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Farmers' Consumer Awareness Day
SatSep 14

Farmers' Consumer Awareness Day – September 14, 2024

Farmers’ Consumer Awareness Day occurs on the second Saturday of September, on September 14 this year. It is a holiday that is designed to give the public a view into the lives and work of farmers. It is usually hosted in Quincy but has a nationwide appeal. The holiday offers wonderful insight into agriculture, through a variety of fun activities. These include parades, fun runs, entertainment, exhibitions, displays of farm equipment, displays of art and talents, tours of farming areas, and many others.

History of Farmers' Consumer Awareness Day

It all began in 1981 when Paul Harvey was recounting an occurrence on the radio. It was about a woman who confronts the grocer about the seemingly high cost of food items. Knowing nothing about farming, she couldn’t imagine the great and wonderful jobs that farmers did.

Quincy farmer Dennis Higashiyama was listening that day, and he immediately took action. It was apparent that most consumers were far separated from the farmers, and they have no idea where their food comes from. They do not know the work that goes into farming. And they do not know about the special people behind agriculture.

Dennis Higashiyama thought of a way to bring the farmer closer to the public. Hence, Farmers’ Consumer Awareness Day was born to that effect. It was initiated out of the desire to make the public see farmers as they truly are.

The holiday has been successful in bringing people together to celebrate the importance of farmers. But it is also a very fun holiday, and several activities were added to the celebration.

Farmers' Consumer Awareness Day timeline

7000 B.C.
Beginning of Farming

Humans begin to grow crops for food.

5500 B.C.
Agriculture Intensifies

The earliest civilization of agriculture begins with the Sumerians.

Transatlantic Exchange of Plants

There is a widespread of crops and other agricultural products available.

First Farmers' Consumer Awareness Day

Dennis Higashiyama organizes a celebration of agriculture, where farmers and consumers are all present.

Farmers' Consumer Awareness Day FAQs

Where can I celebrate Farmers' Consumer Awareness Day?

Though a big celebration is hosted in Quincy, you can still observe the holiday by visiting a farm near you. 

What is Farmers' Consumer Awareness Day about?

On Farmers’ Consumer Awareness Day, the public is invited to meet the farmers and get to know what farming entails. This all happens in fun and exciting ways. 

Who started the Farmers' Consumer Awareness Day?

Dennis Higashiyama came up with the initiative after hearing a radio program where it was revealed that most consumers do not know their farmers.

How To Celebrate Farmers' Consumer Awareness Day

  1. Visit a farm

    You can join the main event organized in Quincy. If you're far away, you can visit a farm close to you and try to get some insight into farming.

  2. Appreciate the farmers

    It is the farmers that plant and produce the food that we eat. They're our heroes and they deserve respect and appreciation.

  3. Start a farm of your own

    You can easily do some research and start your own farm. It doesn't have to be anything big.

5 Interesting Facts About Farming

  1. There are millions of farmlands in the U.S.

    There are an estimated two million farms in the U.S. alone.

  2. Importance of family farms

    Family farms account for more than 50% of farm produce.

  3. One U.S. farmer for more than 150 people

    A single farmer can feed more than 150 people.

  4. Top three food suppliers

    The U.S. is the third-highest food supplier throughout the whole world.

  5. More farmers are needed

    As the world population grows, so does the need for more farmers.

Why We Love Farmers' Consumer Awareness Day

  1. Farmers are important

    Farmers' Consumer Awareness Day helps to create more awareness regarding the importance of farmers.

  2. Farming is fun

    This celebration helps us to witness the joys of farming. Farming is very interesting.

  3. Know what you eat

    It is good to know the source of our groceries. Also, it is very interesting to hear from the farmers themselves.

Farmers' Consumer Awareness Day dates

2022September 10Saturday
2023September 9Saturday
2024September 14Saturday
2025September 13Saturday
2026September 12Saturday

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