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Social Justice Sunday – August 25, 2024

Social justice Sunday is observed every year on the final Sunday of August. This year’s commemoration falls on August 25. The Catholic Church in Australia has a long tradition of commemorating Social Justice Sunday. The Catholic Bishops have issued an annual Social Justice Statement practically every year since 1940. The social justice remarks are made on behalf of the entire bishops’ conference in time for Social Justice Sunday. These declarations are issued with the hopes of provoking thought and action throughout the year.

History of Social Justice Sunday

Social Justice Sunday observance by the Catholic Church in Australia has a long tradition. Since 1940, catholic bishops have teamed up practically every year to issue major social justice pronouncements. The Australian Catholic Social Justice Council (A.C.S.J.C.) was created in 1987 by the Australian Catholic Bishops Conference (A.C.B.C.), as the Catholic Church’s national justice, peace, and human rights institution. The Bishops Commission for Justice and Development holds the A.C.S.J.C. accountable to the A.C.B.C.

The A.C.S.J.C.’s activities are divided into three categories: diocesan awareness and networking, education and formation, research, advocacy, and public policy. The Social Justice Statement’s media rollout calls on the entire Catholic Church to act with greater urgency and to be guided by Laudato Si’s integrated social and ecological vision. On this day, dedicated individuals, religious institutes, schools, and organizations that have long worked on environmental issues are affirmed, praised, and utilized as a model for the Catholic community to follow.

The Australian Church’s commitment to inspiring engagement and effective responses among the Catholic community is exemplified through the Social Justice Statement. The Australian Catholic Social Justice Council works with and supports a nationwide network of contacts appointed by each diocese, as well as keeping in touch with the Holy See’s Dicastery for the Promotion of Integral Human Development. The Office for Justice, Ecology, and Peace’s responsibilities include implementing initiatives and programs on behalf of the Bishops, assisting the Bishops in their advocacy on social justice issues, raising awareness of issues, and collaborating with others working to promote social, economic, and ecological justice.

Social Justice Sunday timeline

Launch of Social Justice Sunday

The Australian Catholic bishops team up to issue major social justice pronouncements on social justice Sunday.

Australian Catholic Bishops Conference

On June 21, 1966, the Holy See approves the Australian Catholic Bishops Conference.

The Australian Catholic Social Justice Council

The Australian Catholic Social Justice Council (A.C.S.J.C.) is created.

Apology to Australia's Indigenous People

The A.C.B.C. successfully lobbies for the Apology to Australia's Indigenous Peoples for the Stolen Generations, which was a watershed moment in Australian history.

Largest Charity Fundraisers

The conference submits a response to A.S.I.C. in July 2013 regarding the continuation of exemptions for charity investment fundraising (C.I.F.s), with Catholic funds being the largest C.I.F.s.

Social Justice Sunday FAQs

What are Catholic social teaching principles?

Human dignity is one of Catholic Social Teaching’s guiding concepts, as well as Solidarity and Subsidiarity.

How do Catholics feel about social justice?

Human dignity and a healthy community can only be achieved, according to the Catholic tradition, if human rights and obligations are respected.

What Issues do the A.S.C.J.C. tackle?

Abortion, assisted suicide, human cloning, and the death penalty are all concerns that need to be addressed.

How to Observe Social Justice Sunday

  1. Make donations

    Support social justice Sunday by making donations to the appropriate organizations. These donations are used in tackling and supporting the issues raised by the A.C.S.J.C.

  2. Share on social media

    The fastest way to disseminate information is to post it online. Share the work of the A.C.S.J.C. and help in raising awareness.

  3. Read social justice statements

    The A.C.S.J.C. website has Social Justice Statements and related resources that you may view and download to better understand this observation. You can also read the A.S.C.J.C.'s book on how to build bridges.

5 Important Facts About Social Justice

  1. Religious catholic nuns and brothers

    There are 4,161 religious catholic nuns in Australia and 679 religious catholic brothers.

  2. Australian priests

    In 2018, there were 2,900 priests in Australia.

  3. Over a thousand parishes

    In the Catholic church, there are 1,394 parishes.

  4. Population of Australian catholics

    The Catholic population of Australia makes up 22.6 percent of the overall population, according to the 2016 Australian Census.

  5. Thirty-four dioceses

    In Australia, there are 34 dioceses under the direction of a bishop.

Why Social Justice Sunday is Important

  1. It has a long history

    The Catholic Church is the western world's oldest institution. It has an almost 2,000-year history. Similarly, the Australian Catholic Church's social justice Sunday movement has a lengthy history, dating back to 1940.

  2. It is a worldwide institution

    The word "universal" comes to mind when thinking of the word "Catholic." You can go to practically any place on the planet and find a Catholic church to worship at. It's the same tradition and belief all around the world.

  3. It encourages people to be compassionate

    The Social Justice Sunday initiative encourages all to be compassionate. An act of kindness can go a long way in transforming a person's life.

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