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National Energy Geek Day – October 6, 2024

National Energy Geek Day, which takes place on October 6, honors the men and women who ensure that modern and new homes are designed and built with energy-efficient and sustainable materials and methods. These professionals are often overlooked as their work ends before someone moves into their homes, so they don’t receive as much credit as they should. That’s why we appreciate the fact that EnergyLogic, Inc. supported them in creating this national day.

History of National Energy Geek Day

Energy geeks strive to improve the homeowner’s experience by assisting them in saving money and lowering utility bills. The homes are also safer and more comfortable. However, because their work is often completed before the homeowner moves in, the profession is overlooked. Many people enjoy the benefits but do not know who made them possible. That is why we should celebrate the passionate, intelligent energy geeks who contribute to making the American dream of homeownership more attainable. Their expertise enables them to design and construct homes that strike the right balance of high performance, quality, efficiency, and comfort.

EnergyLogic, Inc., an applied building science experts company, founded National Energy Efficiency Day in 2018. It perfectly complements National Energy Geek Day because energy efficiency is at the heart of all energy geeks. On this day, we honor the men and women who work hard to make homes more energy-efficient, healthy, and resilient. From energy raters to existing home auditors, these professionals are dedicated to providing homeowners with better, safer living spaces.

It is not a simple job; it frequently requires driving long distances, working in all weather conditions, and developing relationships with everyone on the job site, from tradespeople and site supervisors to homeowners. For energy geeks, energy conservation is a way of life. The term ‘energy geek’ is a compliment rather than an insult. They talk about building science, inspecting the construction and appliances whenever they enter a new building — they live and breathe construction science. Their vision is for a world in which everyone lives in homes that are efficient, healthy, and resilient.

National Energy Geek Day timeline

The Passive House

The German Passivhaus Institute introduces the world's first energy-efficient or "passive house" in Germany.

The Ultimate Green Corp.

EnergyLogic, Inc. results from the merger of Wynne Maggi's, Steve Byers', and Robby Schwarz's sustainability companies.

A Day For The Energy Geeks

EnergyLogic, Inc., an applied building science experts company, establishes National Energy Efficiency Day.

Green Homes, Now!

All residential construction in California is required to be zero net energy.

National Energy Geek Day FAQs

What is the most energy-efficient house?

Dome-shaped houses are the most energy-efficient because they have fewer corners. This allows wind to easily pass through the house without causing air pressure changes, reducing air penetration and thus maintaining a more even temperature. Another good option is cube-shaped houses.

Are energy-efficient homes worth it?

According to studies, besides lowering utility bills, energy-efficient homes often sell faster and for a higher price than noncertified homes. If you buy an energy-efficient house, you may have an advantage if you ever decide to sell.

Are solar panels energy-efficient?

According to most estimates, solar panels are 15% to 18% efficient, meaning that 15% to 18% of the sunlight they absorb is converted into electricity. The remaining light strikes the solar panel and warms the surface as it would any other object.

National Energy Geek Day Activities

  1. Design your own energy-efficient home

    Energy-efficient homes have taken the world by storm and can now be found everywhere from the United States to South Africa and beyond. Architects and construction experts have embraced this new way of home construction, so why shouldn’t you? National Energy Geek Day is your chance to design your own energy-efficient home to showcase your inner energy geek.

  2. Read the biography of a famous green architect

    A few iconic, well-respected, and visionary green architects have created beautiful and unique homes around the globe. You can read about Frank Lloyd Wright, Peter Busby, and Norman Foster to learn more about what it takes to not only be a visionary but also to create a green home.

  3. Build a green model of your home

    This one is for the whole family. Find some eco-friendly craft materials and create a floor plan for your home. After that, start cutting out the walls and constructing the roof so you can create your own little model of your home using green materials. Keep it as a decoration or put it in your study to keep you motivated.

5 Ways You Can Be Sustainable

  1. Give your clothes a cold wash

    If your clothes are not filthy, wash them in cold water first before drying them, as heating water consumes a lot of energy.

  2. Switch to L.E.D.

    Buy a set of L.E.D. light bulbs to replace any old incandescent bulbs as they burn out; they are about six times more efficient and last much longer.

  3. Solar power saves money

    In areas where electricity is more expensive, solar power becomes a better bargain, and some states or communities offer tax breaks and other financial incentives to sweeten the deal even more.

  4. Hang your laundry outside

    Electric dryers consume 5% of the average household's electricity consumption, so hanging your laundry on an outdoor clothesline or indoor drying rack saves energy and money while lowering your carbon footprint.

  5. Get reusable cloths and napkins

    It is far less expensive to wash and reuse a set of cloth napkins or dish towels than to go through roll after roll of paper towels every month.

Why We Love National Energy Geek Day

  1. Living greener saves the environment

    You can help save the environment by making simple changes in and around your home. Inspire your family and neighbors to do the same, and you’ll soon have your own little green community. The more people who do it, the more time we will have to spend on this beautiful planet.

  2. A group of hardworking people is celebrated

    Energy geeks are hardworking individuals who are committed to building and creating beautiful, sustainable, and energy-efficient homes. Their work often goes unnoticed and is rarely recognized or praised. That is why we love National Energy Geek Day, as it gives them the honor and tribute they so much deserve.

  3. It inspires architects and builders

    Methods and technologies change, and so does the way things are done in the industry, as they do in many other industries. Energy-efficient and sustainable housing is a trend that has evolved into a new way of life and creation. More and more aspiring builders and architects are embracing this new way of work, and they are even inspiring older, more experienced specialists.

National Energy Geek Day dates

2024October 6Sunday
2025October 6Monday
2026October 6Tuesday
2027October 6Wednesday
2028October 6Friday

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