National Teacher Day – May 5, 2020

Tue May 5

Anybody who’s anybody probably has a great teacher (or three) to thank for inspiring them. Teachers are an integral part of any society, but it’s only in the greatest of societies that they’re given the respect and admiration that they deserve. So let’s show our teachers how much they mean to us! National Teacher Day on May 5, celebrated during National Teacher Appreciation Week, is observed annually in May. How are you going to show your teachers they’re appreciated?

National Teacher Day Activities

  1. Thank a teacher

    In the age of social media, you’d probably be surprised to see how many of your old teachers and professors have accounts on the same networks you do. On National Teacher Day try searching for a few of your favorites and messaging them a small note of thanks. A simple “thank you” can do wonders. You might even start up a new friendship or mentorship!

  2. Consider offering to help with supplies

    If you’ve got extra office supplies lying around the house, there’s a strong likelihood that a local school could make good use of them. Art programs are always looking for extra paper and tools, and multimedia programs can often make use of that old camera equipment collecting dust in your basement. You’re both ensuring that schools have supplies and also that teachers don’t have to buy these supplies with their own money. It’s a win-win!

  3. Get involved

    Chances are, your local education system has a school board with regular meetings. By getting involved, you’ll have a better idea of the challenges your district faces, and you’ll likely be able to think of some useful ways to help out. Plus, sitting in all of those meetings will give you a good idea of the challenges your teacher faced and how she or she overcame them. Take a walk in your teacher’s shoes!

Why We Love National Teacher Day

  1. They’re helpful

    The best teachers are always the most supportive and helpful. They help us realize our true potential. And, along the way, we start to see ourselves in a new light. Teachers are a true blessing — especially on National Teacher Day.

  2. They don’t seek praise

    A teacher is successful when his or her students are successful. However, the students that credit their teachers for their success are few and far between. Grateful students, unfortunately, are the exception to the norm! So take a moment to reflect on your teachers and how they helped you succeed. You might even send them an email and let them know you appreciate them.

  3. They make a lot out of a little

    Teachers often struggle with funding their classrooms, and it’s not uncommon to hear stories of teachers spending their own money to buy supplies for their students. To be successful, they need to make a little go a long way. We think it’s amazing that teachers are willing to sacrifice their own money to make their students successful. Thanks, teachers of the world!