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National Bargain Hunting Week – August 12-18, 2024

Celebrate the age-old art of hunting for a good deal with National Bargain Hunting Week, which is observed annually in the second week in August, from August 12 to 18 this year. We love the hunt and the final deals, whether we are searching for kitschy finds at a yard sale, or browsing the clearance rack at the local department store. While sales and discounts are ever-popular, the awareness about this event is relatively small. We aim to do our part to spread knowledge of this week in any way we can, starting with this fun article.

History of National Bargain Hunting Week

While bargain hunting is new, the concept of hunting itself is not. Since prehistoric times, man hunted for the best resources, the best mates, and the best places to live in. As a result of these hunter-gatherers, our brain has a well-established pattern that drives us to keep searching for the best items. And not only is bargain hunting an instinct left over from our ancestors, but our parents and their parents also influence our behavior. Studies clearly link our current buying patterns during sales and discounts with genetic factors — so, bargain hunting is, quite literally, in our genes.

We can’t talk about deals and bargains without going into the history of the biggest bargain sales in the U.S. — the Black Friday sales. Initially, a term referring to financial crises, this phrase began to be used in the shopping context by the 1960s. There was a huge Army-Navy football match scheduled the Saturday after Thanksgiving in Philadelphia, and large crowds of tourists, shoppers, and sports fans gathered, blocking traffic and causing huge problems. The shoppers crowded the stores, too. Cops had to work extra-long shifts and could not take leave — they began to dub this day ‘Black Friday.’ Since then, stores have been kicking off the festive season with huge discounts on the day after Thanksgiving, creating the Black Friday shopping event.

National Bargain Hunting Week is the brainchild of author Debbie Keri-Brown. A New York native, Keri-Brown had family connections to the New York Garment District, which gave her a unique appreciation for a good bargain. It also inspired her to write her two books on bargain hunting: “Bargain Hunting in Central Ohio” and “Bargain Hunting in Columbus.” The date of National Bargain Hunting Week coincides with National Smile Week on purpose. Debbie believes bargain hunting is an activity that people smile about, so she specifically chose the second week of August for her event.

National Bargain Hunting Week timeline

Denmark Sells Islands to the U.S.

The U.S. Virgin Islands, Saint Thomas, Saint John, and Saint Croix, are worth a whole lot more now than their original price of $25 million.

Black Friday is Linked to Shopping

Philadelphia cops — fed up with a surge of shoppers on the day after Thanksgiving — dub this day 'Black Friday’ — the term has been used in connection with shopping ever since.

Our Day is Created

Author Debbie Keri-Brown creates a special week for bargain hunting — National Bargain Hunting Week.

March 2012
The Picasso

Zachary Bodish purchases what he thinks is a Picasso poster from a thrift store in Ohio at just $14.14 — he later realizes it is an original signed work by the master himself and he sells it for $7,000.

National Bargain Hunting Week FAQs

What are the advantages of bargain hunting?

There are plenty of advantages to bargain hunting, primarily getting items at a reduced price, saving money, and the satisfaction in a deal done well.

What is meant by bargain hunting?

Bargain hunting is the activity of looking for goods that provide good value for money. These goods are usually sold at discounted prices, lower than their usual rate.

How does bargain hunt pricing work?

The retail store Bargain Hunt which has 80 branches around the U.S. has a different pricing policy. For every seven to 10 days an item is on store shelves, the prices drop by 10%.

National Bargain Hunting Week Activities

  1. Get shopping

    Patronize local stores first, then try and discover new places to bargain hunt at. You can even splurge a little and step into those stores that you never thought would offer bargains. Check out daily deal platforms like Groupon, OverStock, LivingSocial, and 1Sale for some good bargains and deals.

  2. Plan a shopping party with friends

    Instead of simply going on a bargain hunt, make a group event out of it. Get some friends together and hit local stores and new places you have yet to discover.

  3. Go hunting for someone else

    Make some time to search for good deals for an elderly folk's home, or take a senior citizen out shopping. Buy the neighborhood kids the inflatable pool they have always wanted, or even find fun curios for your office colleagues. Turn National Bargain Hunting Week into a gift-a-palooza for your loved ones.

5 Weirdest Deals Of All Time

  1. Half a 'body' pillow

    Internet retailer Overstock advertises a boyfriend body pillow that is only half a torso.

  2. Free reindeer poop

    A daily deals site — — once offered free reindeer droppings on a first come first serve basis, that too with a 30-day warranty.

  3. A cell phone made of marble

    West Elm created a hand-cut retro brick cell phone made from marble and offered it up for a Black Friday deal.

  4. Troll headgear for your canine buddy

    Petco created, and then offered up on sale, headgear inspired by troll hair, especially for dogs.

  5. Toilet nightlights

    These motion-activated multicolor toilet nightlights from Vintar went on sale on Amazon — they are still available on the site.

Why We Love National Bargain Hunting Week

  1. It gets you items at a steal

    Not only are we getting items at a marked-down cost, but we might also manage to save some money in the process. We call that a win!

  2. It helps local stores, too

    Clearance sales, end-of-season discounts, and flash sales help clear the racks of old stuff, making way for fresh and new items. Plus, putting up discounts, especially on National Bargain Hunting Week, can increase brand recognition.

  3. It gives you a rush

    You’ve saved some money and you have new things. Research proves that such deals have the power to make you happy. Proceed with caution, however, as you can end up spending more than you need to in pursuit of that ‘happy’ feeling.

National Bargain Hunting Week dates

2022August 8Monday
2023August 14Monday
2024August 12Monday
2025August 11Monday
2026August 10Monday

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