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National Programmatic Advertising Day – November 7, 2024

National Programmatic Advertising Day is on November 7. In September 2019, Adelphic, a Viant subscription-based self-service platform for cross-channel programmatic advertising, announced the first annual National Programmatic Advertising Day. Perhaps you’re unsure what programmatic advertising is. Programmatic advertising is essentially buying and selling internet display space using algorithmic software. It’s a sophisticated technique to position advertising that leverages traffic data and online display targeting to create impressions at scale, resulting in a higher return on investment for marketers and exceptional outcomes for both S.M.E.s and large brands.

History of National Programmatic Advertising Day

The website “” receives credit for kickstarting the digital advertising revolution. It debuted the world’s first ad banner on October 27, 1994. AT&T purchased this banner space to market its latest technology, which was incredibly effective. Because the method proved so successful, advertisers received numerous requests. As a result, the first ad servers were established in 1996 to satisfy advertisers’ insatiable urge to post banner ads online. DoubleClick was maybe the original ad server, and it still serves to advertise today.

However, between 1998 and 2000, the first ad networks began to appear. Meanwhile, as the ad market became more saturated, interactive banners joined the race in 2004, bringing flash, javascript, and video ads to the mix. Finally, in 2007, the advertising business took on the form we now know so well. The development of ad exchanges allowed for the automation of ad sales and purchases. Major ad exchange businesses pioneered the concept of programmatic between 2007 and 2010, resulting in the growth of D.S.P., S.S.P., and other R.T.B.-based technologies.

The media-buying process has altered dramatically since 2010. Rich media and video commercials have virtually dominated the ad business. In 2016, the estimated amount spent on programmatic display ads was $20.41 million. The marketing world has changed dramatically over the last decade as new trends emerge and industry pioneers fade away. DoubleClick, purchased by Google in 2008, is one example.

National Programmatic Advertising Day timeline

World's First Ad Banner

The website "" receives credit for kickstarting the digital advertising revolution and debuting the world's first ad banner.

The First Ad Servers

The first ad servers satisfy advertisers’ urge to post banner ads online.

Google Ads

Google launches the first-ever self-serve online advertising platform.

Programmatic Display Ad Cost

An estimated $20.41 million is the cost of programmatic display ads.

National Programmatic Advertising Day FAQs

What are the four different kinds of advertising?

Display, video, mobile, and native advertising are different types of advertising.

Is ‘taboola’ a programmatic product?

Taboola collaborates with some of the world’s most well-known programmatic partners.

What businesses take advantage of programmatic advertising?

To mention a few, Netflix, StubHub, Kellogg, Sprint, Unilever, Procter & Gamble Co., and Intel.

How to Observe National Programmatic Advertising Day

  1. Recognize your colleagues

    If you work in an ad agency or company with in-house programmatic team members, motivate one another by going on team trips or engaging in team-building exercises. You may also be able to recognize and appreciate their programmatic trading teams on a personal level.

  2. Share online

    Share facts and general information regarding programmatic advertising. When posting photographs of your programmatic teams on social media, use the hashtag #ProgAdDay.

  3. Create an advertisement.

    Take advantage of today to place an internet ad using one of the various advertising tools available. Today is the day to promote your company, art, or services.

5 Facts About Advertising

  1. Programmatic advertising requires user data

    The collecting of user data is at the heart of programmatic advertising.

  2. 7,040 developed technologies

    As of 2019, there were around 7,040 marketing technologies developed.

  3. $129 billion of ads

    Global programmatic ad spending was to reach $129 billion by 2020.

  4. World's largest programmatic Ad market

    The United States is the world's largest programmatic advertising market.

  5. Campaigns depend on marketers

    A programmatic campaign requires time and intense work for its implementation; marketers must strive to meet the advertisers' objectives.

Why National Programmatic Advertising Day is Important

  1. It offers marketers visibility

    Marketers benefit from programmatic advertising because it offers them complete visibility over their campaigns. Marketers can see the sites their ads are displayed on, what type of audience are seeing their advertisements, and how much returns they’ll receive on their investment.

  2. Running Ads is budget friendly

    The amount of money spent on ad campaigns with programmatic advertisements is entirely scalable. Therefore, it’s an appropriate type of advertising for both large and small enterprises. Some ads allow for average daily campaign budgets to help small businesses stay on track.

  3. It cuts across a bigger audience

    Marketers may reach a larger audience with programmatic advertising. Programmatic advertising using millions of websites and ad space allows advertisers to reach an enormously large and diversified audience, depending on the buyer's demands.

National Programmatic Advertising Day dates

2024November 7Thursday
2025November 7Friday
2026November 7Saturday
2027November 7Sunday
2028November 7Tuesday

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