it’s almost the same size as a banana.

  4. Monkeys have fingerprints

    Every monkey, like humans, has a distinct fingerprint.

  5. Over 174 species

    There are 174 different species of monkeys all around the world.

Why We Love Monkey Around Day

  1. A day to have fun

    Monkey Around Day encourages us to have fun. For one day, indulge your inner child and simply waste time.

  2. It promotes balance

    Monkey Around Day encourages us to balance our school or work life with having fun. Striking a balance keeps us from wearing out from stress.

  3. It is a learning experience

    On Monkey Around Day, you can learn about monkeys. More importantly, it's an opportunity to learn something new about yourself.

Monkey Around Day dates

2025June 14Saturday
2026June 14Sunday
2027June 14Monday
2028June 14Wednesday
2029June 14Thursday

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