Giving Tuesday – December 3, 2019

Tue Dec 3

What better way to feel better about ourselves after waiting in long lines to purchase things we don’t need on Black Friday, than to give back a few days later. Every year, on the Tuesday after Black Friday, people take the time to kickoff the holiday season by giving back to their community. Whether it be donating money to a charitable cause, or volunteering your time, Giving Tuesday is a day set to benefit the community. Started in 2012, this day was created to combat the commercialism and consumerism that peaks during the holiday season. This year, Giving Tuesday is Dec. 3.

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Giving Tuesday Activities

  1. Donate to your favorite charity

    With an abundant of causes to support, there are many options for people to give back by easily donating money to a charity. You can mail in a check, drop off some money, or even click 'Donate' from the comfort of your desk.

  2. Volunteer at a local hospital

    We sometimes forget that one helpful way of giving back is by volunteering at a local hospital. Contact them ahead of time and see how you can help. Your presence can even brighten a patient's day, and get them home quicker.

  3. Donate clothes/shoes

    That sweater you swore you would wear this fall (and never saw the daylight), can be of use to someone in need. Go through your closet and donate any articles of clothing you haven't used this year.

Why We Love Giving Tuesday

  1. It allows us to feel better about ourselves

    Whether you admit it or not, the holiday season can get the best of us. Especially when our main stressors are what gift to get that certain family member. If we splurge on materialist goods, giving back to a charitable cause takes some of that guilt away.

  2. We can help those in need

    By volunteering at a local community center, or donating money to your favorite organization, people are able to help those in need. You can provide a warm meal at the local soup kitchen, or even clean drinking water by donating $5.

  3. Anyone can participate

    You don't have to be rich or in the Peace Corps to participate in Giving Tuesday, every small act counts. Donating $1 can make a huge impact on any cause, just like packing an extra lunch to give a homeless person can.