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SatAug 17

National Workers’ Comp Adjuster Day – August 17, 2024

National Workers’ Comp Adjuster Day is observed on August 17. This is an official day dedicated to work comp adjusters. It is a day to commemorate the work of those who have a significant impact on the quality of life of people with disabilities and their families. Their job is incredibly difficult and usually thankless. It’s a day of celebration not only for work comp adjusters but also for those who appreciate and respect their profession.

There is no correct way of celebrating. However, making keepsakes, funny awards, and virtual postcards has become a tradition.

History of National Workers’ Comp Adjuster Day

If you are injured at work, your employer and their insurance company should intervene immediately to help you get the care you need and pay for your wages. The workers’ compensation claims adjuster is the person who helps facilitate and coordinate the claim of the injured employee. In other words, the workers’ comp adjuster is a claims specialist who works for an insurance company. One of their most important roles is to evaluate the claim and determine how much it will cost the insurance company. In most situations, they are under tremendous pressure to reduce the cost of the claim as much as possible.

The adjuster’s job duties often include: analyzing employees’ claims for compensation, reviewing documentation, and authorizing payments. When workers are injured at work or ill due to working conditions, they can apply for compensation for medical bills and lost time or the pay for missed work. The adjuster must determine whether the compensation is acceptable and, if so, what the amount of it should be. The sooner an employee can return to work, the less compensation they will have to pay. As a result, the insurance company will be interested in the employee recovering quickly so that their life returns to normal as soon as possible.

National Workers’ Comp Adjuster Day was created to mark the day for these unsung heroes who make important decisions that ultimately improve the quality of life of people with disabilities but never receive recognition for their commitment to the well-being of affected workers and their families.

National Workers’ Comp Adjuster Day timeline


The National Association of Public Insurance Adjusters advocates for adjusters’ education and high standards of professional behavior and ethics.


The Center for Neuro Skills (the C.N.S.) provides services after acute treatment, therapeutic rehabilitation, and treatment of diseases.

The A.A.P.I.A.

The American Association of Public Insurance Adjusters is established to ensure that the adjuster represents the rights of the public insurer.

National Workers’ Comp Adjuster Day

The Center for Neuro Skills declares the day.

National Workers’ Comp Adjuster Day FAQs

How long can you stay on workers’ comp in Texas?

The workers’ compensation insurance company must pay all of the medical care required to treat the injury throughout their life.

Will I receive money after an accident at work?

Your employer is obligated to pay you a part of your salary while you are recovering from an injury or work-related illness. However, your employer will not pay for this from the company funds.

How long can you take to claim for an accident at work?

In case of an accident at work, you have three years from the date of the accident to file a claim.

How to Observe National Workers’ Comp Adjuster Day

  1. Host an appreciation lunch

    On this occasion, you can host a cozy luncheon with a delicious cake for the work comp adjusters. Thank them for their contribution and dedication to providing quality assistance.

  2. Share your story

    Spread the story about National Workers’ Comp Adjuster Day so that people learn about the special day. Post your words of gratitude on social platforms.

  3. Send a gift

    It can be anything from a simple card with words of gratitude to something delicious. The important thing is your attention and attitude.

5 Facts About Insurance That Will Blow Your Mind

  1. A smile is insured for $10,000,000

    Actress America Ferrera has insured her smile, including teeth and gums, with her sponsor Aquafresh.

  2. The first insurance contract dates to 1347

    Even though the concept of insurance can be traced back to ancient civilizations, the first insurance contract was signed in 1347 in Genoa, Italy.

  3. There’s tongue insurance for $1,000,000

    The bassist of the 70’s rock band KISS, Gene Simmons, has insured his tongue for $1,000,000.

  4. Body parts insurance began in 1920

    Silent movie star Ben Turpin began the trend of insuring body parts in 1920 when he bought a $25,000 policy.

  5. The word ‘insurance’ meant ‘engagement for marriage’

    Over time, the word became ‘assurance’ and later ‘insurance’ with its modern meaning.

Why National Workers’ Comp Adjuster Day is Important

  1. It plays an important role

    Work Comp Adjusters make decisions that improve the living standards of workers with disabilities and their families. Thus, their work is invaluable and difficult, so we should express our respect and thanks to them.

  2. We appreciate their hard work

    Work Comp Adjusters maintain constant contact between the employee, the employer, and the doctors to facilitate the situation and further action. In addition, they provide prompt payment of medical bills and compensation payments and submit appropriate forms to government agencies. All this deserves sincere appreciation.

  3. It’s a day to raise awareness

    National Workers’ Comp Adjuster Day is a unique way to recognize the profession of comp adjustment and raise awareness of its importance. Lectures, seminars, and social networks can help with this.

National Workers’ Comp Adjuster Day dates

2024August 17Saturday
2025August 17Sunday
2026August 17Monday
2027August 17Tuesday
2028August 17Thursday

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