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Love Litigating Lawyers Day
SatAug 31

Love Litigating Lawyers Day – August 31, 2024

Love Litigating Lawyers Day — a special day to show lawyers, especially litigation lawyers, how much we appreciate them — is held on August 31 each year. Often, lawyers have a not-so-great reputation for being heartless, and this day also works to change this perception. The U.S. celebrates this day to remind everyone that lawyers are people too and that they do important work.

History of Love Litigating Lawyers Day

While legal systems were established a long time ago, the legal profession as we know it is a modern invention. The only known legal specialist was the judge, and he was technically a part-time specialist. In earlier times, only the kings, chiefs, or princes of societies dispensed justice.

The origins of law and lawyers (again, not the modern version) show up in Greek history. Ancient Greeks had orators who would plead a case for friends. At that time, only individuals or their friends could plead their cases. Also, these orators were not allowed to charge for their services. While literature shows evidence that this law was broken multiple times, the law itself was not abolished, making the lawyer trade an informal profession.

In ancient Rome, the case was much the same — ‘lawyers’ practiced, but could not officially charge their clients. This continued until Emperor Claudius (August 1, 10 B.C. to October 13, 54 A.D.) abolished this law and legalized the legal system. Now, people could charge a fee of up to 10,000 sesterces, an ancient Roman currency, for their services. However, this fee was considered to be too little pay, and lawyers were not able to sustain a living with it. Historians attribute much of the development of the early legal system to the Ancient Romans. The legal profession had collapsed by the time the medieval period rolled around. A resurgence saw many lawyers work with the church exclusively.

When British colonies settled in America, the people did not warm up to the idea of lawyers. Some colonies even outlawed this profession, and in places where lawyers were allowed to practice, their work and fees were strictly regulated. However, there was usually no special training or requirements for people to become lawyers. This situation changed in 1761. This year, the Bill of Rights was ratified, and this gave people in the U.S. the right to legal representation. Soon after, lawyers were required to have at least seven years of training before they could practice law. A code of professional ethics followed, and gradually, the negative perception that dogged this occupation began to change. Over the next decade, many small law schools were set up by lawyers across the U.S. The very first law degree, the Bachelor of Law, was granted by the College of William and Mary in 1793. This degree was called an L.B., and it eventually became an L.L.B. Law schools like these paved the way for future lawyers to get an education easily.

Love Litigating Lawyers Day timeline

1850 B.C.
The First Legal Decision

Records from this time indicate the very first legal decision that took place, the details of which are written on a clay tablet, which describes the murder of a temple employee by three men and their subsequent punishment.

1700 B.C.
The First Written Laws

The Code of Hammurabi, written by Babylonian King Hammurabi is one of the earliest and most complete sets of written laws at the time.

1100 A.D.
First Law School

Formal teaching of Roman law begins at the University of Bologna, which is widely considered the oldest university in the Western World.

Lawyers and the Church

The State and Church set up rules, laws, and regulations to control and regulate the legal profession.

Love Litigating Lawyers Day FAQs

What is Love Your Lawyer Day?

This day is celebrated on the first Friday in November each year. This event was passed in October 2015 by the American Bar Association.

What does a litigator lawyer do?

This subspecies of lawyers handles non-criminal disputes also known as litigations and manages all phases of the litigation, from the investigation and the trial to the settlement process.

What lawyers go to court the most?

While most civil matters are settled out of court and never reach trial, criminal prosecutors are probably the ones to go to trial the most. Following them are criminal defense lawyers, and plaintiff civil litigation lawyers would be third on the list.

How To Celebrate Love Litigating Lawyers Day

  1. Learn what lawyers do

    Realign your perceptions about the legal profession and what these people do for a living. There's nothing better than getting this information from the horse's mouth. Visit the people in the legal system that you know personally to understand and, therefore, appreciate their efforts.

  2. Thank your litigator

    Know a litigator personally? Thank them with a personal card, a letter, a special Love Litigating Lawyers Day mug from Amazon, or a quick phone call. Expand this reach by sending gratitude to everyone in the legal profession — lawyers, notaries, paralegals, etc.

  3. Spread the word and the love

    If you are part of the legal profession, take on pro bono cases yourself to increase your goodwill and support charitable causes. If pro bono work is not possible, look into volunteering opportunities in your community, which will help increase the prominence of your profession, and this day too.

5 Celebrities You Never Knew Studied Law

  1. Rebel Wilson

    This comedian and actor is very talented — she has a double degree in law and arts, B.A./L.L.B., from the University of New South Wales, Sydney.

  2. Gerard Butler

    He studied at the University of Glasgow, graduating with honors and getting a fellowship with a prestigious law firm.

  3. Megyn Kelly

    She is publicly given the designation of attorney, amongst her other credits — she got her degree from the Albany School of Law in 1995.

  4. Gemma Chan

    Well, before she became a household name recognized for starring in “Crazy Rich Asians,” she got a degree in law from Oxford University.

  5. Andrea Bocelli

    His parents wanted him to study law when he enrolled at the University of Pisa — he went on to become a court-appointed lawyer before making it big in the world of music.

Why We Love Love Litigating Lawyers Day

  1. Some great people have been lawyers

    Thurgood Marshall. Abraham Lincoln. Ruth Bader Ginsburg. These people, the ones who have shaped the world we now live in, have all been a part of the legal profession. This day serves as a reminder of the promise and efforts such people make to enforce the law.

  2. Lawyers need recognition too

    Every profession gets a day to shine, so why shouldn’t the legal profession? Being a litigation lawyer is a hard job, and we are glad these people are getting the recognition they deserve.

  3. Lawyers do help make the world better

    They defend the law and uphold the rules. They are often motivated by the chance to make the system better and stronger, and by an inclination to protect people. We love that this day gives us a chance to show lawyers our support.

Love Litigating Lawyers Day dates

2024August 31Saturday
2025August 31Sunday
2026August 31Monday
2027August 31Tuesday
2028August 31Thursday

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