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FriSep 13

National Hug Your Boss Day – September 13, 2024

National Hug Your Boss Day is celebrated every September 13 to appreciate the role of managers and employers in our work life and to promote workplace relationships. Did you know that National Hug Your Boss Day was first observed in 2008, only 14 years ago? A boss is an employer or an individual in a supervisory role who is tasked with important responsibilities within a company. Supervisors, foremen, administrators, overseers, and heads of teams or groups are all examples of bosses. National Hug Your Boss Day is an initiative by to contribute to workplace relationships, improve productivity and morale, and keep everyone motivated to deliver on their responsibilities.

History of National Hug Your Boss Day

Work is an activity that predates human civilization and is inextricably linked to human evolution. According to scholars, work developed out of the need to fulfill humans’ most basic needs — food, child care, and shelter. As some individuals exhibited mastery of specific tasks, division of labor became more prominent. By around 10,000 years ago, the first fixed agrarian settlements had developed. With the concept of land ownership came human hierarchies and differentiation between people that were working and those that weren’t. In ancient Rome, work became based on people’s status in society.

Enslaved people handled most of the physical labor, while citizens carried out physical activities, such as commercial, art, and warfare. The growth of Christianity in Europe led to the development of organizations. Monasteries were the first modern organizations, as they possessed some of today’s organizational elements, such as integrated management and production systems. Banking, credit, and trade, on the other hand, were considered devilish by the Church. This stigma was gradually dispelled with the Protestant Reformation in the 1500s. Between the Middle Ages and the Renaissance, there was an increase in organized labor (guilds), craft, arts and science, trade, and banking.

Some of the tools we use today can be traced back to this period. The advent of the Industrial Revolution led to a change and brought an end to forced labor. While much hasn’t changed in the workplace, we are seeing rapid adoption of new work models, including remote and hybrid models. In addition, there is widespread development of self-entrepreneurship and self-expression as well as the establishment of the knowledge worker movement. In 2008, founded National Hug Your Boss Day to promote better workplace relationships between bosses and their employees.

National Hug Your Boss Day timeline

8th Century B.C — 6 Century A.D
The Development Of Work

Work develops to fulfill human’s most basic needs.

The Reformation

The Protestant Reformation brings dignity to labor and ends age-old views of banking and trade.

19th Century
Mass Production

The Industrial Revolution brings an end to forced labor and changes work to job.

National Hug Your Boss Day launches National Hug Your Boss Day.

National Hug Your Boss Day FAQs

Is it appropriate to hug your boss?

It is perfectly okay to hug your boss if you have a close, friendly relationship with them. Or if they permit you to hug them. Otherwise, the general rule is to give them a handshake instead.

How do you hug a boss?

The appropriate hug to exchange with your boss is either a side hug or a polite hug that involves no body contact.

What do you do for National Hug Your Boss Day?

You can have a team outing, give a gift to your boss, sign a team appreciation card for your boss, and hold an award ceremony.

National Hug Your Boss Day Activities

  1. Hug your boss

    Hugging your boss is obviously the simplest way to celebrate National Hug Your Boss Day. However, before hugging them, get their permission first. You don't want to make things awkward or uncomfortable for yourself or your boss. It is usually best to give a side hug or gentle hug. However, if you have a good relationship with your boss, you can go for tighter hugs, especially if you are of the same sex.

  2. Give your boss a gift

    The gift does not have to be extravagant. It could be a team appreciation card, a thank-you card, a customized mug or t-shirt, or even a tie.

  3. Plan a hangout

    It’s best to have the hangout planned with your coworkers and ensure you receive permission from your boss. The hangout could be a team lunch, a dinner at a restaurant, or games after work.

5 Facts About The Workplace

  1. Sick days

    People are more likely to take a sick day on Monday and less likely to do that on Friday.

  2. Workspace on productivity

    Employees who have control over their workspace arrangement are happier and healthier at work.

  3. The origin of the word ‘boss’

    It originated from the word ‘baas,’ meaning ‘master.’

  4. Dress codes and productivity

    According to a study, 61% of employees experience increased productivity in a workplace with relaxed dress codes.

  5. Appreciation affects retention

    Employees are more willing to look for another job if they don’t receive enough appreciation for their work.

Why We Love National Hug Your Boss Day

  1. It builds a good working relationship

    The primary goal of National Hug Your Boss Day is to foster positive working relationships between managers and employees. Although this is not achieved solely through the exchange of hugs, National Hug Your Boss Day provides an opportunity to engage in team-building activities with your boss or manager to strengthen your relationship. These activities would include games, social hangouts, and, if permitted, hugs.

  2. It contributes to work productivity

    A positive working relationship makes work more enjoyable for employers and employees, allowing for more innovation and creativity. Taking advantage of the opportunity offered by National Hug Your Boss Day can go a long way in contributing to productivity at your workplace.

  3. It serves as a way to appreciate your boss

    The value of a good boss cannot be overstated. They are always willing to cover for you or support you when you are in need. So, if your boss has had a significant positive impact on your work life, appreciate them on National Hug Your Boss Day.

National Hug Your Boss Day dates

2024September 13Friday
2025September 13Saturday
2026September 13Sunday
2027September 13Monday
2028September 13Wednesday

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