National Sponge Cake Day – August 23, 2019

Fri Aug 23

Aching for some sponge cake baking? Break out the cake stand because August 23 is National Sponge Cake Day! This decadent dessert was first created in the mid 16th century by an Italian pastry chef for a Spanish lord. Since then, it has become a popular dessert item. While there are many variations of the cake, one of the most popular is the Victoria sponge. Named after Queen Victoria (who is said to have enjoyed a slice of sponge cake with her afternoon tea), the cake consists of raspberry jam and whipped cream sandwiched between two layers of sponge. Whichever variation you prefer, be sure to bake (or buy) yourself a cake and celebrate!

National Sponge Cake Day Activities

  1. Bake a cake!

    It may seem obvious, but one of the best way to get into the spirit of National Sponge Cake Day is to, you guessed it, bake a sponge cake! Making the cake itself is relatively simple, but get creative with the decorating! No need to go simple or make a standard Victoria Sponge (unless you want to). Make it your own, draw a cat on it in icing, cut slices in the shape of parallelograms, impress us with your creativity and skills!

  2. Eat a cake!

    So if you’ve baked a sponge cake (or if you’ve simply bought one), the next logical step is to indulge. Slice yourself — and your friends, because sharing is caring — a generous slice and dig in! You’ve earned it. Treat yourself. National Sponge Cake Dayonly comes once a year.

  3. Give a cake to someone you love!

    Giving is as nice as receiving! If you plan on baking a cake consider taking some to a neighbor, friend, or coworker. If you don’t have time to bake a cake, don’t worry! Purchasing a cake to give to someone is just as special.

Why We Love National Sponge Cake Day

  1. We love to indulge

    Who doesn’t love dessert? Everyone loves to treat themselves to a slice of cake…or two slices. Being able to do so without feeling guilty makes it even better. In order to not feel guilty, you need a good reason for indulging. A day all about cake is a pretty good reason! I think we can all agree that a reason to eat cake without shame is pretty sweet!

  2. Any excuse to bake is a good excuse!

    Baking has always been fun, but with shows like Cupcake Wars, Cake Boss, and other shows focused on creating sweet treats, it seems baking has become even more popular. So if you’ve been wanting to bake that Victoria Sponge you saw your favorite celebrity chef make on TV, National Sponge Cake Day is definitely the time!

  3. They’re classy, delicate, and lovely

    Sponge cake, particularly Victoria Sponge, is light, simple, and oh so sweet. It can make us feel a little classier when we eat it, especially when paired with a nice cup of tea in a pretty little teacup. It’s nice to feel a little fancy sometimes, and that’s one of the reasons we love sponge cake!