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National Raspberry Bombe Day
SunAug 11

National Raspberry Bombe Day – August 11, 2024

This dessert is the bomb(e), and we can’t wait to celebrate; presenting National Raspberry Bombe Day, which is observed each year on August 11. This tantalizing frozen treat is a layered bonanza of heavy cream, sugar, raspberries, and various other ingredients. The results are indulgent and extremely satisfying.

History of National Raspberry Bombe Day

The bombe (or bombe glacée) has been around for a long long time, and like many delicious sweet treats, has its roots in French cuisine.

Classic bombs were made from ice cream and sponge cake, although now, heavy cream, nuts, and many other ingredients have been incorporated into bombe recipes.

Why is it called a ‘bombe’ you ask? This ice cream dessert was frozen in a spherical mold, which then resembled a cannonball, hence the name.

In fact, the idea of molding desserts came from the French too. The discovery that below-freezing temperatures also froze normal and sweetened water led to French cooks experimenting with frozen liquids of all kinds. Gradually, the world discovered ice cream, and one smart cook froze his ice cream in a round mold; the bomb was born.

This initial version was then refined by famous French chef Auguste Escoffier, as per food historians. They believe Escoffier was the vision behind the simple, more elegant bombe we see today. He was behind the invention of a new layer in the bombe — the custard layer, which forms a delicious, harder, crunchier texture, giving the dish depth.

The popularity of the bomb spread. It began appearing in restaurants, cookbooks, and even appeared on the wedding menu of Queen Elizabeth and Prince Philip.

We do not yet know when the raspberry bombe was created, or who founded this day, but we are always ready to celebrate any ice cream dessert flavored with this red berry. Celebrate another fun raspberry-themed holiday with National Raspberry Cake Day.

National Raspberry Bombe Day timeline

18th Century
Moulding Frozen Desserts

A cook freezes ice cream in a round mold, and this results in the very first bombe dish.

Late 1882
Bombes in Restaurants

The dessert makes its very first appearance on restaurant menus in this period.

20th Century
A Very Early Mention

Elizabeth David's book, “The Harvest of the Cold Months,” talks about the bombe dish, one of the very first mentions in the world.

Bombe Recipes In Print

French chef Auguste Escoffier's cookbook, “Le Guide Culinaire,” has over 30 different bombe recipes.

National Raspberry Bombe Day FAQs

Is bombe an English word?

Bombe is the common English usage of the French word ‘bombe glacée.’

What is a bombe mold?

Any rounded container a bowl, e.t.c. can help create the round shape of the bombe.

Is Baked Alaska a bombe?

Some sites list Baked Alaska and its variation, the Bombe Alaska as bombe desserts because of their rounded shape, except these are baked, frozen, then flambéed.

How To Celebrate National Raspberry Bombe Day

  1. Treat yourself to a raspberry bombe

    Order this dessert from your local bakery for a special night. Or, if you feel up to it, try your hand at making your own raspberry bombe from any recipe you find. Share this treat with your loved ones and watch them gorge on this delicious treat.

  2. Throw a French-themed dessert party

    With the raspberry bombe as the centerpiece, of course. Mix in some profiteroles, macarons, crêpes, and tarte tatins for a mouthwatering sweet meal.

  3. Grow your own raspberries

    The next time you create your raspberry bombe — or any other red berry-themed dish, wow everyone by using your own produce. Plant and grow a little raspberry bush in your garden, and enjoy the fruits of your labor.

5 Fun Facts About French Desserts

  1. The term 'dessert' is also French!

    It comes from the French term 'desservir,' meaning 'to clear the table,' which is what people did before serving the last sweet course back then.

  2. French desserts are a labor of love

    Most recipes typically take some time to create and need extra special attention to detail.

  3. Custard, anyone?

    This is a common ingredient in French desserts as it makes desserts extra rich and creamy.

  4. Dessert chefs gained celebrity status

    As French chefs mastered the art of making desserts, royal chefs gained a lot of popularity; they would even make extravagant dessert sculptures.

  5. French desserts need expertise

    Novices might find making such intricate dishes slightly tricky; the high-level techniques ask for a certain level of expertise to pull off correctly.

Why We Love National Raspberry Bombe Day

  1. We love us some tasty desserts

    Raspberries. Ice cream. A fancy French name. We are happy simply thinking about it; imagine our state when we eat this mouth-watering dessert.

  2. Everyone needs a little decadence

    This is certainly not a light dessert, but we think it is okay to gobble up a sweet treat once in a while. We like the thought of splurging on this particular mouth-watering treat.

  3. Celebrate the ending of summer

    Raspberries — one of the main ingredients in this dessert — ripens in August. This day is the third on the list of raspberry-themed holidays, and we think eating this lovely dessert is a great way to end these celebrations.

National Raspberry Bombe Day dates

2024August 11Sunday
2025August 11Monday
2026August 11Tuesday
2027August 11Wednesday
2028August 11Friday

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