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IRONMAN Wales – August 31, 2024

Ironman Wales is a massive sporting event that takes place on in Pembrokeshire. Spectators from all over the world and unbelievable routes help to make this race very legendary. But the 17-hour racecourse built for only the toughest athletes is even more intriguing; participants must swim 2.4 miles, cycle 112 miles, and then run a marathon!

Tenby, Pembrokeshire, Wales, is known as the “Iron Town,” and it serves as the perfect location for the annual event, which draws athletes from all over the world. Spectators spend the entire day cheering on their favorite athletes and marveling at the breathtaking scenery.

History of IRONMAN Wales

The Collins family took part in the Mission Bay Triathlon in San Diego on September 25, 1974. When Judy and John Collins relocated from California to Hawaii in 1975, they decided to create a single-day endurance event that would become known as ‘Ironman.’

On September 18, 2016, the first Ironman Wales took place in Tenby, Pembrokeshire. Every year since then, prominent athletes from across the world have competed in a timed course dubbed “the hardest in the world.” The event includes a 2.4-mile swim in Carmarthen Bay, a 112-mile cycle ride around the Pembrokeshire Coast, and a marathon through the streets of Tenby and its surroundings.

Despite being only a half-decade old, Ironman Wales has become a popular sports event in the United Kingdom and its adjacent nations. A beautiful morning swim on Tenby’s sandy North Beach, a wild cycling course around the Pembrokeshire coastline, and a rowdy town center serve as the primary environment for the whole event.

Meanwhile, the Tenby community goes to great lengths to ensure that both athletes and spectators stay safe while enjoying the stunning courses in Pembrokeshire. From comfortable lodging bookings to breathtaking natural scenery, the event is a wonderful experience.

Although Ironman Wales 2021 was postponed owing to the pandemic, this year’s event is expected to attract over 1,500 athletes. With such a big number of athletes and spectators expected, the Tenby and Pembrokeshire communities have recruited a large number of local volunteers to ensure the event works successfully.

While the marathon is the primary event, accommodation in the city allows spectators and athletes to appreciate the pristine charm of West Wales. Beautiful cottage accommodations overlook the sea and offer an ambiance conducive to rest and recreation.

IRONMAN Wales timeline

Mission Bay Triathlon

Judy and John Collins compete in the Mission Bay Triathlon in San Diego.

The Ironman Competition Is Born

The Collins family create a new type of endurance course and name it The Ironman.

Ironman Wales Begins

The first Ironman Wales takes place in Tenby, Pembrokeshire.

The Pandemic Strikes

Ironman Wales 2021 is postponed due to the pandemic.


What is the cut-off time for IRONMAN Wales?

Athletes have two hours and 20 minutes to finish the swim course before the final bike marathon.

How much does it cost to enter Iron Wales?

The Ironman Wales entry fee is approximately £12.00.

Do you win money for Ironman?

The overall prize fund for the 2021/22 IronMan and IronWoman Series is U.S.D. 224,000. Winnings will be distributed evenly between the IronMen and IronWomen, with both genders getting an equal amount of money for each race and overall placings.

IRONMAN Wales Activities

  1. Visit Wales

    From the windy mountain ranges to the serene beaches, you can easily get lost in the breathtaking scenery of West Wales. Take advantage of Ironman Wales to explore the beautiful scenery. Don’t forget to take lots of pictures too!

  2. Lodge in a Pembrokeshire cottage

    Whether you fancy a bed and breakfast or you’d prefer to stay in a townhouse hotel, you’ll find a variety of fancy accommodation options in Pembrokeshire. The cottages are designed to provide a cozy feel.

  3. Participate in an endurance event

    If you feel up to the task, you can register and compete in the Ironman Wales. It’ll give you the chance to meet thousands of professional athletes that attend the event from all over the world.

5 Amusing Facts About Wales That Will Interest You

  1. The most castles per square mile

    Wales easily boasts more castles than any other European country, with over 400 castles spread across just over 8,000 square miles.

  2. It shares Monarchs with England

    Because the rules state that the Prince of Wales title is bestowed onto the eldest son of the British King or Queen, the eldest son of any ruling monarch of England automatically becomes Prince of Wales.

  3. Wales has a variety of national symbols

    Wales is one of the few countries with many historical national symbols, from the dragon on its flag to the daffodil and the leek.

  4. The longest zip wire in Europe

    The longest and fastest zip wire in Europe, designed at the Zip World Slate Caverns in Bethesda, North Wales, attracts travelers all year round.

  5. Its longest lake is six kilometers

    At 6,000 meters, the longest lake is known as Llyn Tegid, which translates as ‘The Lake of Serenity.’

Why We Love IRONMAN Wales

  1. It attracts top athletes from across the globe

    The challenging terrain and stunning environment continue to draw professional athletes from all over the world. While the athletes race to complete the course as quickly as possible, onlookers cheer them on throughout the day.

  2. The event promotes Welsh tourism

    Due to the popularity of the Ironman Wales and the big turnout expected each year, mini-tours are normally provided to help people find their way around. And, with the racetrack around the entire town, it's difficult to spend an entire day without discovering something new.

  3. It brings Pembrokeshire to life

    The event allows communities to showcase their rich cultural heritage. Not only that but it allows people to form contacts, and possibly make beneficial commercial connections.

IRONMAN Wales dates

2024August 31Saturday
2025August 31Sunday
2026August 31Monday
2027August 31Tuesday
2028August 31Thursday

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