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Farmer’s Day in Ghana – December 3, 2024

The official Farmer’s Day in Ghana is on the first Friday in December, December 3 this year, celebrates the country’s farmers and fishermen. The agricultural industry contributes at least 20% to 30% of revenue to the country’s socio-economic fronts. The import and export business generates an income for many households, and allows the economic industry to thrive. However, issues, such as climate change, have had a negative impact on the industry. The agricultural industry faced similar challenges during the early 1980s but fought hard to grow it, which led to the observance of Ghana Farmer’s Day. It’s a day to recognize and award the hard work of farmers and fishermen.

History of Farmer’s Day in Ghana

The first Farmer’s Day in Ghana was instituted in 1985. It was created by the Provisional National Defense Council, which, at the time, made up the whole of Ghana’s administration. The day came as a result of the 30% growth of the farming industry the year before. The country suffered from severe droughts in the early 1980s, which impacted crop yields. Ghana, which was largely dependent on the farmers to feed the nation, faced starvation and malnutrition. On the economic front, the country’s G.D.P. was also suffering immensely. However, the drought ended in 1984 and the country slowly recovered, recording an impressive 30% growth in the industry. The fisheries also flourished at the time. In order to recognize the plight and hard work of all Ghanian farmers and fishermen, the politicians decided to hold a Ghana Farmer’s Day every first Friday of December. During the election years, the day is moved to the first Friday of November.

The first Ghana Farmer’s Day was held in Osino, which is located in the Eastern region of Ghana. Osino was chosen as the prime location because it had been affected by the droughts the most severely. Subsequently, the following years have seen celebrations held in other locations that were also negatively impacted. Several activities take place throughout the day, and one of the most notable is the award ceremony that recognizes the best farmers and fishermen. Judges note and follow all the registered participants’ progress throughout the year. The judging categories include technological use, husbandry, and ecological awareness. In the first year, the winning farmer was awarded a radio, Wellington boots, and machetes. As the years passed, the awards grew in value and one of the most expensive awards was a three-bedroom house.

Farmer’s Day in Ghana timeline

Early 1980s
The Ghana Drought Years

Ghana faces one of the worst drought spells, which directly impact the farming industry.

Recovery and Growth

Ghana’s farming industry recovers from the drought, with the industry growing by 30%

Ghana Farmer’s Day

The Provisional National Defense Council and the Ministry of Food and Agriculture commemorate the first Ghana Farmer’s Day.

21st Century
Climate Change

Ghanian farmers and fishermen face many challenges, including climate change.

Farmer’s Day in Ghana FAQs

Which date is Farmer’s Day in Ghana?

Farmer’s Day in Ghana is celebrated annually on the first Friday in December, and on the first Friday in November when it’s an election year.

Is Farmer’s Day a holiday in Ghana?

Yes, Ghana Farmer’s Day is a holiday in the country. Most schools and businesses are closed for the day.

How is Farmer’s Day celebrated in Ghana?

Farmer’s Day in Ghana is celebrated by the Ministry of Food and Agriculture. The Ministry holds award ceremonies as well as discussion forums for people to come forward to discuss their concerns related to the industry.

How to Observe Farmer’s Day in Ghana

  1. Visit the festivities

    Plan your day around the event in order to take part in the festivities. Apart from the award ceremonies, many farmers and fishermen display their goods for the visiting public to see. This is also a great opportunity to learn more about the culture and traditions of the country.

  2. Buy local farming/fishing goods

    One of the best ways you can support the farmers and fishermen is by buying their goods. Not only will you receive fresher produce, but you will also likely get it at a cheaper price as the shipping costs will be reduced.

  3. Donate to the right organizations

    Now more than ever, the farming and fishing industries need our help. It is time to unite with them to help save their cause and livelihoods.

5 Facts About Farming That Will Blow Your Mind

  1. Growing population, growing needs

    Farmers worldwide would have to produce at least 70% more food by 2050 in order to feed the growing population.

  2. More than 250,000 millennial farmers

    There are about 257,454 millennial farmers in America.

  3. Largest employer

    The agricultural industry is the largest employer in the world.

  4. About 200 people for one farmer

    Today, a single farmer, with the right set of equipment, can feed about 155 people with his produce.

  5. Farming began in 10,000 B.C.

    The nomadic tribes in 10,000 B.C. started farming for the first time, beginning the First Agricultural Revolution.

Why Farmer’s Day in Ghana is Important

  1. It celebrates Ghana’s farmers and fishermen

    The main purpose of the day is to celebrate and recognize the farmers and fishermen. These people work tirelessly to provide for their families and the entire nation. It is through their hard work that the socio-economic wheels of the country are still in optimal working condition.

  2. It highlights the agricultural industry’s importance

    The agricultural industry is one of the most important assets of any country. In fact, it wouldn’t be wrong to say that many countries’ backbone is made up of the agricultural industry. It feeds the locals whilst bringing money from abroad through exports.

  3. It’s a celebration of overcoming difficulties

    The 1980s drought may have had the potential to destroy Ghana’s agricultural sector. But the people did not give up and continued to work hard in the hopes of a better tomorrow. Difficulties will come and go, but the winners will always remain.

Farmer’s Day in Ghana dates

2021December 3Friday
2022December 2Friday
2023December 1Friday
2024December 6Friday
2025December 5Friday

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