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National Cat Lady Day – April 19, 2023

National Cat Lady Day takes place on April 19, but if you own a cat, you know that there isn’t a day that goes by that you don’t celebrate your animal companion! So, embrace your kitties and give your cat some catnip! That critter brings you joy, but that’s not all. Pets not only steal our hearts, but they also help to improve general cardiovascular health by lowering cortisol, cholesterol, and blood pressure levels. Let’s read more. If you want to celebrate in style, check out our guide to gifts for cat lovers.

History of National Cat Lady Day

April 19 is National Cat Lady Day. A cat lady’s reputation has gone a long way since medieval Europe when a woman’s love of cats was met with suspicion and even disdain. Since then, the cat woman stereotype has evolved from a negative to a popular one that many modern cat ladies proudly wear.

Cats are carnivorous little hairy creatures with four legs, a tail, and claws that people have domesticated as pets from ancient times, even though they are descended from the African Wildcat and used to catch vermin.

The first historical human record of cats was discovered in the civilization of the Ancient Egyptian Civilization. We all seem to associate cats with Egyptians because of their adoration and worship of cats as gods. During the First Dynasty, Mafdet was the first known cat deity, and he was regarded as the guardian against snakes, scorpions, and evil, therefore cats were not only deities but also protectors.

A cat lady is a cultural archetype or stock figure who is typically depicted as a woman, a middle-aged or old spinster, or widow with a large number of cats. The phrase may be derogatory or it may be welcomed fondly.

Depending on the context, the normally derogatory adjective ‘crazy’ may be prefixed to ‘cat lady’ to signify either a derogatory or a hilarious and endearing label. Some writers, celebrities, and artists have embraced the term “crazy cat lady” to denote an animal lover or rescuer who cares for one or more cats and is psychologically sound.

A 2019 study revealed no differences in anxiety, depression, or relationship experiences between cat owners and non-cat owners: “We suggest that our findings are thus not consistent with a characterization of cat owners as unhappy, anxious, or having problems with human relationships.

However, a separate 1983 study discovered that pet owners scored higher than nonowners on social sensitivity and interpersonal trust, however, there was no appreciable difference between dog and cat owners.

National Cat Lady Day timeline

900 B.C.
The First Domesticated Cats Enter Europe

The earliest domesticated cats arrive in Europe thanks to Phoenician traders.

The “Crazy Cat Lady” is Born

The odd and tenacious cliche of the “crazy cat lady” begins with an article about ladies who show great fondness for their cats.

“Cats” on Broadway

The hugely successful musical "Cats" premieres on Broadway, furthering pop culture's fondness for felines.

Popular Demand

After 10 years of diving into boxing, the Japanese kitty Maru is certified as the most viewed animal on YouTube.

Ginger Cat Appreciation Day FAQs

What is the lifespan of a ginger cat?

Ginger cats can live up to 15 to 20 years. There are a lot of factors that can have an impact on the life expectancy of a tabby, including genetics, activity, and diet.

Are ginger cats friendlier than other cats?

Surveys suggest that most ginger cats have a relaxed and approachable vibe, making them friendlier than other cats. It must be noted that this is not a scientific conclusion, only a reached consensus.

Why are most ginger cats male?

The luscious orange color in a cat’s coat comes from the ‘ginger gene’, which is in the X chromosome. Male cats need a single chromosome to inherit the orange color, whereas females need two. This is why male ginger cats outnumber their female counterparts by 3:1.

National Cat Lady Day Activities

  1. Learn all about your pet

    Sure you know the breed and the kind of food it likes, but are you aware of its irks and irritations? Do you know its history or place of origin? On Ginger Cat Appreciation Day, take a deep dive and learn all about your furry companions.

  2. Spoil a stray

    Roy, the founder of Doobert, believes that all animals deserve to live a life free from pain, injury, thirst, and hunger — and we agree. On September 1, take a stroll around your community and pet all the strays. Feed them catnip, tuna, or salmon, and forge an everlasting bond.

  3. Donate to local animal shelters

    Whether it is your coin or your hours, the local animal shelter needs it all. Take some time to visit your local animal shelter and acquaint yourself with its hard-working staff. You can also commit to volunteering every once in a while.

5 Facts About Ginger Cats That Will Make You Want To Adopt

  1. The ginger gene

    Ginger cats get their color due to the ginger gene that is present in the X chromosome.

  2. The human connection

    Ginger cats get their orange color from a pigment called pheomelanin, which is also responsible for the red hair in humans.

  3. Five coats, one color

    Ginger cats have five different types of coats: spotted, patched, ticked, mackerel, and swirled.

  4. A camera lover

    Ginger cats have starred in several iconic movies, including “Harry Potter,” “Shrek,” “Breakfast at Tiffany’s,” and of course, “Garfield.”

  5. Foodie and moody

    Ginger cats can put on weight quickly as they have a trait of perpetual snacking.

Why We Love National Cat Lady Day

  1. Adopt don’t shop

    Roy, the founder of this special day, discovered a runt in a litter that changed his life. On Ginger Cat Appreciation Day, we take his message forward and raise awareness about the merits of adopting strays and caring for the street felines.

  2. Felines are forever

    Cats and humans share an unbreakable bond that dates back to thousands of years. They are our original furry companions, and on September 1, we get a chance to celebrate the tabbies of our lives.

  3. Break the stigma

    The assertive nature of ginger cats makes them a skip at the pet store. They are the second least favorable felines for adoption, after black cats. The orange color is an irk as well. But there is so much more to them than the color of their coat, and we must raise awareness to make them desirable to adoptees.

Ginger Cat Appreciation Day dates

2023September 1Friday
2024September 1Sunday
2025September 1Monday
2026September 1Tuesday
2027September 1Wednesday

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