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SatMay 4

National Orange Juice Day – May 4, 2024

National Orange Juice Day is celebrated on May 4 every year. This is a lighthearted day set aside to recognize how vital a glass of OJ is to have on breakfast tables across America. Orange juice is the extract or juice of oranges and there are as many different types of orange juice as there are types of oranges. Orange juice may or may not have bits of fruit in it, and is classified as orange juice with pulp and orange juice without pulp. 


Orange juice is one of the most popular fruit juices in the country, and it is very healthy — as long as it’s not full of sugar.

History of National Orange Juice Day

National Orange Juice Day is a day set aside to celebrate the wonders of orange juice, a juice so delicious that it has become one of the most popular fruit juices in America. 

There are a lot of different types of orange juice based on the different types of oranges, but the most commonly available type of orange juice is made from sweet oranges. Mandarin oranges and clementines are also popularly used, especially for sparkling drinks. 

Depending on the process of manufacture, orange juice is labeled in different ways. The most commonly available kind of orange juice is frozen concentrated orange juice. In this process, commercially squeezed orange juice is pasteurized, and all the oxygen is removed from it to ensure longevity. Then it is evaporated and the concentrate is stored at low temperatures. Reconstituted juice is juice created by adding water to this frozen concentrate. 

There are advantages and disadvantages to the various types of orange juice. While canned juice retains much more vitamin C than reconstituted juice, it lasts a shorter time and tends to lose its flavor. Freshly squeezed orange juice, as the name suggests, is squeezed from the fruit and not pasteurized or processed in any way. It has an even shorter shelf life, but the most flavor and vitamins of all the different types of orange juice. 

National Orange Juice Day timeline

Flash Pasteurization is Discovered

Dr. Philip Phillips' discovery of the flash pasteurization method means that canned orange juice loses its metallic taste, making the juice even more popular.

The Florida Department of Citrus is Recruited

When soldiers in World War II refuse their vitamin C lemon crystals, the Florida Department of Citrus is brought in to produce an alternative — the result is frozen concentrated orange juice.

Orange Juice Processing Plants Are Set Up

All across Florida, concentrated orange juice begins being produced and immediately becomes popular for being cheap and a great source of vitamin C.

Orange Juice is Florida’s Official Beverage

Because of the contributions of the orange juice industry to Florida’s economy, the juice is declared the state’s official beverage.

National Orange Juice Day FAQs

Is it bad to drink orange juice every day?

There are many benefits to drinking orange juice every day. However, our favorite beverage is also high in calories and sugar, so have it in moderation and choose sugar-free options whenever possible. 

Does orange juice wake you up?

The natural sugar contained in orange juice will definitely give you an energy boost — but don’t have too much or you may experience a sugar dip.

Why does orange juice say use within seven days?

As with any other juice, the quality deteriorates over time. 

National Orange Juice Day Activities

  1. Drink a tall glass of orange juice

    The best way to celebrate National Orange Juice Day is by pouring yourself a tall glass of freshly squeezed orange juice for breakfast! Your immune system will thank you for all that vitamin C.

  2. Visit Florida’s orange orchards

    A great way to get yourself some fresh orange juice and see where the majority of the country’s orange juice comes from is to head over to the orchards in sunny Florida. See if you can find a factory that will offer you a tour and show you how your orange juice is made.

  3. Sell some orangeade

    Switch up the lemonade stand business this National Orange Juice Day. Set up a stand with some delicious orange juice to offer to passersby!

5 Important Facts About Orange Juice

  1. Popular in the E.U.

    The majority of America’s orange juice exports are to the European Union, where orange juice is almost as popular.

  2. Brazil produces the most orange juice

    America is second only to Brazil when it comes to the production of orange juice.

  3. Canada is the largest consumer

    America comes a close second, but the largest consumer of orange juice in the world is Canada.

  4. Tropicana has almost 65% of the market

    Owned by PepsiCo, Tropicana Products is the largest producer of orange juice in the country.

  5. Flavor packs are added to orange juice

    All juice that is deoxygenated needs flavor packs added to it because the process of removing oxygen also strips the juice of all flavor.

Why We Love National Orange Juice Day

  1. We love orange juice

    National Orange Juice Day is a great excuse to celebrate the country’s favorite drink. We’re all for celebrating this tasty and healthy fruit juice.

  2. We want to share the joy

    We want to take the day to talk about our favorite juice and share the love with our friends and family. It’s time to get everyone excited over sunshine in a glass!

  3. We love the history

    Orange juice was once a way to help soldiers stay healthy. It became popular because it was a cheap and tasty source of vitamin C and we think that’s worth celebrating!

National Orange Juice Day dates

2024May 4Saturday
2025May 4Sunday
2026May 4Monday
2027May 4Tuesday
2028May 4Thursday

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