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FriFeb 7

Bubblegum Day – February 7, 2025

Bubblegum Day is celebrated every year on the first Friday of February. For most of us, bubblegum is somewhat a forbidden fruit. It is not essentially nutritious and parents are reluctant to give children bubblegum since it may prove detrimental to their dental health. Many schools also forbid it because gum in hair and under desks is gross. However, there are only very few of us who haven’t grown up enjoying a stick of bubblegum every once in a while. It is sweet, available in a myriad of flavors, and can be blown into bubbles! As we grow up, bubblegum is probably one of the few candies that we continue to enjoy — it’s not uncommon for adults to consume mints in the form of bubblegum, especially to combat bad breath or nicotine addiction.

History of Bubblegum Day

Bubblegum Day was first celebrated in 2006 by author Ruth Spiro. She decided that the world needed a day that highlighted the importance of education, philanthropy, and most importantly, bubblegum. The celebrations were a hit from the very first time, and people quickly warmed up to the noble cause behind the day. Bubblegum Day encourages children to be generous and motivates schools to support a charity that aligns with their beliefs. National Bubblegum Day celebrations aren’t restricted to just schools, either. Adults celebrate the day by getting their businesses, libraries, and community centers to participate in philanthropic drives and give back to the community. Children pay 50 cents for the privilege of chewing gum at school on this day, which is then donated to charity.

Walter Diemer was experimenting with new gum recipes, and he stumbled upon a recipe that he called Blibber Blubber. This was less sticky than regular chewing gum, and it would stretch more easily too. This gum became popular and was eventually named Dubble Bubble. This bubblegum remained the dominant brand of bubblegum until after the Second World War.

In the new market, Bazooka bubblegum gained popularity. The first brands in America that used synthetic gum bases were Hubba Bubba and Bubble Yum — these were a welcome change from bubblegum that would often stick to the face. Bubblegum is most commonly available in pink. They got their distinctive pink color from the original recipe that Diemer used. Children prefer flavors such as strawberry and blue raspberry, while being skeptical of more complex flavors. Modern bubblegum consists of natural rubber such as chicle and some synthetic gum-based materials.

Bubblegum Day timeline

7000 B.C.
First Chewies

Early humans typically chew on birchbark.

Modern Bubblegum

Bubblegum is invented by Walter Diemer.

Comics and Bubblegum

Comic strips are added to bubblegum wrappers to boost sales.

Bubblegum Day

Ruth Spiro starts the celebrations.

Bubblegum Day FAQs

How much do kids spend on bubblegum each year?

Kids in North America spend approximately half a billion dollars on bubblegum every year.

Is Swell Bubblegum a triple whammy?

The head of the Philadelphia Chewing Gum Company (makers of Swell Bubblegum), Edward L. Fenimore, has been said to have blown a bubble in a bubble in a bubble — a triple whammy.

What does Bubblegum Day teach kids about charity?

It teaches kids the value of giving to a worthy cause. By giving a 50 cent donation for the right to chew gum, kids understand they’re part of a day that is doing good in the world.

Bubblegum Day Activities

  1. Chew it

    Chew your favorite bubblegum throughout the day. Revisit your favorite flavors or discover some brand-new ones.

  2. Donate to a charity

    Support the good idea behind Bubblegum Day, pick a charity, and donate to the cause. Get your friends and family to donate to charities of their choice.

  3. Read a comic while chewing

    Since comic strips were once a part of bubblegum wrappings to boost sales, read your favorite comics as a tribute to the bygone era of advertising. You can donate used comics to group homes or school libraries.

5 Facts About Bubblegum That Will Blow Your Mind

  1. Take it slow

    This allows the bubblegum to stretch and grow, which leads to larger bubbles.

  2. We love bubblegum

    Around 100,000 tons of bubblegum is chewed every year.

  3. There’s Bubblegum Alley in California

    It features millions of pre-chewed, colorful wads of gum collected over 20 years.

  4. That’s a big bubble

    The largest bubble ever blown measured 23 inches in diameter.

  5. A scientific fact

    A scientist calculated that the energy Americans use every day to chew gum could power a city with 10 million people.

Why We Love Bubblegum Day

  1. It reminds us of our childhood

    We all have fond memories of chewing on bubblegum as children. Bubblegum Day reminds us of the simple joys of childhood.

  2. A day to give back

    By donating to charities and supporting a philanthropic cause, Bubblegum Day also allows us to do something nice for our communities. As the adage goes, it is better to give than to receive.

  3. A day to do something new

    Since trying new flavors of bubblegum is also a way of celebrating Bubblegum Day, we are encouraged to do something new and experimental. Try different brands from other countries — you might be pleasantly surprised.

Bubblegum Day dates

2022February 4Friday
2023February 3Friday
2024February 2Friday
2025February 7Friday
2026February 6Friday

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