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National Above the Bus Day – October 5, 2024

National Above the Bus Day, celebrated on October 5 every year, is your chance to acknowledge the acts of kindness and service by the people in your life. It is all about giving credit where it is due and making sure our unassuming loved ones get their moment in the sun. On this day, you can compliment someone at work, help out a friend, or speak up for someone at a gathering. Whichever way you do it, make sure you get the message across that the person in question has done something remarkable and needs to be praised for it.

History of National Above the Bus Day

National Above the Bus Day, created in September 2021 by writer and comedian Evan Wildstein, honors all the people in our lives, from our coworkers, friends, and family to everyone else we want to recognize for outstanding behavior. In sharp contrast to times when people are thrown under the bus, this day emphasizes accomplishments, milestones, and other achievements that make people great.

Most people have good intentions behind their actions, but this is not always the case. People are sometimes thrown under the bus as a result of this. There aren’t enough days when people selflessly elevate and celebrate the success of others, especially when those accomplishments are small and unnoticed. National Above the Bus Day draws attention to those extraordinary people and their deeds.

According to Wildstein, it was already National Do Something Nice Day on October 5, so he simply expanded on that, especially regarding the working world. After so many “under the bus” experiences and realizing that retaliation is harmful, he refocused his energy on all the good things happening in and around the office. Wildstein decided that the high road would consist of rewarding those who treated one another well. As long as the recipient doesn’t mind a little recognition, the sky’s the limit. Let the world know if someone you know did something good, no matter how big or small. You can take to social media and thank them or send them a thoughtful text message or email. Whichever way you do it, make sure you have pure intentions.

National Above the Bus Day timeline

The Origin of “Under the Bus”

The phrase, ‘throw under the bus,” is first used by Julian Critchley of “The Times” when she writes that President Galtieri pushed her under the bus.

Do Something Nice

National Do Something Nice Day is established on October 5.

The Writing’s on the Online Wall

Evan Wildstein becomes a writer for “Medium,” an online writers portal where he publishes his article about creating National Above the Bus Day a year later.

Making the Day Official

National Above the Bus Day is created by writer and comedian, Wildstein.

National Above the Bus Day FAQs

Why is kindness important at work?

Kindness has a positive impact on businesses. When acts of kindness become the norm at the workplace, the ripple effects can quickly multiply. According to research, when people experience an act of kindness, they return it, not always to the same person, but often to someone completely different.

What is a culture of kindness?

Genuine kindness relies on authentically caring for others, being thoughtful and attentive to others’ needs, and putting their feelings ahead of your own. It’s embedded in low self-orientation, which, in turn, relies on high self-awareness.

How can you become an empathic person?

Begin by feeling empathy for yourself. Don’t berate yourself for a setback or disappointment; instead, congratulate yourself on your accomplishments. The more compassion you have for yourself, the more empathy you can have for others.

National Above the Bus Day Activities

  1. Do something nice for a colleague

    Workplaces can sometimes become tense environments, and people are easily influenced by those in very negative ways, challenging them in their daily lives and impacting their mental health. Small acts of kindness like making someone a cup of coffee, taking them to lunch, or even just asking them how they are doing are great ways to make their days and jobs a little bit easier.

  2. Tell someone they did an excellent job

    This is not limited to the workplace. When you are at home with your friends or family or in a public space where someone does something well, complimenting them will impact their entire day. Tell a stranger they completed a task well, or commend your brother for doing great in his interview for a new job. By doing these things, you are putting someone “above the bus.”

  3. Speak up for someone

    Often, in a workplace or outside of that environment, someone is not being heard or is being taken down verbally for something that has transpired. Some people find it difficult to verbalize how they feel, so ask if you can, help them by speaking up for them. This is something that can be done in a family situation or even in a meeting at work.

5 Reasons Being Kind At Work Is Essential

  1. Being kind inspires hard work

    When people work with a positive mindset, their performance improves on nearly every level, from productivity and creativity to engagement.

  2. Support and kindness lead to emotional connection

    Kindness allows people to let down their guard and emotionally connect with their coworkers, which drives innovation and productivity.

  3. Kindness spreads like wildfire

    Kindness is contagious and it can cascade over people, taking on new forms as it goes.

  4. Leadership is built on kindness

    Being in charge is not what leadership is about; it’s about looking after those under your command.

  5. Kindness impacts work culture

    Being kind and openly rewarding hardworking employees creates a positive work culture.

Why We Love National Above the Bus Day

  1. Celebrating people feels good

    We all know that feeling when you tell someone something nice or highlight someone’s achievement, or even compliment your friends for doing a great job. If you make someone feel good about themselves, you will also feel better about yourself and attract similar energy.

  2. Learn to build people up

    In these selfish times, we can easily become envious of someone’s achievements, so it’s important to remember to be kind and show support. When others do well, compliment and celebrate them, and think about what it would feel like if the tables were turned. Kindness in the workplace can be very rewarding, especially if you believe in karma.

  3. Giving credit influences work ethic

    There is no better way to inspire someone to work harder than by complimenting or rewarding them for overcoming a challenge. People thrive on support and belief, and if we give them that, they can achieve the unimaginable. It all starts with being kind, telling them they can do it, and celebrating when they reach their goal. Going forward, their work ethic will improve.

National Above the Bus Day dates

2024October 5Saturday
2025October 5Sunday
2026October 5Monday
2027October 5Tuesday
2028October 5Thursday

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