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TueMay 13

National Anita Day – May 13, 2025

National Anita Day is celebrated on May 13. Anita is a female name of Spanish origin, meaning ‘graceful.’ It is a classic name with widespread popularity and can be a short form of the Spanish name, Juanita. Once a top 100 name, hundreds of famous people have borne it over a couple of centuries, like American lawyer Anita Hill, singer Anita Baker, and Anita Pointer, co-founder of the vocal group the Pointer Sisters. National Anita Day is a time to remember and celebrate all women named Anita and be thankful for their impact on our lives.

History of National Anita Day

The name Anita has found acceptance in many parts of the world due to its classic and simple nature. It is more commonly known as a variation of the term Anna or Ana in western countries. It is also a feminine version of the Indian word ‘Anit,’ which means “unending joy.”

The name was first used in 1880 and was given to 16 newborn babies. The title hit an all-time high in 1956, with over 400 female children bearing it. Statistics have shown that at least 100 people named Anita for every 100,000 Americans. More than 214,000 people have registered with the name Anita over the years. Anita embodies grace and favor, as seen by several well-known women and their accomplishments. These soft qualities are well recognized to be displayed by many famous ladies, including Dutch singer Anita Meyer, American R.&.B and soul singer Anita Baker, Spanish Flamenco singer and dancer Anita Delgado, and many more.

On the other hand, many other Anitas have entered more risky professions, opening doors for both themselves and other women. These women have made an impression in a variety of fields, including gymnastics, politics, international affairs, and competitive sports. Anita has been given a bold, distinctive personality by people like American lawyer and women’s rights activist Anita Faye Hill, freestyle wrestlers Anita Schatzle and Anita Sheoran, and jazz vocalist Anita O’Day. One reason to respect the name and what it stands for is the variety in their natures.

National Anita Day timeline

The Miss Oklahoma Beauty Pageant

Anita Jane Bryant famously wins the Miss Oklahoma beauty pageant.

The Start of an Amazing Era

Anita Denise Baker releases her debut album, paving the way for a successful singing career.

The President’s Award

Anita Alpern makes history as the first woman ever to receive the President’s Award for her contributions to federal service.

A Gold Medalist in Mushing

Anita Andreassen receives her first gold medal at the Mushing World Championship.

National Anita Day FAQs

What does Anita mean in the “Bible?”

In the “Bible,” it means “gift of God’s favor.”

Is Anita a common name?

In 2021 only 153 babies had this name, making it a rare one.

Is Anita an old name?

Yes, the name first appeared in the late 1880s, so it’s one of the oldest.

National Anita Day Activities

  1. Contact an Anita

    Regardless of their role in your life, reach out to an Anita you know. Highlight the admirable qualities they possess and show your appreciation to them.

  2. Watch an Anita

    Several women like Anita Addison have directed and produced excellent films. Pick an Anita-produced movie with a suitable genre, and enjoy your day.

  3. Listen to an Anita

    Music is a balm to the soul. Expand your music tastes by listening to Anita. If you like Jazz, you can check out Anita O’Day or Anita Perras if you prefer country music.

5 Interesting Facts About Famous Anitas

  1. An Ivy League graduate

    Anita Hill received her law degree from the prestigious Yale University.

  2. Writing for the king

    Anita Pointer wrote ‘Fairytale,’ which Elvis Presley recorded.

  3. Her difficult beginnings

    Anita Baker was abandoned by her mother as a child.

  4. The first Anita

    French explorer Anita Conti was the first female French oceanographer.

  5. The strength of a woman

    Polish hammer thrower Anita Włodarczyk became the first woman in history to throw the hammer over 262 feet.

Why We Love National Anita Day

  1. It’s a beautiful name

    There’s no denying the beauty of the name Anita. It sounds almost poetic.

  2. It’s rare

    Anita isn’t a ubiquitous name. That quality makes it desirable and unique.

  3. It’s universal

    Anita is a name with a universal quality to it. Its prevalence across Europe, South Asia, and North America shows how versatile and popular it is.

National Anita Day dates

2025May 13Tuesday
2026May 13Wednesday
2027May 13Thursday
2028May 13Saturday
2029May 13Sunday

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