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ThuFeb 6

National Valentine Shopping Reminder Day – February 6, 2025

As a reminder to shop for Valentine’s Day, National Valentine Shopping Reminder Day is celebrated on February 6 and again on February 13. Remembering to purchase a particular Valentine’s Day present is critical. National Valentine Shopping Reminder Day is a reminder to place your order now for it to arrive on time for the holiday on February 14. A special last-minute Valentine’s Day present that will stand out from the crowd is highlighted on this day. During shopping for Valentine’s Day, we choose gifts that have meaning for the recipient and meet their expectations.

History of National Valentine Shopping Reminder Day

The origin of National Valentine Shopping Reminder Day is uncertain. This day is marked to prevent you from making the error of neglecting to organize the perfect day or to get the ideal gift for your significant other. On Valentine’s Day, most loved ones want to know they are cherished and valued. Don’t make the mistake of putting something off until the last minute.

National Valentine Shopping Reminder Day occurs twice: one week and one day before Valentine’s Day. This window allows you to plan the perfect date or order the chosen Valentine’s Day present to ensure it arrives on time. So, go to work on the planning or buying right now.

There are a variety of ways to observe this occasion. Make a list of ideas for a unique gift or think of an original way to celebrate Valentine’s Day. Second, if you intend to purchase a present, place your order or make your purchase as soon as possible. If you’re looking for something a little more low-key, try writing a poetry or love note. Repeat your first date or establish a new habit. Traditions are important and have importance. Consider recreating your first date or a cherished moment you spent with someone on Valentine’s Day. The point is that if you establish a tradition for how you celebrate a holiday, such as Valentine’s Day, you will build a lasting memory that you will look forward to throughout the year.

National Valentine Shopping Reminder Day timeline

First Valentine

Charles, a medieval French duke, writes a poem to his wife that is the earliest known instance of a Valentine being given, according to

17th Century
Handwritten Letters

People begin sending cards and letters written by hand to their loved ones and friends.


Esther A. Howland distributes the first mass-produced Valentine's Day cards in the United States.

Heart-shaped Boxes

The first heart-shaped box of chocolates is created to boost sales by Richard Cadbury, the son of Cadbury founder John Cadbury.

National Valentine Shopping Reminder Day FAQs

What gifts can I shop for?

You can gift jewelry, which is the most popular gift given. Others include flowers, cards, chocolates and any sentimental gifts you can give.

Where are the best places to shop?

Depending on the type of gift you want to give, you can get gifts from any chocolatier, jeweler, or anywhere you can find a sentimental gift.

Must I buy a gift?

Traditions are important and have value. Valentine’s Day is a great time to relive your first date or a memorable experience. New traditions can be established, such as picnics, rides in carriages, and so on. For years to come, it will be something you look forward to, making it a wonderful Valentine’s Day gift.

National Valentine Shopping Reminder Day Activities

  1. Make a list

    To observe National Valentine's Day Shopping Reminder Day, compile a list of the gifts you need to buy for your significant other. So go ahead and buy them now, so you do not put them off and forget about them.

  2. Remind a friend

    Another way to celebrate is to call or text a friend and remind them about shopping for Valentine’s Day. You both can make it a fun day by shopping together for your partners.

  3. Think of new presents

    Consider a creative approach to celebrate Valentine's Day or think of a unique present. You can recreate a gift they loved or look for creative ways to wrap their present up.

5 Romantic Facts About Valentine's Day

  1. Cupid

    With roots dating to the Greek god of love named Eros, Cupid had become associated with Valentine's Day due to his ability to match people who were compatible with one another by the 19th century.

  2. Red roses

    Giving flowers to one's significant other became commonplace after the late 17th century.

  3. Millions of cards exchanged

    Even if you don't factor in the millions of children's valentines exchanged in classrooms, a whopping 145 million cards are exchanged on this day each year.

  4. Presents to pets

    Millions of Americans not only spend on their partners for Valentine’s Day, but they also pick up presents for their furry friends too.

  5. Best day to propose

    The holiday is one of the most popular days to propose, and we can easily see why.

Why We Love National Valentine Shopping Reminder Day

  1. It’s a reminder

    The day serves as a reminder to people to pick up gifts for their loved ones. People can get caught up in everyday life and forget but this day reminds them to get the presents on time.

  2. A day to show your appreciation

    You can show how much you appreciate the people in your life. You can carefully craft the gifts you will give your significant other.

  3. Shopping is great

    Most people love shopping. This is a way to shop for your love, even if it is not physically. You can avoid the rush time very close to Valentine’s Day.

National Valentine Shopping Reminder Day dates

2025February 6Thursday
2026February 6Friday
2027February 6Saturday
2028February 6Sunday
2029February 6Tuesday

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