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Dog Anxiety Awareness Week – May 5-11, 2025

Dog Anxiety Awareness Week is observed in the first full week of May and takes place from May 5 to 11 this year. The week shares information and creates awareness about the prevalence of anxiety in canines. Anxiety, a mental condition, is the body’s natural response to stress and persistent fear. Dogs, like humans, are prone to anxiety. According to doctors, anxiety is a rather healthy expression of a dog’s emotions, but it can often spiral into something disastrous at any minute. Dog Anxiety Awareness Week recognizes that the emotional well-being of your anxious furry friends is in jeopardy and a human intervention from time to time is an essential requirement.

History of Dog Anxiety Awareness Week

Dog Anxiety Awareness Week illuminates the causes, trigger points, symptoms, and treatment of canine anxiety. Anxiety is a fairly common expression of emotion that almost all dogs experience. Regardless, they must be consoled with and taken care of, especially during periods of sudden panic attacks and anxious episodes. Dogs cannot express their discomfort and anxiety as humans do, so it is important to look out for symptoms such as aggression, untimely urination, excessive drooling, destructive behavior, depression, pacing, excessive barking, restlessness, compulsive behaviors, and so much more.

If your chronically conditioned dog relieves itself inside the house, then the clean-up should be the second-biggest point of worry. Defecating inside the house is a highly unusual and almost alarming behavior exhibited by dogs. It is a way of expressing that they have worked themselves up beyond their means and are forced to relieve themselves inside the house. Another highly prevalent symptom of being in a heightened state of anxiety is attempting to break out of doors and windows and refusing to be leashed.

Genetics, sudden residential changes, existing conditions, past trauma, aging, and persistent fear are some of the reasons why dogs can develop an anxiety disorder. Once diagnosed, a combination of drugs and exercise is the best way to treat anxiety in canines. Since it is a debilitating mental disorder, leaving anxiety unchecked can lead to serious mental and physical health problems in dogs. Throughout the entire first week of May, dog behavior experts and dog owners, and canine enthusiasts get together and come up with means to deal with anxiety in dogs and prepare manuals to help other dog parents on this challenging journey.

Dog Anxiety Awareness Week timeline

American Canine Owners Unite

American Kennel Club, the first-ever all-breed registry for canines, is established in the U.S.

Separation Anxiety is Theorized

Italian dog behavior experts Scopelliti and Bracchi determine the link between higher owner dependence and separation anxiety in dogs.

A Cure is Found

Several drugs, including Ovaban, are approved to treat anxiety in dogs.

The Week is Celebrated

Dog Anxiety Awareness Week is celebrated across the U.S. in the first full week of May.

Dog Anxiety Awareness Week FAQs

Can dogs have anxiety attacks?

Anxiety in canines can present itself in many ways, including sudden anxiety attacks.

How can you tell if a dog is in distress?

Biting, chewing on furniture or other household objects, barking, and throwing fits are some of the most noticeable symptoms of a dog in distress.

What is the best way to calm down an anxious dog?

Establish physical contact and place gentle taps on their shoulders. Turn on soothing music and gently massage their back.

How to Observe Dog Anxiety Awareness Week

  1. Look for signs of anxiety in your dog

    The best way to mark the week is by checking your dog for possible signs of anxiety. Look out for their behavior, eating pattern, and bathroom habits and track any irregularities such as a flight or fight reaction to a normal situation, not emptying the bowl of their favorite food, or peeing/pooping inside the house.

  2. Establish a routine

    Dogs thrive in routines and love to develop familiar habits. A routine is a reminder of safety and affirms comfort to the canines. This Dog Anxiety Awareness Week, get a step ahead of the diagnosis by adopting a healthy and workable routine that fixes timings for meals, exercise, and playtime.

  3. Get a dog therapist

    Despite arming yourself with knowledge about the causes and symptoms of anxiety, many dog parents fail to detect this disorder in their pets. Anxiety, when left unchecked, can cultivate highly disturbing physical illnesses in canines. It is best to get an expert opinion on this matter. Celebrate the week by gifting your dog a trip to a therapist.

5 Excellent Tips To Help Your Dog With Anxiety

  1. Train and desensitize

    Detect the source of your dog’s anxiety and re-introduce them to it in a positive and calming way.

  2. Build a routine

    Sync your dog’s routine with your own and establish time frames for eating, walking, and playing.

  3. Daily exercise

    Take your dog to a park/long walks every day and keep them active.

  4. Musical therapy

    Hold musical sessions for your dogs by playing specially crafted canine calming playlists — available on YouTube.

  5. Timeout space

    Arrange an extra soft blanket, a special room, or a secluded corner meant exclusively for their chill/timeout sessions.

Why Dog Anxiety Awareness Week is Important

  1. It can turn serious pretty quickly

    Dog anxiety can also lead to behavioral disorders that can lead to other illnesses. Anxious dogs take their feelings out in the form of destruction and hostility. But over time they begin to lose their appetite and contract serious illnesses due to a lack of mobility and a constantly stressed mind. It is important to view anxiety as a serious medical disorder with catastrophic implications for your pet — and Dog Anxiety Awareness Week does that.

  2. It warrants human intervention

    Dogs cannot bring themselves out of their anxiety sinkhole. They need the love, care, and nourishment of their owners to better themselves. Dog Anxiety Awareness Week issues important guidelines and survival tools that aid dog owners in the path to their pet’s recovery.

  3. It can be managed

    There has been tremendous development in the field of treatment for anxiety, including medicines, C.B.D. oil, and behavior therapy. The entire first full week of May is used to share the developments being made in the field and all the ways that dogs can be helped.

Dog Anxiety Awareness Week dates

2022May 2Monday
2023May 1Monday
2024May 6Monday
2025May 5Monday
2026May 4Monday

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