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Administrative Professionals Week – April 20-26, 2025

Administrative Professionals Week is celebrated annually every last full week in April and this year it will be observed from April 20 to 26. This week is dedicated to recognizing and applauding the brilliant work of administrative personnel: receptionists, secretaries, administrative assistants, executive assistants, personal assistants, customer support, among other administrative support professionals. Administrative Professionals power the corporate world in untold ways, and for every unspoken thank-you, the week presents the perfect opportunity to make amends. Originally established as National Secretaries Day in 1952, in efforts to celebrate secretaries and their significant contributions to the workplace, after undergoing several changes, A.P.W. came into existence.

History of Administrative Professionals Week

Ever wondered what the corporate world would look like without the administrative office? A giant mess! Zero organization — talk visitors storming in and out; jumbled data, reports, payrolls; missed meetings, lack of confidentiality; plus, everyone gets to deal with the headache of travel and accommodation, among other arising matters. The importance of the administrative department cannot be overemphasized and spans various duties, thereby ensuring the smooth running of an organization on a day-to-day basis.

The Administrative Professionals Week, established by the International Association of Administrative Professionals (I.A.A.P.) in 1952, traces its roots to the National Secretaries Association (N.S.A.) when the first National Secretaries Week, now known as Administrative Professionals Week, was held. The National Secretaries Association was established in 1942. It was set up as an initiative to recognize the importance of secretaries to the corporate workplace as well as showcase the field as a worthy profession calling for more intakes.

It would be in 1981 become Professionals Secretaries Week, and later Administrative Professionals Week (APW) in 2000 came about. Before this, in 1965, National Secretaries Week was moved to the last full week of April. National Administrative Professionals’ Day, also known as Secretaries Day or Admin Day, is celebrated on the Wednesday of the last full week in April annually. Key figures behind the movement of the Administrative Professionals Week are Mary Hagan Barrett, Founder of the National Secretaries Association as well as National Secretaries Day; C. King Woodbridge, President of Dictaphone Corporation together with public relations account executives at Young & Rubicam, Harry F. Klemfuss and Daren Ball.

Administrative Professionals Week timeline

1939 to 1945
Shortage of Administrative Personnel

World War II ushers in a drastic decline of skilled administrative personnel in the U.S.

The National Secretaries Association is Established

The I.A.A.P (then known as the National Secretaries Association) is founded in Topeka, Kansas, in 1942, to boost professional networks and provide educational resources for secretarial staff for a more professional image.

The National Secretaries Week is Launched

In 1952, U.S. Secretary of Commerce, Charles Sawyer, proclaims June 1 to 7 as National Secretaries Week.

The First National Secretaries' Day

June 4 is designated the first National Secretaries Day.

National Secretaries Week Date Changes

The National Secretaries Association changes the date of Secretaries' Week to the last full week in April.

The Professional Secretaries Week

Professional Secretaries Week in April 2000 is renamed Administrative Professionals Week, while Professional Secretaries Day becomes Administrative Professionals Day, in an expansion of today’s administrative workforce.

Administrative Professionals Week FAQs

How do you celebrate administrative professionals?

You could surprise them with public recognition, give them a day off work, buy them gifts, etc.

What qualities do Administrative Professionals need?

They need to have a wide range of skills including good communication skills, interpersonal skills, time management, they need to be highly organized and have an eye for detail among others.

What year were women allowed to work in the office

In 1941 when a law was issued making it legal to have women in the workplace.

Administrative Professionals Week Activities

  1. Treat administrative staff with respect

    Admin is the backbone of any organization. They are the faces and brains behind the organization or the business world and need to be recognized and treated with respect. They are professionals who give their all, not mere messengers or errand boys.

  2. Spoil them with gifts

    You could honor them with happy hour, gifts, special office celebrations, and, of course, a thank-you. It is their week so go on and spoil them.

  3. Social Media announcements

    #AdminProfessionalsDay — let that hashtag rain on social media. Making the administrative department feel recognized and celebrated enables them to know they're indeed part of the team. This goes a long way to boost their morale.

Why We Love

  1. Administrative jobs today have more repute

    Way back administrative duties were merged with secretarial jobs and were assigned basic tasks such as coffee-making; today it comes with more opportunities, including career advancement.

  2. Administrative officer salary

    An administrative officer in the U.S. earns an average salary of $76,425 per year.

  3. The first Administrative Professionals Week name

    It was first known as National Secretaries Week upon launching in 1952.

  4. Administrative Professionals Day has varying dates

    While it is celebrated in the U.S., Canada, Hong Kong, and Malaysia annually on the Wednesday of the last full week of April, New Zealand celebrates the third Wednesday of April; Belgium, France, and the Netherlands third Thursday of April, etc.

  5. It is not a holiday

    While it is observed in a small number of countries, normal office activities still hold.

Why We Love Administrative Professionals Week

  1. Reminds us to accord staff respect

    They might not be the ones getting all the glory, but the fact is they power the smooth running of any organization. As such, they should be given due recognition and respect as professionals.

  2. Urges us to advocate for commensurate pay

    A lot of work goes into administration work. It is therefore in order that each administrative officer should be given pay that equates to their input.

  3. Begs for more open opportunities

    A more enabling environment for administrative staff to thrive must be put in place in the workplace. This is a sure way to grow any business.

Administrative Professionals Week dates

2022April 24Sunday
2023April 23Sunday
2024April 21Sunday
2025April 20Sunday
2026April 19Sunday

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