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FriAug 23

Day of the National Flag – August 23, 2024

The Day of the National Flag in Ukraine is celebrated on August 23 each year. The flag is one of the national symbols of the country. This is a flag of the correct geometric — more often rectangular — form with a special color. Flag colors reflect national traditions and identify a certain area.

This holiday was established to honor the centuries-old history of Ukrainian state development, state symbols of independent Ukraine, and to educate citizens to respect national symbols.

History of Day of the National Flag

After the proclamation of the independence of Ukraine in 1991, national symbols — anthem, flag, and coat of arms — began to guard the establishment of independence and sovereignty of the state.

Researchers of the history of Ukraine found that these two colors — blue and yellow — were from the time of Kievan Rus. The use of yellow and blue colors on flags of Ukraine is traced to the adoption of Christianity. In later times, the forms and colors of flags were diversified, and additional images and inscriptions appeared. The development of the “Cossack” had a significant influence on the Ukrainian flag. When the monarchs hired the “Cossacks” for military battles, they presented them with jewels — which remained and were later used by the Cossacks. Zaporizhzhia was represented by a flag. The “Zaporizhzhya Sich Great Ensign” was crimson with a depiction of the ‘White Archangel Michael’ on the front and a white Greek cross surrounded by golden skies on the reverse. The city of Zaporizhzhia was also the birthplace of the Ukrainian maritime flag.

In the second half of the 20th century, blue-yellow passed the path of national recognition and legal registration. There were singular attempts to bring the Ukrainian flag. The issue of national symbols —in particular the flag — has repeatedly raised democratic forces. At the time of the proclamation of Ukraine’s independence, the national blue-yellow flag was already hanging over many Ukrainian cities and villages. Then was established in the “Verkhovna Rada” hall in July 1990 and also raised to Khreshchatyk.

Thus, on September 4, 1991, after the proclamation of Ukraine’s independence, the national blue-yellow flag was raised over the “Verkhovna Rada” of Ukraine.

Day of the National Flag timeline

15th Century

Galician regiments, for the first time, use such flags in the Grunwald Battle of 1410.

20th Century
The Flag Of The “Ukrainian Sich Riflemen”

The yellow-blue flag becomes the flag of the Western Ukrainian military-political association of the “Ukrainian Sich Riflemen.”

National Flag Of The Republic

“The Central Council” approves the yellow-blue flag symbol of the Ukrainian People’s Republic.

Day Of The National Flag

The President of Ukraine officially establishes August 23 as the Day of the National Flag of Ukraine.

Day of the National Flag FAQs

What animal represents Ukraine?

Ukraine is represented by the common nightingale. It’s an important element in Ukrainian folklore as a harbinger of spring and a voice of sweet, happy sounds.

What nationality is Ukraine?

Ukrainians are an ethnic group of East Slavs who originated in Ukraine. They are Europe’s seventh-largest country.

What is Ukraine's national dish?

Borscht. Borscht is the most famous dish in Ukrainian cuisine. Like varenyky, it’s a national dish of Ukraine. Known for its distinctive deep red color, it refers to a type of Ukrainian beet soup made with beef, cabbage, and a variety of root vegetables.

How to Observe Day of the National Flag

  1. Go to the exhibition “Relic Flags”

    More than 60 national flags are presented at the exhibition. You will be able to see flags from ancient times up to the present.

  2. Visit the ceremony of raising the National Flag

    In honor of the holiday on August 23 at 9 a.m., the official ceremony of raising the National Flag of Ukraine in Kyiv, regional and district centers, and other settlements of Ukraine is conducted. If you live in another country, you can view this ceremony online.

  3. Join the flashmob

    In different regions of Ukraine, a lot of people gather together and carry a flag 30 meters long through the city streets. They are dressed in traditional Ukrainian clothes and sing the anthem or Ukrainian songs.

5 Facts About Ukraine That Will Blow Your Mind

  1. Ukraine has seven World Heritage Sites

    It’s home to seven sites protected by the “UNESCO World Heritage List,” they are also among the best places in Ukraine to visit.

  2. It has its own special national costume

    Vyshyvanka is a plain white shirt made of linen and decorated with floral or ornamental hand-sewn embroidery.

  3. It’s home to many ghost towns

    The Chornobyl disaster has spawned several abandoned cities, including Pripyat, which are attracting interest from around the world.

  4. Home to The Tunnel of Love

    This is a semi-abandoned railway line in Klaven, North-Western Ukraine, that is surrounded by green arches formed by trees noted as being the most romantic place on earth.

  5. The Breadbasket of Europe

    The vast tracts of arable land in Ukraine with fertile black soil made it an ideal place for growing wheat and other food crops.

Why Day of the National Flag is Important

  1. It’s the honor of the nation and the state

    The dignity of the flag is protected both in the country and abroad. The disregard for the flag is considered an encroachment on the honor of the nation and the state and is considered a crime.

  2. It is a symbol of unity

    For all ages and in all nations, the national flag has been one of the highest and most revered shrines. The flag symbolized the unity of lands and tribes, consolidated cities and regions into a state, and spiritually and historically close ethnic groups into a nation.

  3. This is the memory

    This day will always remind us of the difficult path of the people to the dream of freedom and independence. In addition, looking at the flag, we will remember the resilience and unbroken will of Ukrainians.

Day of the National Flag dates

2024August 23Friday
2025August 23Saturday
2026August 23Sunday
2027August 23Monday
2028August 23Wednesday

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