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World Facilities Management Day – May 14, 2025

World Facilities Management Day is observed annually on Wednesday of the second full week of May and this year, it falls on May 14. It’s to celebrate the contributions of individuals working in facilities management, ensuring the safety and comfort of an environment. Without their contributions, we can’t imagine what the conditions of offices or hospitals would be like. Thanks to them, the mechanical and electrical services are maintained, the cleaning is taken care of, and the security is on alert. The purpose of the day is to appreciate and recognize the people involved in facilities management.

History of World Facilities Management Day

World Facilities Management Day, initiated by Global F.M., was first observed on August 28, 2009. The exact date of the day has reportedly changed over the years. It was celebrated on the fourth Thursday of June 2010 to 2013; on Wednesday of the first full week of June 2014 to 2015; on July 13, 2016; and on Wednesday of the second full week of May from 2017 to present. Regardless, the aim of World Facilities Management Day stays the same: to recognize, appreciate, and celebrate the contributions of individuals working in facilities management.

Facilities management aims at providing fundamental support to the business operations of an organization and is needed in almost all environments: from offices, hospitals, care homes, and educational establishments, to logistic centers, hotels, and arenas. Facilities management is essential for ensuring the safety and comfort of a work environment. If a workplace is well-managed, people will be encouraged to be more productive and enthusiastic about their work. In contrast, if a workplace is poorly managed, then employees won’t be encouraged to do their best at work.

There are two categories of facilities management: ‘hard F.M.’ and ‘soft F.M.’ Hard F.M. relates to the physical materials of a building, such as mechanical and electrical maintenance, fabric maintenance, plumbing, and air conditioning. Soft F.M. is about people and organization, including hospitality, catering, cleaning, and human resources. Both require good teamwork. If a facilities manager can work well at integrating people, place, process, and technology, as defined by the International Organization for Standardization (ISO), the built environment will surely be safe, comfortable, and functional.

World Facilities Management Day timeline

The Facilities Management

Henry Ross Perot coins the term ‘facilities management.’

The N.F.M.A.

The National Facility Management Association (N.F.M.A.) is established.

The I.F.M.A.

The NFMA expands to form the International Facility Management Association (I.F.M.A.).

Global F.M.

On May 17, 2006, Global F.M., a federation of facilities management associations, is established.

World Facilities Management Day

Global F.M. observes World Facilities Management Day on August 28.

World Facilities Management Day FAQs

When did facility management start?

The role of facility manager first emerged in the 1970s, which entails maintaining and increasing the efficiency of the workplace.

What qualifications do you need to be a facility manager?

The skills you need to be a facility manager include customer service, business management, administration, and knowledge of economics and accounting.

What is facility optimization?

Facility optimization is the ability to optimize resource use so that the equipment, building, and operational performance can be improved.

How to Observe World Facilities Management Day

  1. Give recognition

    If you know people who are involved in facilities management, it’s time to give them recognition for their contribution to keeping the built environment safe and comfortable. It will mean something to them.

  2. Raise your profile

    If you are a person working in facilities management, ask your marketing team to raise your profile across the company. It’s one way to appreciate yourself for all the work you’ve done.

  3. Spread the word

    Tell others about World Facilities Management Day to let more people recognize what the people in facilities management have provided. Let them know what a positive impact on the built environment we can all experience because of their contribution.

5 Things About Facilities Management You Need To Know

  1. The key is maintenance

    Facility managers are responsible for creating a planned maintenance schedule to minimize breakdowns.

  2. Security can’t be compromised

    Facility managers must ensure that the facility is well-protected.

  3. Energy is important to manage

    Facility managers are expected to be determined to take on the right methods to create a sustainable facility environment.

  4. Laws and regulations are vital

    Ensuring that laws and regulations are up-to-date and that all the legal requirements are met are some of the other responsibilities of facility managers.

  5. Trends and technology keep updating

    Facility managers have to stay up-to-date regarding trends and technology in facilities management.

Why World Facilities Management Day is Important

  1. Giving recognition

    The purpose of World Facilities Management Day is to appreciate, recognize, and celebrate the services provided by the people working in facilities management. Recognition of one’s work can be a motivation.

  2. To ensure safety and comfort

    Facilities management will ensure that the built environment is safe and comfortable. Safety and comfort are what we all need.

  3. To motivate employees

    When a facility manager can work well at integrating people and in other aspects, the built environment will surely be safe, comfortable, and functional. It will result in the employees’ being more productive.

World Facilities Management Day dates

2022May 11Wednesday
2023May 10Wednesday
2024May 15Wednesday
2025May 14Wednesday
2026May 13Wednesday

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