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SatAug 31

National South Carolina Day – August 31, 2024

National South Carolina Day is celebrated on August 31 every year to honor the history, people, and culture of this great state. South Carolina is a great southeastern state known for its beautiful bush-covered beaches, historical landmarks and districts, and long traditions of fabulous Lowcountry cuisine. National South Carolina Day is a celebration of the beauty of the Palmetto State, as it continues to be a festive and hospitable place in all its southern charm.

History of National South Carolina Day

South Carolina was one of the first states to ratify the U.S. constitution. Indeed, this state has been one of the foundations in U.S. history. It was first established in the late 17th century as Carolina, a colony of King Charles I. After a few decades, the colony was divided into North and South. South Carolina would then become the eighth state in the Union and would host some of the historical battles of American independence.

During the American Civil War, South Carolina suffered several losses and began facing serious economic decline. It was eventually admitted into the Union in 1868. South Carolina’s economy, like that of many other southern states, primarily depended on agriculture, and the state became one of the poorest. It went through a reconstruction period, during which many policy changes were implemented by the state. South Carolina’s economic base shifted at the turn of the 20th century, and the state developed a thriving textile industry.

Even though South Carolina had previously implemented Jim Crow laws, which would later cause it to suffer a significant demographic decline, it would become one of the civil rights movement’s strongholds. South Carolina underwent a steady transformation into the modern and charming state it is today beginning in the mid-twentieth century. Its economy grew and diversified across many industries. The laws and policies changed as well, all the while preserving its beautiful landscapes, history, and traditions that make the southeastern region a beacon of warmth and hospitality.

National South Carolina Day timeline

First Permanent Settlement

The British establish the first permanent settlement in South Carolina in Albemarle Point, near Charleston.

South Carolina Is Established

The colony of Carolina splits into North and South, and the province of South Carolina is formed.

South Carolina Re-joins The Union

The Civil War ends and South Carolina readmits to the Union, ushering in the reconstruction.

Civil Rights Movement Begins In South Carolina

Several events, including the New Year's Day march and the Sarah Mae Flemming lawsuit against the Columbia bus system, herald the start of the Civil Rights Movement.

National South Carolina Day FAQs

Why is South Carolina called Palmetto?

The Palmetto is a type of palm tree that is very common and easy to grow in South Carolina and is also the official state tree.

What is the capital of South Carolina?

Columbia is the capital of South Carolina. It is also its biggest city and is home to the University of South Carolina.

Who is South Carolina named after?

South Carolina used to be a part of the Carolina colony, named after King Charles I of Britain.

National South Carolina Day Activities

  1. Visit the state

    What better way to celebrate the beauty and southern charm of South Carolina than to experience it? Whether it’s a simple family trip for a meal and walks around historical districts or a hike among friends in the beautiful woodlands, South Carolina is a top destination, especially on its National Day.

  2. Make traditional Lowcountry cuisine

    South Carolina is renowned for its eclectic southern cuisine. As a historically multicultural region, the Palmetto has hosted a wide range of cuisines. Lowcountry cuisine is unique to South Carolina. It's a given that you'll try something you've never tried before.

  3. Enjoy South Carolina art and history

    The Palmetto is home to various cultures and communities. As such, South Carolinian art is diverse and can be an exciting experience. From music, visual arts, and literature to performance and traditional arts, South Carolinian art offers something for everyone.

5 Facts About South Carolina

  1. Birthplace of Barbecue

    Although there are many theories, it is believed that early settlers learned how to smoke meat from Native tribes around South Carolina.

  2. Monkey colony

    There are over 4,000 free-ranging rhesus monkeys on Morgan Island, one of the Sea Islands near the South Carolina coast.

  3. Gullah

    The Gullah is an African-American community inhabiting the Lowcountry region, particularly South Carolina, and are known for their unique culture and traditions which have now become an essential part of South Carolinian culture.

  4. World’s hottest pepper

    South Carolina is home to the Carolina Reaper, officially the world’s hottest pepper, with a Guinness Record established in 2013.

  5. First library in the U.S.

    The provincial library in Charleston is one of the oldest public libraries in the U.S., having been established in 1698.

Why We Love National South Carolina Day

  1. South Carolina is unique

    Whether it’s the food, history, architecture, or music, South Carolina is unique in every way. Its significance to the history and rich cultural landscape of the United States deserves to be recognized.

  2. Smiling faces and southern hospitality

    Take a stroll down any lane in South Carolina, and you’ll likely be met with smiling faces and friendly greetings. South Carolina indeed lives up to its reputation as a center of southern hospitality.

  3. Landscape and wildlife

    South Carolina has some of the most stunning natural and mountain landscapes in the U.S. In addition to beautiful beaches, this state is also known for its diverse wildlife and some of the largest forests in the U.S.

National South Carolina Day dates

2024August 31Saturday
2025August 31Sunday
2026August 31Monday
2027August 31Tuesday
2028August 31Thursday

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