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SunMay 4

World Give Day – May 4, 2025

World Give Day is observed every year on May 4. It is acknowledged as an international holiday. It is a special day dedicated to giving back. It encourages selflessness by reminding people to use the opportunity to help others around them. They also donate to causes and charities that they care about. It is rewarding to help others who are in need. Families, community centers, businesses, and students can benefit from the holiday. By celebrating generosity, we encourage more acts of kindness, a quality much needed in society. If you want to take part by buying a gift that also gives back to charity, then check out our gift guide.

History of World Give Day

World Give Day is celebrated annually on May 4. The holiday inspires people all over the world to make a difference. People can touch the lives of others by giving their money or donating their time and resources. All over the world, people are encouraged to lend a helping hand to those in need. Hindered by busy schedules, they may not have time to stop and remember to give to others. Its purpose is a great reminder to practice sharing and kindness. The holiday serves as an idea that every generous effort, no matter the size, can have a significant impact on society.

World Give Day aims to promote philanthropy worldwide. It is a global movement that encourages people to collaborate, give, and celebrate generosity. Non-profit organizations all around the world partner to facilitate giving back. People can contribute by volunteering, raising awareness, or donating to a cause. It creates the motivation for people to add giving back to their daily lives. It is encouraged that gifts are handmade rather than purchased.

The holiday was created in 2010 by, an online fundraising platform to help people raise donations for the causes they support. Individuals and organizations can use the platform to successfully meet their fundraising goals. It is beneficial to set aside a day dedicated to compassion and caring. It makes a huge impact when people collectively participate in acts of philanthropy. We can also give back by practicing understanding and goodwill through kindness such as a smile, an unexpected deed, an encouraging word, or a planned surprise.

World Give Day timeline

2008 is Launched

The fundraising platform is launched in Chicago on August 14.

People Start Giving

People begin to use GiveForward’s online platform as an easy way to support causes.

World Give Day is Launched

The holiday is launched to give people the chance to make a difference.

The Holiday is Celebrated Annually

The holiday becomes a yearly occasion for people to express their generosity.

World Give Day FAQs

How can I give?

There are many charities and non-profit organizations you can donate to. There are many causes that you can choose to impact.

What cause can I give to?

Causes you can give towards include; fighting cancer, donating blood, helping animals at an animal shelter, or buying school books for children from very poor families.

Can I participate after the holiday?

Giving has no set time limit. You can give during the holiday or on any day of the year that you like.

How to Observe World Give Day

  1. Donate food

    You can set up a collection of non-perishable food. Once collected, you can donate it to food shelters or charities.

  2. Give toys

    You can give out toys to children in the hospital. You’ll be putting a smile on some adorable little faces.

  3. Make a gift

    Handmade gifts are the most thoughtful and meaningful. You can make sweaters or blankets or anything you know how to make and give it to someone as a gift.

5 Interesting Facts About Giving

  1. Anything can be given

    A huge impact can be made when people donate anything from time, to money, to skills and resources.

  2. Giving creates happiness

    Giving is an act of kindness that makes both the giver and benefactor very happy.

  3. Kindness benefits society

    Helping people in any way goes a long way to strengthening society as a whole.

  4. Giving leads to gratitude

    People feel love and gratitude when they give or receive from others.

  5. Giving creates unity

    Everyone coming together to help those who need it creates a sense of unity among the people.

Why World Give Day is Important

  1. Everyone can participate

    Everyone can give back in one way or the other. It doesn’t matter your age, economic status, or level of skills, there’s someone you can have an impact on with your efforts.

  2. It takes place worldwide

    It is exciting to think of so many people around the world dedicating a day to give. It allows them to practice and celebrate all the benefits of generosity.

  3. It can save lives

    The impact of giving can be as significant as saving lives. A small act of kindness can go a long way to improve and preserve someone’s life.

World Give Day dates

2025May 4Sunday
2026May 4Monday
2027May 4Tuesday
2028May 4Thursday
2029May 4Friday

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