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Fountain Pen Day
FriNov 1

Fountain Pen Day – November 1, 2024

Fountain Pen Day takes place on the first Friday in November, so it’s on November 1 this year. It started in 2012 and is a day set aside to specially embrace and promote the use of fountain pens and the enjoyment of writing in general. The day is supported by many businesses and organizations worldwide, and it is common for supporting businesses to hold offers and promotions either on or leading up to the day. The point of the day is to emphasize the beauty of writing with elegant tools and the joy of creative writing in style.

History of Fountain Pen Day

The earliest form of a fountain pen was used by the ancient Egyptians, in 3,000 B.C. These were called styluses. They used reed straw to write with ink made from vegetable gum and soot. These were called ‘dip pens’ because of the way they were dipped in the ink. Over many centuries ‘reservoir pens’ were developed — pens that held their ink. These came into use from the year 953, and throughout the 17th and 18th centuries, mentions were made of metal writing pens.

To begin with, chisels were used to mark stones. Then the Egyptians used bits of papyrus reed to mark out the shapes of cuneiform, or bits of charcoal to mark words on pieces of birch bark or leaf. Eventually, ink was created using various types of plant matter and even iron. Ink now required new tools for application, and quills — large stiff feathers from birds’ wings or tails — were used. Writers wrote with a carefully cut nib to draw up the ink and transfer it to paper. This could be quite messy, so blotting paper was used to tidy up any ink splashes. Over time, the need arose for a more efficient means to put ink to paper, and in 1636, the fountain pen was designed by Petrache Poenaru from Romania. He combined a reservoir of ink with a metal nib that didn’t require being recut constantly.

In 2012, created the Fountain Pen Day to welcome, support, and share the use of fountain pens in day-to-day life, as well as revive handwriting as a whole. On this day, special offers are given to make it easier for those new to fountain pens to give them a try, or those who already love them to upgrade or add another to their collection. While no longer the primary writing instrument in modern times, fountain pens are still used for important official works and are now often treated as luxury goods and sometimes as status symbols.

Fountain Pen Day timeline

Better Nib for Pens

Josiah Mason improves a cheap and efficient slip-in nib in Birmingham, England.

Ink Cartridges Patented

A patent is filed for an ink cartridge system for fountain pens.

Efficient Fountain Pen

William Schaeffer designs the first truly successful fountain pen.

Plastic Cartridge

Fountain pen makers begin to adopt the use of plastic cartridges.

Fountain Pen Day FAQs

Are fountain pens good for everyday use?

Yes, fountain pens can be used for everyday writing, calligraphy, sketching, as long as you get the right one that suits your needs.

What does a fountain pen symbolize?

In “Death of a salesman” the fountain pen is a symbol of greed, although they are generally associated with elegance, attention to detail, and the effort put into writing a document.

What is the smoothest writing fountain pen?

Apparently, Lamy Safari fountain pens are very smooth writing fountain pens.

How To Celebrate Fountain Pen Day

  1. Start a personal collection of pens

    This is a good day to begin your collection of fountain pens. Create a suitable budget for purchasing them, and begin your journey as a ‘penthusiast’.

  2. Write a letter to someone with your favorite fountain pen

    Words written with a fountain pen surely resonate differently than words penned with a ballpoint pen or typed. Compose a letter to a dear friend or family with one, and let them feel special.

  3. Spread the joy of pen enthusiasm

    Try to revive the art of penmanship by starting a group for pen pals, writing, and receiving real letters. You could approach your local branch of the military or a nursing hospital to write letters to those serving in beautifully crafted fountain pen writing, or start an initiative with your local library

5 Facts About Fountain Pens That Will Fascinate You

  1. Made and used by Da Vinci

    Leonardo da Vinci constructed and used a fountain pen during the Renaissance.

  2. Stress relief

    One can watch YouTube videos on stress-relieving writing exercises done with fountain pens.

  3. Glass and copper cartridges

    In the early 20th century, cartridges were made from glass and thin copper tubing.

  4. They can be adaptable

    Fountain pens with gold nibs slowly adjust to a user over time as the metal corrodes slightly to accommodate their writing style.

  5. Nano pen

    The smallest fountain pen on record is called the ‘Nanofountain probe” and can write or paint features that are just 40 nanometers in width, which is half that of a human hair.

Why We Love Fountain Pen Day

  1. Fountain pens are versatile

    Besides writing, fountain pens can serve other purposes. This includes artistic purposes such as expressive penmanship and calligraphy, pen and ink artwork, and professional art and design.

  2. Shows us the beauty of words

    Words can be very beautiful and special, not just from their meanings but from the appearance of the letters. Fountain pens do the perfect job of bringing out these lovely features of words.

  3. It provides a platform to connect

    There are fountain pen shows and hangouts where enthusiasts get to meet and interact. This day provides that platform to expand one’s social circle and knowledge.

Fountain Pen Day dates

2022November 4Friday
2023November 3Friday
2024November 1Friday
2025November 7Friday
2026November 6Friday
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