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FriFeb 7

Working Naked Day – February 7, 2025

Working Naked Day is celebrated on the first Friday in February, it takes place on February 7 this year, and it is not what you think it is! The name of the holiday is suggestive, but it is actually about working from home (the naked part is optional). This idea may have sounded absurd a couple of years ago, but with remote work on the rise, discover how to work at peak productivity while at your most comfortable state.

History of Working Naked Day

Working Naked Day was created by home office expert Lisa Kanarek. She founded this holiday along with the Working Naked brand when she quit her demanding corporate job almost 20 years ago in favor of working full-time from home. This decision wasn’t common back then, and for a long time, Kanarek didn’t let people know she was working from home out of fear that she wouldn’t be taken seriously. The term ‘freelancer’ was probably not mainstream in 2001 either. She has even authored seven books about working from home, including “Working Naked: A Guide to the Bare Essentials of Home Office Life” in 2011, in which she shares her strategies for turning disorganized home offices into productive spaces.

Working Naked Day celebrates the freedom and flexibility employees get when they work from home. The topic is debatable, but there are some core factors that cannot be denied. Commuting is eliminated, which accounts for a good percentage of daily stress. Also, one doesn’t have to worry about lunch or coffee. Let’s not forget that a professional wardrobe is traded for slippers and house clothes. According to Lisa, the idea of working naked is different for everyone. For some, the very idea makes them feel ‘naked’ — with no one close by to quickly ask for help when stuck — but it generally refers to the most comfortable clothing to wear while sitting down for work.

Contrary to what it may seem, working from home is a bold decision to make, just like trying any other new thing. So if you’ve been able to do it successfully, give yourself a nice pat on the back instead of hiding it as most do. Kanarek says that remote workers should be proud of daring to work in a place of comfort, solitude, and ‘nakedness,’ and be encouraged to talk about their accomplishments so that people will realize the strength it takes to make such a career choice.

Working Naked Day timeline

Work From Home Experiment

Five I.B.M. employees are allowed to work from home as an experiment.

The Experiment is a Success

The Work From Home count rises to 2,000 employees.

Rise of the Entrepreneurs

Garage startups emerge, allowing entrepreneurs to start their businesses at home.

A Game Plan

The need for guidelines for remote work is recognized by employers.

Working Naked Day FAQs

What are the advantages of working from home?

The top benefits of working from home include better work-life balance, no stress from the daily commute, more work independence, and saving on food and transportation expenses.

Why is working from home bad?

Working from home can lead remote employees to feel isolated after some time, which may actually be detrimental to their mental health. Working without camaraderie and team morale can make employees feel cut off and may also cause anxiety.

How can I start work from home?

You can start earning from home by setting up an online store. Another popular option is to offer digital skills and services to online clients. These services could include tutoring, graphic design, writing, and so much more.

Working Naked Day Activities

  1. Request to work from home

    Your request to work from home will more than likely be accepted. Even if you work at a place that has never allowed remote work, it cannot hurt to ask.

  2. Find a new way to work

    Today is also about celebrating alternative ways to work in general. Discover different work modes to find the most comfortable one for you, and then, try it!

  3. Amp up your workspace

    Working Naked Day is not limited to your dressing. Declutter your home workspace and liven it up a bit. Think of it as redecorating your bedroom.

5 Facts About Working From Home That Will Shock You

  1. Employees are satisfied

    47% of those who work from home say that they’re very satisfied.

  2. Decreased stress levels

    A study showed that 82% percent of people who work from home had a significant decrease in their stress levels.

  3. The commute is a major factor

    The number one reason people opt to work from home is to avoid the commute.

  4. Working from home saves energy

    The best thing about working from home is reduced costs of energy consumption.

  5. Many would do it for lesser wages

    25% of people claim that they’d accept reduced salaries to continue working from home.

Why We Love Working Naked Day

  1. Freedom to work as we please

    Productivity is enhanced when we don’t have to maintain unnecessary decorum or office small talk, or the boss hovering over us and tracking our every move.

  2. It redefines how work can be done

    Working from home changes the way the modern workspace works. It eliminates unnecessary aspects of work, allowing complete freedom for workers to work at ease.

  3. It is a fun holiday!

    Working Naked Day is a fun holiday. Don’t we just love fun holidays?

Working Naked Day dates

2022February 4Friday
2023February 3Friday
2024February 2Friday
2025February 7Friday
2026February 6Friday

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