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FriSep 13

Pet Birth Defect Awareness Day – September 13, 2024

Pet Birth Defect Awareness Day is observed on September 13, to bring awareness about pet birth defects as well as their mental health. Pet birth defects can be caused by various things, but a responsible pet owner can help to avoid some causes. Inbreeding and over-breeding pets can cause the pet’s physical and behavioral problems. Pets need owners who are willing to accommodate them. So, as a responsible pet owner, you need to learn more about the importance of pet birth defect prevention, treatment, proper care, and methods of identification.

History of Pet Birth Defect Awareness Day

Pet Birth Defect Awareness Day was established in 2014 by Davis Rogers, founder of MBJungle Foundation. MBJungle Foundation was dedicated to the memory of his mother who passed away on September 13, 1996. So, Rogers recognizes the date each year as Pet Birth Defect Awareness Day. The foundation’s mission is to bring awareness and educate the public about pet birth defects and pet mental health challenges.

Several common pet birth defects are cleft palates, limb deformities, and hernias. These abnormalities can be recognized at birth or shortly thereafter. Defects like dental problems may not be detected until your pets reach a particular stage of maturity. And, some other defects may not be recognizable for months or even years, and the pet may need a medical assessment from a vet. If there are abnormalities discovered, the vet can discuss treatment options. Common causes of birth defects in newborn pets include nutritional disorders, infectious diseases caught by the mother, and teratogens (chemical toxins).

Undernourished pregnant pet mothers can result in low birth or brain weight, behavioral abnormalities, and infant mortality. Calcium deficiency can cause skeletal abnormalities, particularly in giant dog breeds. If the mother is infected with parvovirus, fetal brain damage, fetal death, and growth retardation can occur. In addition, insecticides, fungicides, vaccines, and medications can also cause birth defects. Carbaryl, an insecticide found in some flea powders, can cause birth defects such as short jaws and no tails when used on the mother during pregnancy.

Pet Birth Defect Awareness Day timeline

20,000 to 40,000 Years Ago
Domestication of Dogs

Dogs start evolving from a single population of domesticated wolves.

4400 B.C.
Cat Ancestors

The earlier ancestors of domesticated cats start appearing.

Pet Birth Defect Awareness Day

Pet Birth Defect Awareness Day is established by Davis Rogers, founder of MBJungle Foundation.


Fundraising for pets living with defects and mental health challenges is held by MBJungle and The Dog Bar on March 26.

Pet Birth Defect Awareness Day FAQs

Can a puppy live with a cleft palate?

Unfortunately, many puppies with cleft palates are euthanized immediately after their defects are detected.

What causes birth defects in kittens and puppies?

The causes of birth defects in newborns include hereditary issues, nutrition-related disorders, infectious diseases contracted by the mother, and chemical toxins that disrupt the normal development of the fetus.

Who is Boogie Shoes?

Boogie Shoes is a two-pound Chihuahua with cerebellar hypoplasia, a neurological condition that affects his motor skills and gives him his “boogie.” He is thriving and living his best life. Boogie Shoes is a pet adoption ambassador, and on a mission to prove that shelter pets make the best pets!

How to Observe Pet Birth Defect Awareness Day

  1. Learn more about pet birth defects

    Whether you’ve already adopted a pet or you’re about to adopt one, you need to know about pet birth defects. Pets need owners who are willing to accommodate them and take care of their needs.

  2. Keep your pregnant pet mother healthy

    If by any chance your female pet is pregnant, take good care of her so that she can birth healthy babies. Maintain her diet, and supplements, and be on the lookout for environmental contaminants.

  3. Check with a vet

    Check your pet with a vet. The vet can evaluate your pet for birth defects that may not be visible and discuss treatment options if abnormalities are discovered.

5 Interesting Facts About Dogs

  1. They are born deaf

    Puppies can’t hear until they are about three weeks old, and once they can, they hear about four times better than humans.

  2. Dogs dream like we do

    According to scientists, dogs dream as we do with twitches and whimpers during rapid eye movement sleep.

  3. They can be righty or lefty

    Some dogs are ambilateral, and some of them can have a dominant right paw or left paw.

  4. Dogs can smell feelings

    Dogs can smell feelings of stress and fear as well as happy emotions, and they adopt your emotions as their own.

  5. Storms can hurt them

    The sound frequencies of storms can be painful to dogs’ ears.

Why Pet Birth Defect Awareness Day is Important

  1. It can raise awareness

    Pet Birth Defect Awareness Day can bring awareness about pet birth defects and mental health. We can educate ourselves about pet birth defects and how to prevent them.

  2. It is a sign of love

    Just like humans, pets need proper accommodations. Whether your pets have birth defects, this day is just another day to give them proper treatment. Animals with defects deserve just as much love as those without.

  3. They are family

    For some pet owners, their pets are like family. Some dogs and cats become friends with the owners’ babies.

Pet Birth Defect Awareness Day dates

2024September 13Friday
2025September 13Saturday
2026September 13Sunday
2027September 13Monday
2028September 13Wednesday

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