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TueMay 13

National Drew Day – May 13, 2025

We celebrate National Drew Day every May 13. On this day, everyone bearing the name Drew is honored for their achievements. Contrary to popular belief, Drew is a stand-alone name, although it is also used as the short form of Andrew. The name was derived from Andrew, but some people have used it as a standalone since 1942. Drew is of Greek origin and means “strong and manly.” It is mainly used as a boy’s name, as about 92% more boys are named Drew than girls.

History of National Drew Day

The name Drew used to be a male-only alternative to Andy, but since Hollywood actress Drew Barrymore took the stage, the name gradually became more common among girls. However, it’s still seen as more of a masculine name than a feminine one. The name is not widespread and can be found mainly in North America and Europe. Drew is the 764th most common name in the United States, with approximately 54,638 people bearing it.

Statistics about Drew show that, for every 100,000 Americans, there are 17.14 people named Drew. This statistic is provided by the Social Security Administration and is based on 100 years of data. Drew is mainly used by White people. They account for 82.1% of people with the name, while Blacks make up 12.1%. Hispanics are at 2.7%, Asians or Pacific Islanders at 1.1%, mixed races at 1.4%, and American Indians or Alaskan Natives at 0.6%. Texas has 4,152 Drews and holds the record for the state with the most people with the name. However, you are more likely to meet a Drew in Utah because there are about 35.18 people named Drew for every 100,000 Utah residents.

There aren’t a lot of famous people named Drew from birth. The most popular person with the name is the “Charlie’s Angels” star, Drew Barrymore. Others use it as a nickname for Andrew, like the W.W.E. pro wrestler, Drew McIntyre. National Drew Day presents an opportunity to celebrate the few people named Drew.

National Drew Day timeline

Drew Barrymore is Born

Famous American actress, producer, talk show host, and author Barrymore is born.

“The Drew Carey Show” Airs

American actor Drew Carey debuts his television show.

“Charlie’s Angels” is Released

The hit Hollywood movie starring Barrymore premieres.

“Uncle Drew” in Cinemas

The popular sports movie “Uncle Drew,” featuring basketball star Kyrie Irvin, is released.

National Drew Day FAQs

Why is Drew Barrymore so famous?

A seasoned actress, Barrymore has starred in countless blockbusters, including “Never Been Kissed,” “Grey Gardens,” and “50 First Dates.”

How many times has Drew Barrymore hosted “Saturday Night Live?”

She has hosted “Saturday Night Live” a total of six times.

What is Drew McIntyre’s real name?

His real name is Andrew McLean Galloway IV.

National Drew Day Activities

  1. Make friends with a Drew

    Celebrate the day by becoming friends with someone named Drew. It can’t hurt to make more friends.

  2. Wish them well

    Wish every Drew out there a good day. Although you can’t greet every single one of them, it’s still a thoughtful gesture.

  3. Spread awareness

    Celebrate the day by spreading awareness about National Drew Day. It helps more people join in on the celebrations and show appreciation for the Drews in their lives.

Why We Love

  1. She was born into an acting family

    Both her father, John Drew Barrymore, and her mother, Jaid, were actors.

  2. She had an early start

    Her first acting job was in a dog food commercial when she was just 11 months old.

  3. Steven Spielberg is her godfather

    What could be better than having the famous director Spielberg as a godfather, especially when you’re an actress?

  4. The youngest “Saturday Night Live” host

    Barrymore hosted the hit show “Saturday Night Live” when she was only seven years old.

  5. She was emancipated at 14

    At 14 years old, she was legally emancipated from her mother.

Why We Love National Drew Day

  1. It drives the adoption of the name

    This day celebrates everyone named Drew. Hopefully, it will inspire more parents to call their future children Drew.

  2. It’s a day of celebration

    Any cause for celebration should be utilized fully. National Drew Day presents an opportunity to have fun with anyone named Drew.

  3. It highlights the name’s history and etymology

    Not everyone knows their name’s meaning or origin. National Drew day encourages everyone, whether or not they’re named Drew, to dive into the name’s background.

National Drew Day dates

2025May 13Tuesday
2026May 13Wednesday
2027May 13Thursday
2028May 13Saturday
2029May 13Sunday

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