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Find Your Inner Nerd Day Official
FriAug 23

Find Your Inner Nerd Day – August 23, 2024

Find Your Inner Nerd Day on August 23 is the brainchild of Your Nerdy Best Friend, Beth Z, who is a speaker, author, and proud nerd. Today is all about staying true to yourself and taking joy in whatever makes you happiest. And when you’re doing the things you love, like, actually LOVE, that’s when your inner nerd is happy.

Beth Z, the creator of the holiday, is loads of fun. A lover of national holidays and all things quirky, she takes her role as Your Nerdy Best Friend seriously! There’s a lot to learn from her — she specializes in making technology fun and easy to learn for those who find it intimidating, and helps individuals navigate through everyday life by integrating effective apps and tools. Learn more about Beth and her work on her website, Your Nerdy Best Friend.

History of Find Your Inner Nerd Day

Nerds are cool, which is why Beth Z created Find Your Inner Nerd Day to inspire everyone to share what makes them happy with the world. Whether it is knowing how to speak in Elvish, dressing your pet in cool outfits, or rapping ‘Alphabet Aerobics,’ do it unapologetically!

August 23 was selected as the date to celebrate Find Your Inner Nerd Day every year because it was the date when Christopher Reaves Messina posted the tweet in 2007 that created the modern hashtag.

From then onwards, #FindYourInnerNerd has served as a space where people bring their unique interests, which eventually become common shared interests with like-minded people. It is a great way for nerds to find each other and find partners to discuss their favorite fandoms and other topics to geek out about.

Find Your Inner Nerd Day is also a day for those who find technology overwhelming, to learn tech tips, tools, and tricks from the maestro herself, Beth Z. Cutting through the noise and technical jargon, Beth makes productivity, social media, to-do lists, and digital media fun through her collaborations and speaker sessions.

What makes her work so relatable and effective is her exciting personality and genuine love for her work. Her programs and workshops are packed with knowledge and easy-to-digest facts and tidbits that are easy to integrate practically into everyday life. And this is exactly what Find Your Inner Nerd Day is all about… doing things passionately, of which Beth Z is a prime example.

Find Your Inner Nerd Day timeline


Twitter pioneer and blogger Chris Reaves Messina posts a simple tweet and creates the hashtag.

John Green Says It Best

Author John Green says, “Nerds like us are allowed to be unironically enthusiastic about stuff. Nerds are allowed to LOVE stuff, like, jump-up-and-down-in-your-chair-can't-control-yourself LOVE it!"

July 31, 2013
Beth Ziesenis’ Book For Nerds

Beth publishes her book, “Release Your Inner Nerd.”

August 23, 2022
Find Your Inner Nerd Day

The first Find Your Inner Nerd Day is celebrated.

Find Your Inner Nerd Day FAQs

What is an inner nerd?

If there is a topic that you are passionate about such as “The Twilight Zone” or stargazing, then that is your inner nerd.

How should I make technology easy to apply in daily life?

You’re not alone! Navigate through the digital clutter with real, effective solutions from Beth Ziesenis. Learn more about her speaking programs and workshops here.

When is Find Your Inner Nerd Day?

Every year, nerds unite to gush over their favorite topics on Find Your Inner Nerd Day on August 23.

How To Celebrate Find Your Inner Nerd Day

  1. Use hashtags

    Create a hashtag for that obscure activity you enjoy doing, such as knitting hats for cats or cloud watching, and find people who are as enthusiastic about the same things as you are. Who knows? Maybe you’ll finally find a buddy to accompany you on bird-watching adventures.

  2. Tell others about Find Your Inner Nerd Day

    Why should we have all the fun? Use the hashtag #FindYourInnerNerdDay and allow others to discover a world of crazy fun and passion.

  3. Check out Beth Ziesenis’ portfolio

    Beth Z is an internet treasure! There is so much to learn from her, from shortcuts for doing things online, to taking your Instagram game to the next level. You can watch her videos and check out her upcoming events here.

5 Ways To Unleash Your Inner Nerd

  1. Find your people

    Your inner nerd will be less reluctant to enter the spotlight if there are like-minded people to share it with.

  2. Show your flair

    Express your love for pop culture, the oddities, and whatever makes you happy by wearing accessories, sporting them in your look, and posting about it online.

  3. Be unapologetically happy about your interests

    It doesn’t matter how crazy it may sound, if you like it, then you like it.

  4. Host a party

    What better way to nerd out about things you love than by gathering enthusiasts and hosting a watch party, game night, or activity night for whatever you are passionate about.

  5. Share it with others online

    Share your interests on social media and watch the community grow.

Why We Love Find Your Inner Nerd Day

  1. A day for nerds to unite

    Nerds get a bad rep for no reason. They just want to do what they love! Find Your Inner Nerd Day is the perfect opportunity for nerds to unite and show the world just how cool their hobbies and interests are, and we love it.

  2. Opening up to new experiences

    The great thing about Find Your Inner Nerd Day is that there is so much to discover. A refreshing change from mundane routines, everyone can find a new movie, hobby, game, book, outdoor activity, and more, to obsess over and enjoy.

  3. We love Our Nerdy Best Friend!

    Beth Z’s infectious personality has won us over at National Today! Her interactive and engaging style is just so easy to relate to, and she herself is a lover of national holidays.

Find Your Inner Nerd Day dates

2024August 23Friday
2025August 23Saturday
2026August 23Sunday
2027August 23Monday
2028August 23Wednesday

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