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State Flag of Turkmenistan Day – May 18, 2025

One of the holidays that is close to the hearts of Turkmens is the State Flag of Turkmenistan Day, which is celebrated on May 18. The day commemorates the adoption of the Turkmenistan flag after the collapse of the Soviet Union. The flag is a symbol of freedom for Turkmens and marks the beginning of independence for the nation. Not only does it symbolize freedom but it also creates a sense of unity between the tribes in the country. For its exquisite design, it has earned the title of the Most Complex National Flag in the world!

History of State Flag of Turkmenistan Day

The State Flag of Turkmenistan Day, also known simply as State Flag Day is a state holiday that has been celebrated in Turkmenistan since 1992 when the country first adopted the flag. The flag was approved for the nation on February 19. Since 1994, this day has been ordered as a non-working day for all government offices.

From 1953 to 1991, Turkmenistan was a nation under the Russian Empire. This automatically led the country to use the Soviet flag typical of all nations under the Soviet Union. However, after the collapse of the U.S.S.R. in 1991, the nation designed and adopted its own flag on February 19, replacing that of the Soviet Union. Originally, the flag’s design was a green background, housing a single red, vertical stripe to the left, which contains five carpets, stacked on one another, that are representations of the five major tribes in the country. Besides the red stripe to the right, stands a crescent that contains five white stars unevenly arranged.

In 1997, an olive branch was added to the flag at the downside of the red stripe, symbolizing the peaceful nature of Turkmens. Again, in 2001, another olive branch was added and joined to the previous one in the same fashion as the U.N.’s olive branches are positioned. Additionally, the five stars and crescent underwent subtle rearrangements. The 2001 version of the flag is the one currently in use today.

This day has been celebrated as a state holiday since 1994. However, in 2017, a consensus was reached for the State Flag Day holiday to be merged with the nation’s Constitution Day. Both were to be celebrated on May 18.

State Flag of Turkmenistan Day timeline

Adoption of the Flag

The Turkmenistan flag replaces the flag of the Soviet Union after the disbandment of the U.S.S.R.

Elevation to State Holiday

President Saparmurat Niyazov orders State Flag Day to be made a state holiday and a non-working day.

New Design Additions to the Flag

An olive branch that symbolizes the peaceful nature of Turkmens is added to the flag's design.

Finishing Touches to the Flag

New designs are added to the flag, and this modified version is currently in use today.

Merger with Another Holiday

State Flag Day of Turkmenistan is combined with Constitution Day; the celebration of the dual holiday is moved to May 18.

State Flag of Turkmenistan Day FAQs

What was the design of the Soviet Era Turkmenistan flag?

The flag of Turkmenistan under Soviet Union rule comprised a red background with two light blue bars in the center.

What is the capital of Turkmenistan?

Ashgabat is the capital of Turkmenistan. The city holds several world records.

How many tribes are there in Turkmenistan?

There are over 20 tribes in the country, all of which are believed to originate from the Oghuz tribes. Five of those tribes — Teke, Yomut, Saryk, Chowdur, and Arsary are the major tribes.

How to Observe State Flag of Turkmenistan Day

  1. Display and appreciate the flag

    The best way to observe this iconic day is to fly the Turkmenistan flag high wherever you go in the country. Take part in flag hoisting ceremonies and ensure that the flag is handled with respect.

  2. Study the flag’s design

    The Turkmen flag is said to be the most complex national flag in the world. One way to truly honor the flag is to study its design and profound symbolism.

  3. Celebrate the day online

    Another way to commemorate this day is to post images of the green flag with unique red, traditional carpeted stripes on your social media. Let the world know that Turkmenistan has a flag worthy of celebration.

5 Facts About Turkmenistan That Will Pique Your Interest

  1. Least visited country

    With less than 15,000 annual visitors, Turkmenistan ranks as the least visited country in the world.

  2. Covered in deserts

    Nearly 70% of the country is covered in deserts.

  3. Home to a mysterious wonder

    The Darvaza Gas Crater, popularly known as the 'Gates of Hell,' is located in Turkmenistan.

  4. A land of bizarre laws

    A former president once enacted a strange law that required changing the names of the days of the week to match the names of his family members.

  5. A melon paradise

    The country grows some of the world's sweetest, largest, and most juicy melons, which are so popular that a day is officially dedicated to celebrating them.

Why State Flag of Turkmenistan Day is Important

  1. It reflects patriotism

    The national flag is always dear to the citizens of a country. Celebrating the State Flag of Turkmenistan Day is a patriotic act that indicates the love Turkmens have for their nation.

  2. It promotes unity

    The beautiful design of the flag includes a symbolic representation of the five major tribes. It gives Turkmens a sense of belonging and equality in their country.

  3. It symbolizes freedom

    Celebrating the State Flag of Turkmenistan Day is a reminder of the country’s separation from the Soviet Union. This is a recognition of Turkmenistan as an independent, sovereign nation.

State Flag of Turkmenistan Day dates

2025May 18Sunday
2026May 18Monday
2027May 18Tuesday
2028May 18Thursday
2029May 18Friday

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