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SatMay 18

National Marvin Day – May 18, 2024

National Marvin Day is celebrated on May 18 every year. It is a day meant for celebrating anyone named Marvin in the world. The name ‘Marvin’ is predominantly masculine and is of Welsh origin. It was derived from the Welsh name ‘Mervyn.’ The name means ‘Sea Hill’ and has been a neglected name for a while now, even though it was the first name of one of the greatest musicians to ever live, Marvin Gaye. In the United States, the name rose in popularity at the beginning of the 20th century and peaked in the early 1930s. The short form of the name is ‘Marv.’

History of National Marvin Day

The name ‘Marvin’ gradually rose in the 19th Century and peaked in the 1930s but since then has seen a decline. Its peak period was when Music legend Marvin Gaye was also born. Alternatives for the name include Mervin, Marvyn, and Marwin. The female version of Marvin is ‘Marva,’ which is in way less usage when compared to Marvin. The name ‘Marvin’ is ranked 293rd out of the most popular names in the United States with an estimated population of 234,468 and is mostly used as a first name with a prevalence rate of 94%.

Drawing conclusions from the Social Security Administration’s database that analyzes names based on 100 years of data, about 73.53 people are bearing the name Marvin in every 100,000 people. The data also shows that Marvin is used as a masculine name 99% of the time! When comparing the population of people named Marvin based on race, it is dominated by Caucasians. Caucasians take about 77.7%, African Americans about 13.6%, Hispanics 5.2%, Asian or Pacific Islander 1.4%, Mixed races 1.4%, and American Indian or Alaskan Natives make up 0.6% of the population.

In the United States of America, the state with the most people named Marvin is California where about 21,322 people bear the name. The state where you are most likely to meet someone named Marvin is Iowa. In Iowa, in every 100,000 Iowans you meet, about 166.31 will be named Marvin.

National Marvin Day timeline

Marvin Ash is Born

Popular Pianist in the early 20th Century, Marvin Ash is born.

Marvin Gaye is Born

Music legend, Marvin Gaye is born.

Marvin Lee Aday is Born

Marvin Lee Aday, professionally known as Meat Loaf, is born.

‘Sexual Healing’ is Released

The hit song ‘Sexual Healing’ is released by Marvin Gaye.

National Marvin Day FAQs

What is a good nickname for Marvin?

A good nickname for Marvin is Marv.

How many times did Marvin Hagler defend his title?

Boxing champion, Marvin Hagler defended his boxing title 12 times.

Was Marvin Gaye depressed?

Yes, Marvin Gaye struggled with depression throughout his life.

National Marvin Day Activities

  1. Learn more about the name

    Learn more about the name Marvin to celebrate the day. It helps you appreciate the name and the people named Marvin more.

  2. Become friends with a Marvin

    Celebrate the day by becoming friends with someone named Marvin. It doesn’t hurt to have an extra friend!

  3. Spread awareness

    Spread awareness of the day and the name to celebrate it. The more people know about the day, the better Marvin will be celebrated.

5 Interesting Facts About Marvin Gaye

  1. The ‘E’ in Gaye

    Marvin Gaye added ‘E’ to his last name to dispel rumors about him being homosexual.

  2. He was in the Air Force

    He ran away from home at 17 years old to join the Air Force.

  3. He was part of a band

    In the 1950s, Marvin Gaye joined a boy band called The New Moonglows.

  4. He tried to join the N.F.L.

    At the age of 31, during his hiatus from music, Marvin Gaye set out to become a wide receiver for the Detroit Lions.

  5. He has his own holiday

    After he died in 1984, D.C. Mayor Marion Barry declared April 2, which was Marvin’s birthday, as Marvin Gaye Day to celebrate him.

Why We Love National Marvin Day

  1. It makes the name more popular

    People become more aware of the name when it is celebrated. This will then lead to more people bearing the name.

  2. It educates people about the name

    On this day, people get to learn more about the name Marvin. From other people that bear the name to its meaning, there are a lot of things that can be learned.

  3. It celebrates people

    Everyone loves to be celebrated. Today is the day for everyone named Marvin and they shouldn’t be exempted.

National Marvin Day dates

2024May 18Saturday
2025May 18Sunday
2026May 18Monday
2027May 18Tuesday
2028May 18Thursday

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