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Supply Chain Professionals Day – May 16, 2024

Supply Chain Professionals Day is celebrated every year on the third Monday of May, making May 16 the day to appreciate all the work supply chain professionals do to deliver everything we need, every day. The Council of Supply Chain Management Professionals (C.S.C.M.P.) launched its inaugural day in 2018 to acknowledge the services of all the people involved in the supply chain and often miss out on receiving recognition for their services. Hence this day, Supply Chain Professionals Day comes in to appreciate all the supply chain professionals and to share their accomplishments.

History of Supply Chain Professionals Day

The most important thing about Supply Chain Professionals Day is understanding what supply chain is, and why is it so important. So first thing first, supply chain in its simplest form means the delivery of a certain product from its origin to its consumption. Any individuals involved in the supply of a certain product to its user or consumer are known as supply chain professionals. Therefore, we may have fancy terms such as supply chain and supply chain professionals now but it is pretty evident that since the beginning of human civilization when trade began, supply chain and such professionals existed.

Although the term “supply chain” was coined in 1982 by Keith Oliver, a British logistics expert, the concept dates back to the early 20th century when the assembly line was being studied and developed during World War I. Supply chain and supply chain professionals continued to rise in importance as globalization increased and raw materials to make products rose in demand. To cater to such needs, operations management experts began to specialize in the delivery systems and channels, and how to make the delivery and supply of such materials swift and efficient.

It was in the 1990s that operations managers started using supply chain professionals or supply chain experts as their designations to highlight their core expertise. Today, a supply chain professional is any person involved in the delivery network of any item, in any part of the entire chain: from the origin of the product to the final user or consumer. These people can range from the logistical partners, the supply chain managers who plan and organize the flow of goods or the warehouse keepers who store and manage the inventory.

Thanks to the efforts of these supply chain professionals we see our markets loaded with goods, our industries running and producing those goods, and the worldwide delivery of any product to our doorstep. As a token of our thanks, the Council of Supply Chain Management Professionals, created the Supply Chain Professionals Day to appreciate the individuals involved in the supply chain and to share their accomplishments with the world. The first Supply Chain Professionals Day was celebrated in 2018 on May 21.

Supply Chain Professionals Day timeline

Early 1900s
Assembly Line

The development of the concept of Assembly Line is the forerunner to modern supply chain management.

Keith Oliver

Keith Oliver, a British Logistician, coins the term “supply chain” in his interview with the “Financial Times.”

‘Supply Chain Professionals’

Operations Managers specializing in supply chain begin using ‘supply chain professionals’ as their designation.

Inaugural Celebrations

The C.S.C.M.P. announces the dedicated day to celebrate Supply Chain Professionals Day.

Supply Chain Professionals Day FAQs

What is the role of a supply chain professional?

A supply chain professional is any person involved in any of the various operations performed to deliver the raw materials from the source to the factory, and then the delivery of the finished good to the end-user or consumer. The role of this professional is to assist and efficiently deliver his part in the supply chain.

How much does a supply chain professional make?

According to the numbers from the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, all the five million Americans who work in the supply chain industry make more than the average American’s income. Although the numbers can vary from region to region, still five million people is a good enough number to convince anyone to join the industry.

How do I become a supply chain professional?

The most ideal way is through a proper academic channel in which you opt for a business major to learn all the business practices from a university and then start your career in a supply chain management company while taking advanced courses and certifications in supply chain and building experience in the industry. Then with the knowledge, understanding, and experience that you have gained, you can become a good supply chain professional.

Supply Chain Professionals Day Activities

  1. Arrange a Seminar

    The best way to acknowledge the importance of something is by spreading awareness about it. Host a seminar on supply chain management and invite a supply chain professional to give a lecture.

  2. Host an award ceremony

    If you are an employee somewhere then you can float an idea to organize an award ceremony to praise the supply chain professionals with some shields expressing your appreciation. They’ll surely appreciate it.

  3. Write about the day on social media

    Share your thoughts about supply chain management and professionals on social media while expressing how this field can be a great career choice for individuals aiming to pursue business studies. Your efforts will always be appreciated.

5 Interesting Facts About The Supply Chain Sector

  1. Career choice of over five million

    According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, five million people are working in the supply chain industry in the U.S. alone.

  2. Multi-trillion dollar industry

    The logistics side of supply chain management alone is a multi-trillion dollar industry.

  3. An ever-growing sector

    The supply chain sector is an ever-growing industry and every decade sees a new concept or innovation coming into it.

  4. Among the fastest-growing degree programs

    Among the top-10 universities in the U.S., the Department of Supply Chain Management has seen the maximum increase in the rate of enrollment of students in recent years.

  5. Everything is heavily reliant on this

    Every business is heavily reliant on the supply chain industry.

Why We Love Supply Chain Professionals Day

  1. We love to appreciate the works of these professionals

    We have already determined how important the supply chain industry is but it should be realized that it is the professionals of this industry who make all the impact. Celebrating this day comes in as an effort to applaud the accomplishments of these professionals. Every professional deserves acknowledgment.

  2. We need to spread awareness

    Some people think that the supply chain is a dying concept and with the changing business environment this industry will soon die out. This calls for an even greater duty to debunk this myth and this can only be done by supply chain professionals. Celebration of this day can bring in such professionals to exhibit what they do and how important and ever-growing this industry is.

  3. It’s about understanding its importance

    Supply chain professionals streamline the delivery and supply mechanisms of our daily consumables and in-use products. With expanding business modules, we need more people to join this industry so that we have an ample supply of these professionals to run this industry seamlessly. This day can be used to organize career talk sessions dedicated to inspiring youth in this industry.

Supply Chain Professionals Day dates

2022May 16Monday
2023May 15Monday
2024May 20Monday
2025May 19Monday
2026May 18Monday

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