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Love Your Lawyer Day
FriNov 3

Love Your Lawyer Day – November 3, 2023

Love Your Lawyer Day is observed on the first Friday of November, making it November 3 this year. This is when we honor lawyers in the U.S. and encourage them to keep going, despite the often negative reputation they have. Even Shakespeare had nasty things to say about lawyers! This is despite many lawyers doing a wonderful job in tough circumstances, and with an ever-changing work environment. Law and the legal system has been around almost since the beginning of mankind in various forms, and despite those who abuse it, it is still a beacon of hope for those inclined towards justice.

History of Love Your Lawyer Day

The earliest people who could be described as “lawyers” were probably the orators of ancient Athens. The most noted historical first text of law is credited to the Babylonian king Hammurabi of Mesopotamia, dating back to the 18th century B.C.

Consisting of 282 laws, the Hammurabi Code described a variety of everyday situations, from punishments to be meted out to criminal offenders to the wages to be paid for services rendered to one another. Initially, lawyers were not allowed to charge any fees, which made earning a living from the law tough. The Roman system allowed for charging fees to change this. Today, modern codes of law are far more involved and convoluted than historical ones, covering every aspect of living within human society.

The lawyer’s job is to help with the understanding of the law and how it affects the rights of the common person, as well as the government. Across many societies, lawyers are perceived as crooked, untruthful, and sly. This isn’t true for every lawyer. There are many lawyers who set out on that career path solely to do good when it is within their power, and who are doing just that. Part of the reason that lawyers have a bad reputation, is that their work most often involves settling issues of conflict and dispute.

In 2001, the national director of the American Lawyers Public Image Association, Nader Anise, a legal marketer, established Love Your Lawyer Day to appreciate lawyers and all they do. The day aims to promote public support for lawyers and judges by presenting them in a more positive light.

Love Your Lawyer Day timeline

Ancient times
Duels Instead of Law

Before the legal system is created, legal disputes are settled by fights, often to the death and with very much an eye-for-an-eye approach.

41–54 A.D.
Law Becomes Official in Rome

The Roman Emperor Claudius becomes the first to legalize representation and advocacy as a profession.

Oath Before Practice

Two French councils mandated that lawyers have to swear an oath of admission before practicing in the bishop’s courts in their regions.

No degree, No Law

Lawyers in England are required to have university degrees.

Love Your Lawyer Day FAQs

Why is it called “Love Your Lawyer Day”?

The aim of this day is to be nice to those in the legal profession and try not to make any lawyer jokes about them.

When is International Be Kind to Lawyers Day?

International Be Kind to Lawyers Day is on April 12 each year and is celebrated all over the world.

When is World Lawyers Day?

World Lawyers Day and Love Your Lawyer Day are the same day, on November 5.

How To Celebrate Love Your Lawyer Day

  1. Be kind to the lawyers you know

    Lawyers generally have very stressful jobs and deal with strife all day. Organize a sports and barbecue afternoon with a local law firm and get your friends in on the action.

  2. Watch a good lawyer movie

    Organize a movie night where you and your friends watch one of the many excellent lawyer movies around. If movies aren’t your thing, read a good book and discuss it with your friends.

  3. Stop making lawyer jokes

    In order to build up the reputation of lawyers, we need to stop being negative about them. This could start with leaving off the lawyer jokes and treating any lawyer friends with respect. It will definitely be appreciated.

5 Facts About The Legal Profession That Will Interest You

  1. It has many branches

    There are over 15 different types of lawyers in the U.S. including civil, criminal, business, and family law.

  2. Of ancient origins

    Law is one of the oldest professions in human history.

  3. America has many

    There are more than 1.3 million lawyers practicing in various jurisdictions across the United States.

  4. Popular people studied it

    There are a surprising number of celebrities who attended law school, amongst others Gerard Butler, Jerry Springer, Julio Iglesias, John Cleese, Ben Stein, and Ozzie Nelson.

  5. It is globally practiced by many people

    There are more than 100 million lawyers across the world; including fresh graduates and paralegals.

Why Love Your Lawyer Day is Observed

  1. It increases our knowledge of the law

    This day gives us insight into the law profession. It helps us understand legal matters and maybe learn some legal jargon, during interactions with the lawyers.

  2. It provides a platform to thank attorneys

    We get to value and appreciate lawyers for all the good work they do, on this day. This will furthermore encourage them to keep doing good things through their profession.

  3. It helps put lawyers in proper perspective

    For a profession perceived to be filled with liars, this day helps correct the wrong assumptions about them. Many of them do a lot of good, and more people get to realize that.

Love Your Lawyer Day dates

2022November 4Friday
2023November 3Friday
2024November 1Friday
2025November 7Friday
2026November 6Friday

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