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MonMay 5

National Meeting Planners Appreciation Day – May 5, 2025

National Meeting Planners Appreciation Day falls on May 5 this year, as it’s the Monday of the first full week of the month. Meeting planners cover a broad range of industries simply because there is always a need for the position. Whether it’s a small work function or an event as illustrious as the Oscars, meeting planners are the people behind the scenes making sure everything goes as planned. They make cool things happen by ensuring everyone is on track with their part in the project! Without meeting planners, we wouldn’t have conventions, trade shows, and a dozen other events that keep things exciting. If you look hard enough, you’re sure to find meeting planners behind any cool event.

History of National Meeting Planners Appreciation Day

You might think this job is fairly new since corporate and charity events have only become truly prominent in the age of branding, which started in the 1950s. In truth, humans have always needed gatherings and events for all purposes and it’s meeting planners that have made each one happen.

One of the most notable meeting planners in history is Cleopatra. During her rule of the Ptolemaic Kingdom of Egypt from 51 to 30 B.C., she hosted some of the most elaborate and lavish events of history. Some of these gatherings promoted peace and friendship between attendees who ruled neighboring lands. Other events were a thinly veiled excuse for her to pursue potential lovers, which is a big no for meeting planners these days.

The hotshot meeting planners of history also include medieval French royalty such as Madame Pompadour and business tycoons of the Industrial Revolution, an era that necessitated events as people had time and money to spend.

National Meeting Planners Appreciation Day timeline

51 B.C.
The Original Meeting Planner

Cleopatra hosts extravagant parties and gatherings to promote peace and better relationships in her kingdom.

The Industrial Revolution

The economic growth raises the demand for entertainment and events as people have more disposable income.

Speedy Typing

Documents, invitations, and flyers are streamlined, allowing event organizers to work much faster.

The Rise Of Social Media

Facebook is founded, allowing people to interact, react, and update themselves in real-time.

Online Events

Online events held on Zoom, Hangouts and other online platforms allow people from all over the world to participate in events thousands of miles away.

National Meeting Planners Appreciation Day FAQs

How do I celebrate National Meeting Planners Appreciation Day?

Consider doing something nice for the employee in question. It can be as simple as creating a platform for the rest of the office to share their appreciation of the person or it can be something like a voucher to a local store or restaurant.

What are the responsibilities of a meeting planner?

In a company, they establish meeting objectives, determine budget expenses, inspect the meeting or event site, and organize and liaise with the suppliers.

Are there different types of meeting planners?

Yes, there are corporate, government, third-party, independent, marketing, and many more types of meeting planners. They are in every industry and so they each have different skillsets and interests.

National Meeting Planners Appreciation Day Activities

  1. Plan a surprise

    As an office, why not prepare a gift for your meeting planner co-worker? You could also invite them to a nice meal.

  2. Be a cool boss

    Give your meeting planner the day off, book that lucky employee a spa experience, or get them a gift basket. Do what it takes to make their day and show appreciation.

  3. Say thank you

    A simple thank you is more than enough to let them know they’re appreciated. Not just today, make it a habit from now on, for your meeting planner and other co-workers.

5 Interesting Facts About Event Management

  1. Less than a quarter

    Only 15 to 20% of an event’s budget is allocated to hiring a full-service event planner.

  2. Online tickets

    71% of tickets for events are bought online.

  3. Going green

    Event-goers care about the environmental impact and ethics of an event more than ever.

  4. Living life

    For those considering becoming a meeting planner, would it help if we told you that successful planners can travel around the globe for their work?

  5. New backbone

    The most accessible and successful advertising tool today is social media and that’s why using it is an integral part of the launch of any event.

Why We Love National Meeting Planners Appreciation Day

  1. Everyone likes to be appreciated

    We love office holidays seeing them as a chance to give our co-workers some extra attention and appreciation. See what you can do on this day to contribute.

  2. It can be whacky and fun

    While some offices keep the celebrations to a professional gift basket, others go wild with outings like paintball. That variety is exactly why the holiday is so great!

  3. It builds a better atmosphere

    Having regular days to show appreciation to your co-workers or employees builds better relationships and atmosphere in the workplace. We love camaraderie!

National Meeting Planners Appreciation Day dates

2022May 2Monday
2023May 8Monday
2024May 6Monday
2025May 5Monday
2026May 4Monday

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