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Lawyer Well-Being Week – May 5-9, 2025

Lawyer Well-Being Week is observed in the first full week in May and this year, it will be marked from May 5 to 9. It’s not unusual for lawyers to have a pivotal role in shaping the political and social landscape. Because of this, sustaining a sense of well-being can be difficult for them. Mental health problems are more prevalent among lawyers than in other professions. So, National Lawyer Well-Being Week is an opportunity for everyone — attorneys and non-lawyers — to show our appreciation for the work they do. To help attorneys maintain their crucial role in the community, the goal is to gather tools to support their mental health.

History of Lawyer Well-Being Week

It was decided that National Lawyer Well-Being Week should coincide with Mental Health Awareness Month. This task force was formed after the 2016 ABA Annual Meeting in San Francisco. A big concern faced organizations across the business. Their project’s purpose was to improve the legal profession’s state of health.

Representative bodies identified an unacceptably high number of attorneys with mental illness. The percentage of “problem drinkers” in the legal profession ranged from 21% to 36%, with solo practitioners under 30 having the highest percentage. Women were the most affected by anxiety symptoms, at 19%. Undeniably, males working alone in solo practices are more prone to depression than others, up to 28%.

The task force on Lawyer Well-Being places the legal profession eighth in terms of occupational suicides. The ABA Commission on Lawyer Assistance Programs and the Association of Professional Responsibility For Lawyers joined forces to address this issue. The partnership has been planning to improve the industry for roughly nine months. In 2017, they published a landmark paper titled ‘The Path to Lawyer Well-Being: Practical Recommendations for Positive Change.’ After two years, the task force had a membership of over a dozen industry organizations, according to its website. From criminal defense lawyers to insurance agents, the club had them all. The task force findings generated National Lawyer Well-Being Week. These guidelines help people incorporate the commission’s recommended best practices into their regular routines. As a result, lawyers may encounter difficulties. However, things aren’t all gloom and doom. During National Lawyer Well-Being Week, each lawyer has the opportunity to stand up to the industry’s pressures and offer some much-needed support.

Lawyer Well-Being Week timeline

The Taskforce on Lawyer Well-Being

After the ABA Annual Meeting in San Francisco, the task force on Lawyer Well-Being begins making public the issues of rampant mental health difficulties in the legal field.

The Report on Lawyers’ Well-Being

The release of a detailed report features several recommendations that legal practitioners are encouraged to apply in their time of need.

The First Annual Lawyer Well-Being Week

The first annual Lawyer Well-Being Week is held.

The Name is Changed

The name is changed from Lawyer Well-Being Week to Well-Being Week in Law to include all non-lawyers who make significant contributions to the legal profession.

Lawyer Well-Being Week FAQs

Do lawyers abuse alcohol and drugs more than other professions?

Yes. About 36 % of lawyers report problematic drinking, compared to 13% of similarly educated workers and 15% of physicians.

What other mental health challenges do lawyers face?

About 12% have ADHD, eight percent have panic disorder, two percent have bipolar disorder, three percent have attempted self-injury, and one percent had attempted suicide, according to data.

Do new lawyers struggle with alcohol abuse?

In the first ten years of profession, 29% of lawyers report problems with drinking.

How to Observe Lawyer Well-Being Week

  1. Attend panels

    Lawyers' health and well-being is a topic of discussion on several legal practices' wellness panels. The goal of this course is to expose lawyers to stress-relieving and attention-boosting breathing exercises.

  2. Support on social media

    Those in different fields might show their support by using social media to express themselves. Also, pass on this information to those in the legal community to increase the number of attorneys participating.

  3. Plan a fun activity

    Get your lawyer friends or colleagues for a relaxed time of fun. Engaging in a little rest and relaxation is good for everyone’s well-being.

The 5 Days Of Lawyer Well-Being Week

  1. Monday

    The focus is on physical well-being and maintaining your physical health; eat a balanced diet, drink plenty of water, sleep well, and avoid drug and alcohol use.

  2. Tuesday

    The focus is on spiritual well-being, which involves making healthy work-life decisions that enhance the quality of life for your family, community, and legal clients, irrespective of your spirituality.

  3. Wednesday

    The focus is on intellectual/occupational well-being and necessitates a constant desire to learn and be challenged intellectually.

  4. Thursday

    The focus is on social well-being, which is important for maintaining healthy social connections and is essential for both our physical and psychological well-being, as well as for building our capacity for resilience and perseverance in the face of hardship.

  5. Friday

    The focus is on emotional well-being, which requires recognizing the relevance of our feelings and finding strategies to express and process them.

Why Lawyer Well-Being Week is Important

  1. It encourages well-being

    Increasing awareness and encouraging action in the profession to better well-being are the goals of this event. As a profession, lawyers are susceptible to mental health concerns, and letting them know where to go for help is quite beneficial.

  2. It benefits everyone

    It is the entire legal system's responsibility to ensure its employees' well-being. Professional and organizational cultures that promote employees' health and well-being should be encouraged.

  3. It promotes health

    The legal profession needs to create new professional norms and cultures that support and promote the health and well-being of their colleagues. This ensures that they adequately take care of their health so they can deliver the best.

Lawyer Well-Being Week dates

2022May 2Monday
2023May 1Monday
2024May 6Monday
2025May 5Monday
2026May 4Monday

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