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Reclaim Social Day – February 6, 2025

Reclaim Social Day is a global movement that takes place on February 6 annually. With the growing negativity on social media, the day presents a chance to raise awareness of its positive aspects. For example, Twitter is widely used to convey news and information during disasters and support rescue operations. It also allows strangers to connect and offer assistance.

The day started with Lightful, a tech-for-good start-up, that launched a one-day online campaign to encourage greater kindness on social media to reclaim platforms such as Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook, which, according to them, have now become filled with fake news, trolls, and haters. Let’s share some of our favorite beneficial uses of social media with the world!

You don’t have to be a superstar or an influencer to make a difference; just tell us your story. Reclaim Social Day aims to bring attention to the positive aspects of social media and you’re a part of it.

History of Reclaim Social Day

On February 6, 2018, Lightful, a London-based nonprofit technology business released the hashtag #ReclaimSocial in an attempt to create a worldwide surge of optimism on social media that day. Hundreds of charities responded by sharing their inspiring tales on social media as a part of the campaign.

The message was clear: the time has come to reclaim these platforms. The idea was to grow a larger community of people who are committed to changing the way social media is perceived and used. Since then, Lightful has made the concept of Reclaiming Social an integral element of its overall purpose.

Reclaim Social Day timeline

Early Platforms

The Well and GENie, two of the earliest social media apps, are made.


LunarStorm is one of the earliest ad-supported social media networks.


Wikipedia, an online encyclopedia where anybody could modify articles, comes out.


MySpace, a groundbreaking social media platform, allows users to design their profiles and include material such as music and video clips.

Reclaim Social Day FAQs

What good impact does social media have on society?

Social media has facilitated communication between people. We can now connect and share thoughts, photos, and more, with people all over the world.

Using social media, what can I do to make a positive impact on others?

Here are some ways: Make new friends using social media, be yourself as much as you can online, stay up to date with current events and the world around you, make videos that benefit the community, share useful web links and leave thoughtful comments and questions.

How may social media be used for the benefit of society?

Make it a point to spread positive messages about others rather than negative ones. Retweet positive tweets from other organizations. Using social media, you can learn about your constituents’ preferred language. Using this information, shape your content and messaging.

Reclaim Social Day Activities

  1. Share beautiful experiences

    Tell us how you or your organization made a positive impact through social media. It’s wonderful to spread the good news.

  2. Nominate people who inspire you

    For example, you can name three people or more who have had a profound impact on your life and/or made your social media feed more positive. Celebrate them today!

  3. Name your accomplishments

    Make the Day an occasion to share your significant breakthroughs, as well as small victories. With this, you can give others a more positive news feed.

5 Positive Facts About Social Media

  1. Quick response

    Twitter users anticipate a reaction from brands within just an hour of submitting a complaint.

  2. Brand perception

    When a brand responds to one of its Tweets, the brand’s reputation goes up by 77% among Twitter users.

  3. Customer support

    Customers are 19% happier when companies use Twitter to provide customer support.

  4. Inclusive languages

    YouTube supports more than 70 languages (covering 95% of the Internet population).

  5. Learning on YouTube

    Over half of YouTube users use it to learn things they've never done before.

Why We Love Reclaim Social Day

  1. Lightens up the mood on social media

    Many people and organizations broadcast positive news and stories that had a direct impact on people's lives. It's an excellent chance to share heartwarming tales and inspiring messages.

  2. Charities take part

    More charitable organizations now view social media as an essential component of their work. They use social media to raise awareness, organize campaigns, and raise funds.

  3. Exchange of ideas

    Social media is a fantastic resource for easily exchanging ideas and receiving encouragement from others. We love this!

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