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National Coconut Week – August 23-30, 2024

National Coconut Week is celebrated every year from August 23 to August 30. This holiday has us picturing ourselves on an island by the beach, not just any island, but the Phillippines, which is where this holiday originates. Coconuts are amongst the star fruits in the Philippines, with the country being the second-largest producer in the world. Coconuts are so important in the region that they had to form a body to govern it. The Philippine Coconut Authority (P.C.A.) is responsible for all coconut production and distribution and created this holiday to recognize the benefits of the fruit to the country’s economy.

History of National Coconut Week

This holiday is all about coconuts! If that fact alone doesn’t excite you, we don’t know what will. Coconuts make us reflect on happier, more relaxed times because of the tropical feelings attached to the palm fruit. They are a multi-faceted fruit because they provide us with milk, water, and even oil. These resourceful fruits are even more important in the Philipines.

Coconuts are one of the most important crops in the country, playing a major role in their agricultural and economic sectors. The Philippines are the second largest coconut producer in the world — coming closely after Indonesia. Now that we have established the importance of this versatile fruit, it should come as no surprise that there would be a governing body set in place to monitor its production.

The first such body was the National Coconut Corporation (N.A.C.O.C.O.), established in 1940 to promote the growth and development of the coconut industry and was renamed 14 years later the Philippine Coconut Administration (P.H.I.L.C.O.A.), where its operation scope was further expanded.

After its formation, the Coconut Coordinating Council (C.C.C.) was created to supervise and coordinate the coconut self-sufficiency program for the government. However, they still lacked a single governing body centered on the development of the coconut industry, which placed farmers as the focal point.

Hence, the Philippine Coconut Authority (P.C.A.) was established, absorbing all other bodies’ functions and powers as the single governing body of coconut and palm produce production, distribution, and development. The P.C.A. founded National Coconut Week, to be observed within National Coconut Month under Presidential Proclamation 142 to recognize the substantial benefits of the crop to the country.

National Coconut Week timeline

So Good, it Needs a Body

The National Coconut Corporation (N.A.C.O.C.O.) is created to promote the growth and development of the coconut industry.

Unifying the Powers

The Philippine Coconut Authority (P.C.A.) is established as a single governing body under Presidential Decree No. 232.

Becoming a Public Figure

The P.C.A. becomes an independent public corporation on July 14, reporting to and supervised by the Office of The President.

Coco for Coconuts

The P.C.A. establishes National Coconut Week under Presidential Proclamation 142 signed by the late President Corazon Aquino.

National Coconut Week FAQs

Why is the coconut tree called ‘the tree of life?’

The coconut tree is often referred to as the ‘tree of life,’ and that is a well-deserved title. This is because all parts of the tree — from top to bottom — are useful and can sustain human life. Do some further research to learn more about all the uses of a coconut tree.

Why are coconuts so important to the Philippines’ economy?

Coconuts are the major export product in the Philippines, contributing to approximately 3.6% of the country’s gross value-added (G.V.A.) in agriculture.

How many coconuts are produced in the Philippines?

As of 2020, the annual production volume of coconuts sat at a whopping 14.49 million metric tons. Large as this amount may seem, it reflected a decline from the previous year which was valued at 14.77 million metric tons. The country reached its peak production volume for the decade in 2012 with 15.86 metric tons.

National Coconut Week Activities

  1. Eat some coconut

    This week you are entitled to as much coconut as you can handle. Whether you’re eating the fruit itself, or its shavings, or even its candy, all that matters is that you are going coco for coconuts. So stock up on all your coconut snacks and treats and enjoy them all through this week.

  2. Try coconut recipes

    Another great way to enjoy the flavors and nutrients that coconuts give is by infusing them into your meal prep. There are numerous coconut recipes available online for you to get acquainted with and try. Make sure it’s a hearty meal that all your loved ones can try, and don’t be shy to share your creation on social media with the hashtag #NationalCoconutWeek.

  3. Make some byproducts

    As we have established, coconuts are very versatile crops. This is great because it presents a unique opportunity to learn a new skill. Making byproducts of coconuts such as coconut water, milk, and oil, gives you something new and exciting to learn with some beneficial products to go with it.

5 Coco Facts About Coconuts

  1. Its name is ghoulie

    The ‘coco’ in the term ‘coconut’ was derived because the shell was similar to a ghost from Portuguese folklore called ‘coco.’

  2. The variety never ends

    There are over 150 species of coconuts across 80 countries.

  3. Not all about health and beauty

    Coconuts are used in the production of wooden items in the construction industry, as well as fuel.

  4. It had a different title

    Some time ago, coconuts were spelled as ‘cocoanuts.’

  5. They keep the insects away

    Coconuts husks when burned, can be used as an insect repellant, specifically for mosquitos.

Why We Love National Coconut Week

  1. We are coco for coconuts

    Here at National Today, we are simply coco for coconuts, and let’s keep it real, what’s not to love about this fruit? Coconuts are the gifts that keep on giving and we simply cannot get enough!

  2. It teleports us to an island

    When you think of coconuts, you automatically picture yourself on an island with the sand on your toes, sipping on one by the beach. Well, at least we do, and this holiday has us feeling tropical all week long.

  3. It’s not just a week long

    The great thing about National Coconut Week is that it is observed within National Coconut Month. This means that the festivities don’t just start and end with this week, but are instead celebrated all through August.

National Coconut Week dates

2024August 23Friday
2025August 23Saturday
2026August 23Sunday
2027August 23Monday
2028August 23Wednesday

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